Natural Inika Kanohi

When the Toa Inika became toa, they were different in a few ways. The Red Star made them special, and apparently also made their masks rubber instead of metal. I had my thoughts on what their masks would normally look like, had they been made toa in a more conventional way, perhaps with Toa Stones. As part of my modular “Build-a-Toa” project, I came across these masks and redesigned them to better fit how I believe they would look on regular toa.

The Kanohi Calix

The Kanohi Elda (you may notice it doesn’t have a mustache)

The Kanohi Sanok (I’m particularly proud of this one)

The Kanohi Kadin (less punk rocky, but there’s no way I could remove those spikes, they’re too cool)

The Kanohi Iden (surprisingly, not too different from the original)
These are all drafts, obviously (which is why the Suletu is missing, still figuring that one out), but I encourage constructive criticism!


looks pretty cool man

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Tanks, breh. I’m working on making every mask that a normal toa would wear (so no Kanohi Tryna, I’m afraid), which is a total of 25. Then I’ll be on to chest armor, shoulder armor, etc. Hopefully “Build-a-Toa Workshop” will be a topic soon!

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That Elda is certainly something.

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It looks like the Adaptive Armour Hau Nuva.

These are cool looking! I like them. :smile:

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Is it just me or does the Elda have giant mishapen buck teeth sticking out from its mouth?

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Yeahhhh… it’s supposed to be two sides of an armored bottom half, but it kinda looks like buck teeth. That might actually be worse than the mustache mask. I’ll have to remedy that in my final draft.

Rip Suletu, A Mask divided cannot stand.
These are really kool mang. Gr8 drafts, but the Sanok is kinda tall.

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I am excited for the Build-a-Toa Thing. Will it feature G2?

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I think the Iden’s eyes are just a smidge too high–but that mask is bound to be an issue to translate anyway, so it’s no biggie!

The rest are great! I especially like the Calix and the Elda!

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@RedMageGizmo Yeah, the Sanok is a bit tall, but that top piece is part of what makes it the Sanok. I’ll try to shorten it a tad in the next draft.
@TFM101 I hadn’t thought of that yet, maybe once the main concept is finished I’ll put together some CCBS parts. :smile:

Also, I just finished the Suletu concept. Tons of erase marks, this took me forever to get a design I liked:


Kadin is still best mask.

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'Cuz I’m a punk rocker, yes I am!
The Kadin was always my favorite Inika mask.

I like these, although some, I’m unsure about, mainly walrus Hahli.

Also about the Suletu. Dat nose though…


I’m gonna be changing around the bottom half of the Elda, it didn’t come out quite as intended.

Yeahhh, the Suletu took me a long time, and I ended up with a design I didn’t hate, but I’m not exactly in love with it.

I’ve had the second draft of the Sanok done for quite some time, but didn’t get around to the others. I finally did a second one, the Iden, and I figured that at my current pace, I might as well update right now since updating once I have all six is gonna take years.

The Kanohi Sanok (even more proud than I was originally, if it wasn’t obvious by my profile picture and… this)

I like the mask, sue me (thanks to Asriel for the pic).

The Kanohi Iden (I went with a slightly more compressed look, since the Inika masks have such unusual proportions)
I hope you guys like them, hopefully I’ll have the rest up soon, and as always, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!


They look cool, but the Kanohi Iden kinda looks like a baboon

Where’s Kongu’s?

These are nice. Very cool, especially the Iden

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@Winterstorm345 I finished his first draft late, and I haven’t gotten around to his second draft yet.

@Rockho It’s the cheek-holes and texturing on the lower part, isn’t it? I’ll try to make it slimmer on the final draft.