Nektann, The Skakdi Warlord

O hai guys

I’m back with my first (completed) MOC in way too long. This is due to a serious case of Lackisious Ofon Inspiratus (read Lack of Inspiration) But here we finally are.

This is Nektann. You all know Nektann. We all like Nektann. But this is my own version of him, imagined as an aging warlord and unquestioned leader of the Skakdi. In my head this would be Nektann maybe 30-50.000 years after the migration to Spherus Magna. At this point, the Skakdi has been at war with pretty much every other faction present ever since the planet reformed. The Dark Hunters, The Toa/Glatorian Alliance, The Skrall, The Vorox, all would know the name Nektann and his army of brutal Skakdi warriors.

However, as the years have passed, the constant wars led against the other factions have caused split opinions among the Skakdi. Many have been crying out to their warlord to initiate peace negotiations. Most of those cries has been silenced by Nektann himself to make an example to any other rebellious followers. Mutiny will not be tolerated.

I have some ideas for some stories that could be told about the new life on Spherus Magna, but we’ll see if I ever will take the time to make it. Anywayz, enjoy the MOC! Please let me know what you think, I am very interested in hearing what you think.


Mixed pictures with and without flash, flash is used whenever I felt it was needed to make some of the details really stick out.

For anyone that’s curious, yes, I do have a topic for the Vezon MOC shown in the last pic. Yes you can have it, here it is: Spherus Magna Vezon


i like how this turned out

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dumb kids

Anyway, I love the build, and the shaping s fairly great. I wish we could see better pictures but I know the struggle

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This looks fantastic. Much better than the original set

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I’m impressed, I like how you added ‘armour’

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