Nektann Piraka build Revamp

This is my MOC of Nektann using a build similar to that of the Piraka who, just like Nektann, were Skakdi. For those who are wondering, i made his abdomen incredibly thin on purpose for a more creepy look.

Review at will :smile:


(Since you tried to make it like the '06 Piraka, I will view it as such)

  • Color scheme is pretty consistent
  • Spine was accomplished well
  • Back was filled up nicely
  • Like the left arm’s weapon hand
  • Agori legs on sides make the legs look shorter
  • The blue axel-to-pin-on-side pieces breaks the Dark Blue and Black colors
  • The wires on the side of the weapon look strange
  • Piraka feet on the arms stick too far back
  • The Toa hands on the back of the top of the arms look strange

I would give this MOC an 8/10.
The model does its job; Show Nektann with an Inika build. You did it very well, but it does have its faults.

Great Job! :smiley:


This mic is great. Good job. :sheep:


Great Moc! (Well kinda since Lego made the character.) A cool thing you could do is add those silver spines to extend his and make him look like a cyborg! :wink:

This looks awesome. Its like a Piraka set except even cooler! 10/10

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Gosh darn it! You’re making me like my most hated bionicle character!

It’s a great revamp, but the av-matoran legs for support look a little off to me. Besides that, and the kind of open chest, it looks great. Especially like that blade. Simple yet effective

I still can’t stand the original set though.

Even though it looks nothing like a Piraka build, I still love it. 10/10

But, given that your goal was to make it a Piraka build, you failed. 7.4/10

Oh, but, his weapons look amazing! 10/10

But, he needs more metallic colours! 7.4/10

I don’t know what rating to give it, I can’t decide, so just have a cookie. :cookie:

I got to say this is pretty amazing!
But the blue pins are noticeable and the red pins behind it’s shoulders are noticeable.

I really like it! You made Nektann cool. GJ, mang.

Holy cow that MOC is amazing!


I dont know why but I fell like it looks like Brutaka got fused with a piraka

This is nice! Great job.

The back looks really good.

Thanks for all the positive feed back you guys! I really had no idea you would all like the MOC this much! :smile: here are some answers to some questions you all asked:

Those were put there as scales. I wasnt really sure it would work though

my goal was to base the first “layer” of him off the piraka build and then add onto him as he was said to be an abnormally large skakdi. #thatupperbody

i was sort of basing his colour scheme off the original Nektann (grey and blue) but i felt that black had a more “warlord” effect on him. still good idea

that was delicious :yum:

thats actually a really cool idea :smiley:

thanks for all of the feedback you guys!




I personally love this moc

Well you made me not hate Nektann, and that’s no small feat. So good on you. MOC success.

goal acheived :laughing:

That it is toa, that it is…

seriously why didn’t Bionicle end with something like what i’ve done here? the stars were so much of an after thought but they could have been great. they could have been a mix of the old sets with gears (tahu, rakshi and takanuva) and new sets with blasters (skrall, gresh and Nektann). it could have been a great ending but i feel like it was underdone.


honestly, I would’ve been fine with the Agori size if there had been 9 of them, one from each year
Here’s the lineup I’d envision. .
2001: Tahu
2002: Kopaka Nuva
2003: Takanuva
2004: Toa Onewa
2005: Visorak
2006: Nektann
2007: Kalmah
2008: Toa Ignika/Mata Nui
2009: Skrall