New Mask Ideas! (post your art here)

I want you guys to think up of either new masks, to rethink up old ones, or to think up what existing masks (ones that we have no official pictures for) might look like! Or to put your own spin on existing mask without changing them entirely!

Ready, Set, GO!


I don’t think you can’t have a “coming soon” topic. I guess you would have to start it and post your own concept.

Oh it’s not my ideas, It’s YOUR ideas!

(but I have drawn what I think certain masks look like, I’m gonna go scan them and than post the here)

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OK. Sounds cool. :wink:

Here are some of my drawings


Interesting. I really like the Noble Pakari; it’s like a fusion of the G2 Pakari and The Noble Metru Hau.

And, here’s the rest.


I will be here again.


What mask is it?

The mask of something I made a few months back on

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Here are some scrub-tier elemental masks that I drew a few years back.


They look like they’re straight outta The Bay-formers, no offense

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Here are some of mine though i have real drawings I need to get a new charger to take pictures.


Here’s a picture of what I would like for gen 2 mask of light.

Mask of the elements.

I may make some more sometime as well.


@Rockho I do not approve of the Plantlife mask. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: They look like Hero Factory 5.0 villains, specifically the Gravity one.
@ToaKylerak I love that Mask of Light.
@RaptorTalon Looks like Ultron.
@AidanBionicle1 Those look great!

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Why thank you :smile:

Neither do I…keep in mind that I made these years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what you guys think of my G1 MoCr ?

Didn’t fit the description given in the serials. the eyeholes were not angular in any way, and the carvings didn’t reflect any of the cultures of the MU

You tried to make it look like the original leaks with a protector vibe.

Also here’s the lekma with a scope

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Well…I was kinda on a Ultron kick at the time…

Okay the eyeholes, yes that was a screw up on my part, but for the symbols what was I suppose to work off of? There are no sysmbols to my knowledge that reflact the cultures and people of the MU.