Near-death experiences

If you have any Near-death experiences.
Share it here and let's talk your Near-death experience.


huh, second topic I've posted this in

I was at a beach nicknamed break neck beach, I almost died because young, stupid, dumb, idiot, stupid MFS decided to go in the water and I was almost killed by the waves


Being beaten within an inch of my life.


An anaphylactic reaction to hazel nuts and later, pistachios.

I also fell in some icey water during January or February once.


My pool filter blew up and I inhaled chlorine and was in a car wreck where my dad and I flipped the car...


What are we qualifying as "near-death" in here? Just anything that could have easily been your death?

Anything that could've cause your death.
Or anything you feel like that could've cause your death.


One time I was near a lake on a trail. Me and my dad were trying to find a good place to fish and we found one. We were going down a steep area when I lost my step and started running. I ran all the way down and couldn't stop. Luckily I tripped and got all scraped up because there was a 30 foot drop about 50 feet ahead.

Another time I was at the beach when I was real young. Some swimmers dug a trench to redirect the waves for whatever reason. Well, a tone of water came up, grabbed me, and pulled me into the ocean. A surfer was able to grab me though. I don't remember this very well.


One winter (when I was 8) my family was at the Grand Canyon, and we decided to walk down a trail into the canyon. Well, the floor was slippery, and as we walked down, I lost my balance and fell on my back.

Since we were on a slope, I started sliding down the trail and nearly fell off the edge; luckily, my dad managed to grab my coat before I went off the side of the trail.

And this story now gives me the chance to say "I didn't slip." :P


Well, if we're going with that, then I suppose I can share a few.

There were sever times were I nearly drowned at swimming pools, in the ocean, etc. but on that really stands out is when I was 7. I thought "Hey, that big pool slide looks like fun!"
But of course, I couldn't swim at that time. I didn't think the water would be too deep either, so I went down the slide.
Turns out it was about 7 feet deep, and that really surprised me when I sunk to the bottom, choking on water. I don't remember being pulled out or anything, seeing as how I'm pretty sure I blacked out then. I remember later I was in the lifeguard's office with a towel around me and my parents being really worried/PO'ed.

There was this one time where I was out late in this field by my house. It's known for housing things such as snakes and coyotes.
I was out there in the field, and I hear a really loud howling sound. The first thing I do is bring out my knife and lighter (I always go prepared, for reasons I'll explain later) and I start making my way back home.
Thing is, to actually go back home, I have to cross a creek, and there's only a couple points where I can cross.
So I'm basically running through the field, downwind from where the coyotes are, and their howls are getting louder. They're definitely getting closer.
Luckily I crossed the creek and got into my neighborhood. I turned around and saw like four or five large shapes moving back across the field.

And the reason I keep a knife and lighter on me at all times is because my neighborhood is full of creeps, and if I'm walking home from a friend's house late at night, there's a chance of me being jumped. That knife has saved my life multiple times now.

Last one, since I kinda like sharing stories. Although this one is a bit... well I was depressed in seventh grade. You can see where that's going. I ran away with the intent of... well, never coming back. Luckily, before I did the deed, I managed to convince myself not to, and ta-da, here I am today. =P It's not a big deal to me anymore honestly, it's just another stupid mistake that I made. So... yeah.

Welp, that's all for now folks. Pretty darn thankful I haven't died yet, that would just be a calamity.


Haven't really been that near death, but there's a few times in which I could have died. I mean I got in a nasty timed spar once and my opponent kicked me hard enough to knock my breath out and gave me some decent bruising, but it was nowhere near death.

I've also been dehydrated to the point of being hospitalized when I was younger, but as before, I'm not really sure whether I was actually near death or not.


The closest thing I can think of (that's also interesting enough to post here) is when I got dragged underwater by a current or something and ground against the sand. For a few seconds I thought I wasn't coming back.


i almost bled out when I was 4.


Everyday I feel like I'm dead.
Does that count?

If not, this one time I flew off a swing and landed on my head.

3 Likes guys lift?


Whenever I drive.


I haven't, but my cousins have a few stories.
To preface, my cousins have two really big hills in their backyard, which are super fun to mess around in.
There was one time an icicle almost fell on them, then that time they almost fell off a log that had fallen, creating a bridge between the two hills. One time on vacation, they were kayaking and accidentally went too close to a school of jellyfish.


I can't really think of any near death experiences that have happened to me ATM.
But the other day
I got sucked on by like a million
of mosquitoes tiny vampires that
want my blood.
does that count?


A million mosquitoes.
That's a lot.
But yes.


A few years ago I was on a ride at my town's annual fair. It has a bunch of arms and spins around really fast and pumps you up and down in the air. I went on it alone just before it was time to go home for the night, and just as the ride was slowing to a stop, one of the arms failed and dropped twenty feet. Thankfully I wasn't on the unlucky arm, but the people that were had to be hospitalized. I think one of them ended up with a cracked hip or something. Anyway I was stuck thirty feet in the air for forty-five minutes while they dealt with the situation. If the ride had been going full-speed when it broke, people certainly would've died.

They fixed the ride and I've gone on it since stuck_out_tongue