Nhytrix - Toa of Ice

Nhytrix - Toa of Ice

Again, this is another one of my old mocs that originally debuted on my YouTube channel back in 2008. Since then he hasn't really gone through any major changes, just tweaks and things until assuming is current form here. The "custom torso + inika limbs" trend is carried on by this guy, hope all of you aren't too tired of seeing that because I have a lot more old mocs on the way :wink:


Toa Nhytrix was one of the first Toa to be built by the Great Beings to populate the Matoran Universe. During the construction, Nhytrix helped oversee various locations in the Great Spirit robot, and kept problems and complications under control.

Nhytrix was one of the Toa that Toa Naho brought to Metru Nui as reinforcements during the Toa-Dark Hunter war. While fighting in this war, he met Toa Cynhika and the rest of her team, and they grew very close during this time. Once the war ended, Cynhika would offer Nhytrix a place on her team, which he would ultimately reject, as he preferred to work alone.

When Makuta Teridax took control of the Matoran Universe, Nhytrix worked independantly to help take down the Makuta. After his defeat, Nhytrix stayed behind at the crash site to help evacuate the remaining inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.

When the To-Kuta attacked, Nhytrix fought with the Toa Nuva against them. He was present for the deaths of at least 2 of them. Eventually Nhytrix went into hiding, never staying in one place for too long.

One day, Nhytrix was approached by Takyva, who offered him a role on a team for the second time in his life. He was skeptical at first, especially because it was his enemy who was approaching him. A scuffle ensues but eventually Nhytrix relents and hesitantly goes with Takyva.

To-Kuta, ambush the Toa and Takyva at the underground base, soon overpowering them. However just as they are about to win, a mysterious force teleports the To-Kuta away, saving the Toa’s lives. In the aftermath of this, the Toa discover that the door to the second sublevel had been unlocked.

While exploring the sublevel, the Toa discover that it was in fact, an armoury, that had suspiciously been stocked with weapons custom tailored to each of the Toa, except for Reishie. Nhytrix recieves a pair of broadswords through which he can channel his elemental powers.

Currently, the Toa prepare for their final battle against the To-Kuta of the region.

Masks and Tools

Since his creation, Nhytrix has worn the Kanohi Tryna.

From his creation to present day, Nhytrix wielded an ice axe. When he discovered the dual broadswords in the Glatorian armory, he retained his Ice Axe as a secondary weapon. He can combine the swords into a dual sided sword and channel his elemental energy through the blades to generate ice spikes from them.

Abilities and Traits

Having been through countless battles has made Nhytrix almost unable to form meaningful relationships. Nhytrix prefers to not get close to anyone, because they're "just another person [he] could lose." However after being recruited by Takyva, he begins warming up to his new friends, forming a friendship with Reishie especially.

As a Toa of Ice, Nhytrix has the ability to create and absorb ice energies.

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The arms feel too long and the legs slightly too short.
That being said, I really do like how the torso looks.

Looks great! Matoros mask looks a bit too smooth for this guy but that's just nitpicking. Good job