Ninjago 2020 Discussion

Pictures for the next wave of Ninjago just got revealed:

What are your thoughts?


No knees on the mechs or dragons. I am disappointed.

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Well, we still got some pretty useful pieces!
Those Transparent Blades especially interest me, since they would look pretty good on a Constraction MOC.

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True. I just wish more modern lego mechs had knees.

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The golden mech DOES have knees. Surprising I know.

The gamer market whatever is insane.
-9 minifigures
-non-cracked classic blue spaceman helmet
-Harumi is back. Regretful spoiler but oh well.

Kai’s mech almost looks like it has an alt build…? If other images are to be believed. That or it transformers.

The non-legacy stuff seems to have a gimmick of using the new sword piece as an axle to rotate gears in these new sets. It seems cool. Lots pieces in new colors and some GREAT minifigures. 2020 is gonna be a great year.


Even still, we haven’t seen everything they’re going to release.


Gamer’s Market looks great. I haven’t seen past Hunted, but I’m getting some serious Rebooted vibes here. They seem to be in a video game, which could be super fun.

Also, since everyone’s an avatar, there could literally just be someone disguised as Harumi, which would be really cool in terms of story, but really sad for me.


More set have been revealed. This includes some more Legacy wave 2 stuff and other season 12 goodies!

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Yes, it’s an alternative build.

rise when did you get into ninjago

anyways, new sets are pretty neat; feel like ccbs would easily have made these flow/curve better (namely the dragons and mechs), but even then these sets are ok. golden mech honestly sucks with knees, the thunder raider is ridiculous (feel like it should’ve bulked up the tank and not the mech as much), and I dunno most of these legacy sets feel lackluster compared to the last legacy wave. gamer sets are honestly rad tho: they’ve got this exo-force/techno theme that’s honestly kinda refreshing, though honestly kinda want to see it go for a more traditional look; like, temples and villages or some stuff

anyways there are supposed to be two more legacy sets apparently, wonder what


I’m hoping the other Legacy sets have the new Legacy suits for Kai and Zane as well as some Season 4 villains.

I’m honestly stoked about that 2 in 1 mech and jet.

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Finally, a LEGO theme for epic gamers like myself


I think the gamer theme is both cool and weird at the same time. I might feel more drawn to it when the season airs, though.

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Am I the only one who thinks the box art resembles the exo-force sets?

I wish lego would do more with their box art, something different like this is nice and refreshing. They’ve been using the same basic style for so long, it’s nice to see something different.


The box art is definitely neat, but I don’t see the resemblance to Exo-Force.

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Think you’re mixing the set design and box art up a little; regardless, they did start trying out a manga-inspired box layout last year, and there’s a bit of comic gradient applied to the minifig pics, so it’s certainly getting there.

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What about the Overwatch boxes? Two fronts because the sets don’t have many play features…

I don’t really see what you mean with the Exo-Force resemblance, but…

This I agree with.

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So, after watching the first few episodes and getting a general feel of the plot, I’m getting some Spy Kids 3 plot vibes. Am I the only one thinking this?