Nexo Knights Ending?

Brickset just published an article this morning that Blocks magazine is reporting that Nexo Knights will be cancelled and there will no summer 2017 wave.

This is what I wrote in the comments of the article regarding the rumor:

“Although I never bought any of the sets, I’m kind of surprised and confused by this supposed decision. I’m an avid Bionicle fan, which meant I was pretty sad when G2 got cancelled after only 2 years. What surprises me about this, is that Nexo Knights got a TV show on Cartoon Network, while Bionicle got only web animations and a Netflix series, yet it managed to last slightly longer (if these rumors are indeed true). I wonder if this is another aftershock of Lego’s decrease in marketing last year to help quell demand.”

Discuss this supposed rumor


I can’t say I didn’t thinking at this. Nexo Knights summer 2017 were HUGE, I mean, the castle set was twice bigger than 2 Umarak the Destroyers! I thought that Nexo Knights will end but… I can’t live another of this cancellations! First Hero Factory, then Bionicle, then Mixels! What is next? Ninjago? (Yes, I think so) Superheroes? Friends? Elves? Lego?


Is this the end times for 40k Nexo Knights?


Honestly I would be quite glad if it came to an end… mainly because we might be able to get a fantasy castle theme again.

We’ll see…


I hope this isn’t true, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it is. I sure haven’t heard much about it, for a “big bang” theme, or seen much of a fandom. I really hope they don’t pull a JtO with season four, though. I’d hate to see the story unfulfilled or unfinished.


I never cared for Nexo Knights, but I did enjoy all the pieces it introduced…

What the heck…

I’m very, very conflicted and confused.


No it won’t be cancelled.

It’ll be sunsetted.



the only thing i can say to this, is that if its true, then Legends of Chima atleast lasted a little longer than Nexo Knight.


If this is the case, then this topic continue the trend of dying OT (original theme).

I remember a video during G2 ending mentioning this demise will plague future original ip, Lego may end up in the depth of Mega Bloks/Construx and other clone company to which they can’t sustain without being creative.

thats a license theme, it will out-sustain other ip


So Lego will remain only with license themes.

Funky sci-fi ip’s are my thing, if nexo knights is canned like g2 because Lego is ‘selling too well’ I basically won’t have any interest in buying sets, so I guess they’ll get what they want.

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If this ends up being true, I’ll be kinda sad, as this is literally the only Lego story theme I’m liking right now.




Ugh, hopefully LEGO can make a decent set line after this…


Wow. That´s a shell shock.

First Bonkles, now this? Get your stuff together Lego, you´re better than this! Only Ninjago´s doing well, right? Oh, yeah sure, only Lego Movie and Ninjago exist for you! Batman and Star Wars won´t be able to keep you alive forever! What the heck?!?

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Why is lego ending everything!! Maybe lego itself is planning on ending

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Common guy at least we still have Ninjago as an original theme. Wait, isn’t the next Ninjago wave going to be a license theme!? OH NO!!!

Good, gimme that classic castle theme now Lego.



Jestro is out, Lord Vladek is back in