Nephilis, the mad Makuta

Hey folks! Thought I would post what I’ve been building for the current Makuta competition, hope you guys like it! :slight_smile: (UPDATE): I have submitted him to the competition! :slight_smile: Good luck to all!

Here is a better look at the torso and the scorpion body


My goodness this is beastly
Awesome work


This is awesome!
I love all of it, especially the shaping and such.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Personally I think that the upper arms and stingers still need some more work

Well GG guys he won time to give up /s


I think the middle red ball joint should be replace with a black one.

Maybe, though its there to act as another eye

I’d rather have an extra eye on each side than a eye in the middle. It doesn’t work with the other eyes imo

Is it hard to keep it standing?

Woah. This is incredible. I can’t believe this is a wip.

The feet look really small though.

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Already seems finished, but 8 guess that’s something I’m not noticing. Anyways, it looks pretty awesome so far!

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no its actually very stable, the only thing that is a pain to pose are the stingers.

I know they seem small but if you look at a real life scorpion each of their legs end with small claws which is what I tried to capture in the moc.

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this one’s definitely getting to the top six. Great job :thumbsup:

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The one thing about this is that I wanted the belly of the scorpion to be all purple, that way it would incorporate the 3 main colours of the G2 Makuta. Only problem is is that I only own 8 purple pieces haha

I love the six legs. Really nice to see a sort of centaur motif.

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Only thing I don’t like is the feet, and the fact that a scorpion has 8 legs, but that’s just me being OCD.


I tried getting an extra leg in either side but it was too cramped. You’ll just have to pretend that the extra set of limbs are the arms on the torso haha :slight_smile:

But… But… It is not!!!


######This is the type of creative build we need

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I know haha, I’ll see what I can do about adding another set of legs. That’s the beauty of a wip :slight_smile: