Spherus Magna Vezon

Just a quite simple MOV MOC of Vezon. This is how I imagine he would look long after the migration onto Spherus Magna, where he has aged and been changed by the arid climate. We all know the story of Vezon, so I’m not gonna bother to write any backstory this time around.

About the MOC itself:
It is a result of one night of MOCing, which might show. He is a modified Inika build, built in a way so that waist articulation could be incorporated, which is used to create a hunchback appearence. It also kinda always bothered me how Vezon didn’t have a spine like the other Piraka, so I tried to include one here. The Spine pieces work fine, the Crast on the lower back sticks out a bit however, but it serves its purpose well enough.

As we all know, Vezon has had a history of having some kind of demonic, scary companion, (Fenrahk, Kardas), so next up I would like to try to make some kind of Rahi steed for him.

As always, let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome and expect more MOCs in the future!


I really like the legs and the spikes
But when it said Spherus Magna, I thought it would have had a thornax blaster


Thank you!

I wasn’t sure what kind of weapon I wanted to give him, as The Spear of Fusion was destroyed before the migration to Spherus Magna. I am also not a fan of the look of most launchers. Although the Thornax is probably one of the better looking ones, it probably would break up the look of the MOC. Probably will add a weapon later on when I upload a companion for him.


This is an awesome take on such a classic character. I love how menacing he is, way more than the original and I love the overall design of the MOC. I’m also a sucker for double-jointed legs and chains.


Love the new designs added to him. The Ehlek spines work really well here.
Awesome take on the character.

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This is one prickly lookin dude. I love how you imitated the one-piece Piraka spine with multiple parts

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First of all, I applaud you for adding a Piraka spine to Vezon. Wonderful touch.

I seriously love this build. The arms are excellent, it’s consistently textured (some areas smooth, some greebled) so it looks organic, and an awesome torso and leg build. This MOC is also visually impressive, in which I like looking at it.


Very beastial look,i like it

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Vezon must have gone native and joined a Vorox tribe.


Sometimes it is better to stick with simple but effective builds.

Well done! I really like the overall silhouette if this, the spikes are a great touch.
It looks as if it could have been an official G1 set.

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I really like this, it keeps the spirit of Vezon while upgrading him with a more savage and powerful look, whereas the original was quite spindly.

My only suggestions for improvement would be to change the axles in the legs to be black (although I understand not everybody has access to black ones, so it’s forgivable), and to change the lower arms to maybe one of these pieces in black:

The lower arms thing could just be personal preference, but I think as-is they are a bit too long.

Otherwise, I like this a lot. Its build style brings me back a few years.


Great MOC. And great job finding a use for those shoulder armour pieces - I have yet to :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Invader_Rose, @AdamusTheFirst, @Rockho, @Chronicler, @Linuttkh, @MakutaKirakh Thank you all so much! Really warms my heart.

@Leoxander Who knows, maybe he did. As mentioned, I am planning on building a companion for Vezon, and whenever that is finished I’ll make sure to add some story to both it and Vezon. I’ll definetily keep the Vorox in mind though, I’m not opposed to the idea!

@OculusNuva Thank you! The gray axles in the upper legs stick out quite a bit, yes. However, I definitely have enough black 3-length axles to replace the, but I am too lazy to dig up enough of them. I am in the process of organizing my pieces though, so might change it in the future. As for the lower arms, I am one of the few that really like the Hordika legs (when used correctly, Chirox uses them really well, whereas they doesn’t fit Vastus at all IMO). The curved nature of the piece really fits Vezon’s hunchback appearence. The original set also had really long arms, which also gets translated here. But I really appreciate the feedback, I will consider your input for future MOCs!

@Hazash Thank you! I really like those shoulder pieces, but they do indeed have some problems. For example, the Inika shoulder armour pieces has a little bit of plastic going down on them which prevents them from moving from side to side. The Gali Mistika shoulders miss this though, so they move quite freely (suppose it adds to the reasons why people despise that set). However, I’m rambling. They did indeed fit Vezon here as I have incorporated quite a lot of spikes in the MOC, so there is a tip for you! If you look at another of my uploaded MOCs, Karomrax, you could see that I used the pieces on the shoulders there aswell. (Karomrax link: Karomrax the Guardian - #7 by DannyBoyy)


The spine is very creative, good job on that.

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Definitely feels like Vezon, it’s very in line with how I think of him. Good use of the holes in the cape, also.

Vezon is one of my all time favourite Bionicle Characters, and this is over the frigging top!

It seems a bit simple, but it really looks good.

I have nothing but good things to say here. The hands are fantastic! and the spikes are a wonderful touch.

What a toa of anarchy. I love the legs, and the Crast fits perfectly in my opinion. I love it.

This is a really neat way to re-imagine Vezon! I love how natural the scale looks…it actually fits his mask much better, and makes him look much more imposing!