Neurex, The Vengeful Destroyer

Ah, you finally get to see one of my oldest characters…


Name: Neurex
Species: Originally Matoran, now Toa
Prevailing Element: Plantlife
Kanohi: Tryna
Quote: “I’ll find them, I’ll kill them, no matter how many people I need to rip to shreds.”
Neurex was originally a simple Bo-Matoran, until some random Makuta (that you have absolutely never seen no no uh uh) decided to wreck his village and kill everyone. He only survived by the fact he was unloading some boats at the dock, luckily far enough from the village that the Makuta didn’t see him. After this, through quite crazy line of events that may be told one day, he was able to turn himself into a Toa. He now wanders the world, in search of the one who destroyed his home. Though, he never actually saw the culprit’s face…
He has a Russian sounding voice, which I imagine is the Bo-Matoran accent.
A song that fits his general feel is At Hell’s Gate from Doom.

(He is excessively powerful.

What? We both know everyone has at least one.)

Just a funny picture I accidentally took while getting this guy’s shots.


He’s kinda creepy, I like him for that.


oh yeah also

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A Toa of Vengeance.

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i suppose

Getting some real Hollow vibes

what do you mean, ‘hollow’? hollow knight? just hollow in general?

Like Bleach