Necrome 2015 (pics)

These are the lastest versions of my Self moc Necrome, the videos I put up is prett much out of date and is no longer him. He has a all silver arms because its a robotic arm, since he is a cyborg technically


Change the head. Otherwise he's really good.

Not changing the head, I like the head.

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eh.... feels incomplete with that head @CelticSpartan. While you and a few others may like it, I think a majority of opinions might say they want the head changed

why the kongo chest? there doesn't seem to be any dark green

He does have headgear on its just hard to see on the pictures, as well as eyes, plus I just wanted him to be simple so everyone can build him, becasue i want him to be that one guy in the background, like a easter egg character.

Things like that have to happen naturally. And the head is simple, but it also looks bizarre.

How 'bout that gun though...


Pics for that and how to build later @EvilLobsterKing

Unlike others I think the head could work, but I'd be interested to see if their was a way of covering up some of the neck, just because the neck looks very long. Other than that though, as others have said it looks good. Though I've never been a fan of using tires on arms or hands, I suppose it does work with a cyborg design though :3

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I've tried covering up the neck but it just looks to wierd and makes him less mobile @Scarilian

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Have you tried the old put a tiny tire around it?

how about giving him a vortixx jaw(given his proportions he's basically already a male vortixx anyway, but I digress), because seriously, he looks like he had a run in with a witch doctor.
I don't care if it makes his head slightly less poseable, it looks creepy not having a bottom half of a face.

not a huge fan of the inika armour, but it doesn't break him, the limbs are alright.

I don't have ant small tires @Dr_Chronos

And @Payinku I have yet to put up his titan form so expect some more head gear there.

I highly suggest you invest in some, they work wonders.

and of course the majority of opinions and the self entitlement in the crowd will pressure the creator into changing his beloved creation.

truly remarkable.

I think that's unnecessarily nasty. We're trying to help him make his MOC better.


what ragged is trying to say, is that JMP doesn't neccessarily have the right to state that since the majority thinks one way, the creator has to be forced to change it

He may have poorly worded it, but has a point.

but we aren't talking about the titan form(seems @JMP has a friend),
we're talking about this form, and how to improve it.

he's how criticism works, you get a handful of critiques, and take the most common issues and fix them, you can ignore most things that are only mentioned once.

except he never said that, he just said that most people probably won't like the head.

in fact, ragged called anyone who dislikes the head "self entitled", which is basically insulting everyone here.

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it sounds as though he is saying that.

But what if the creator likes the thing everyone dislikes?

EDIT: and what if the creator agrees with that thing that is only mentioned once?

you don't have to listen to critique,
but it's the best way to improve.