Nintendo Switch

Release date: March 2017 (International)

Confirmed games
Zelda (Untitled): Will be shown at E3 2016. The game will also be on Wii U.

Release date: March 2017 (International)

Rumoured games
Pikmin 4: Has been confirmed, but not on a particular system.


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Nintendo has done backwards compatibility ever since the DS, I doubt they’d stop now.

I don’t think so, a long while back there was some sort of patent filed by Nintendo for a system with no disk drive, which means either they’re going back to console cartridges, or the games will be download only. I think the later is more likely, since Nintendo’s new rewards system only gives you good points from downloaded purchases.

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Anyone notice that Nintendo is rushing things out now? It’s only been 5 years since the Wii U came out and we already have a new Nintendo console coming out. I feel Pokemon Sun and Moon foreshadowed this.

Do we have any pictures of the NX, or is it still in concept stages?

Nintendo has given the NX a good amount of development time.

Nintendo SKIPPED a game to make Sun and Moon, that’s the opposite of a rushed game. I think you’re having a knee-jerk reaction.[quote=“Brunamal, post:6, topic:22511, full:true”]
Do we have any pictures of the NX, or is it still in concept stages?

I’ve seen patents, but I don’t know if they count as leaks.

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No, I am genuinely considering these things rushed. Genrally we get 8 years between consoles and we haven’t gotten Pokemon Z version or X2 and Y2 (we always get a third version(s))

And development time for the NX is irrelavant to me. I am looking at how long we have had the Wii U for.

The third games sell worse than the base two games, it makes sense to skip them in order to make a new generation.[quote=“ChaoticTempleKnight, post:8, topic:22511”]
And development time for the NX is irrelavant to me. I am looking at how long we have had the Wii U for.

Do you want Nintendo to lose money? The Wii U is Nintendo’s worst selling console, staying with it would be suicide.

It’s usually six years. The last console generation was longer than average.

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Well, the Wii U has been by far Nintendo’s worst selling system, it makes sense that they’d want to get past it.

The Wii U’s lifespan doesn’t impact the time spent on making the next console. But something that does impact the time spent on making the next console is the time spent on making the next console.


Oh boy, more places to send money.

Irrelevant. Even if the games sold poorly, at the very least they would gain some money. And I am pretty sure that a series with a staying power of 20 years is not going to die even if a third game doesn’t sell well. And whose to say it definitively would not have sold well?

Honestly, all I see now with gen 6 is missed opportunities. I feel Nintendo is being foolish in releasing Gen 7 this early. If it is all the same with you guys, that’s the last I am going to say about Pokemon here…unless you want to talk about it in the PMs. Pokemon is a tad off topic here.

You guys really think I care that much about Nintendo… Truth be told, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they lost some money. I wouldn’t even be heartbroken if they went out of business. Nintendo are not exactly saints if you know what I mean. And it’s safe to say they have rubbed me the wrong way…Sad but true.

Fair enough, but at the same time: the Wii U still only lasted for 5 years.

You know what? All this crap is actually making me like Nintendo less and less each day. First they come out with the gimmicky Wii, then they botch up the advertising for the Wii U, and now they are trying to answer that issue with a console that is rumored to be digital only.

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Yes it was gimmicky, but if you’re not playing casual games it’s just like a button you have to flick.

You don’t like a company because they did something at at their own expense.

What issue?

Metroid or riot


EDIT: Also, with how lackluster Nintendo’s E3 presentations have been over the last couple of years, I look forward to the train wreck that could be this year’s if Zelda really is their only focus. Hopefully they have a few other things of note to show off.


I still consider Motion controls janky and gimmicky. Plus I have never had a good time with them.

That’s not the reason I dislike Nintendo. It is a contributing factor because it makes me question their skills because of how bad they messed up, but why I really dislike them is because of their actions and attitude towards their fans. Yes, a company has to protect their branding and IP’s; but I think we can all agree Nintendo goes overboard with unreasonable copyright take-downs and strikes, excessive cease and desist orders, and the Nintendo creators program (don’t even get me started on that bull crap excuse for a MCN).

The issue of having a console fail. Chilly, I said that right before I referenced the NX. I apologize if I didn’t type that sentence right, but that was what I was referring to either way.

I fear that NX will be an underpowered system like the previous consoles. Third-party support had been very weak for the Wiis, as well; hopefully porting and actual game development for the console will be made easier.

I don’t think having a digital only system would improve sales.

I don’t hold that opinion at all. I was just saying that it looks like Nintendo is trying to solve the issue that the Wii U created (the failed console issue) by bringing out a new and “better” console that just so happens to be rumored to be digital only.

I don’t really care whether or not you like Nintendo, I’m just saying what I believe to be one of the reasons for the NX coming out so soon, which is what you were seemingly upset about.

I think they were going hog-wild with those for a few years, but they’ve stopped suing everything that has their face on it but them. At least as far as Youtube is concerned, and as far as what I’m aware of.

Nintendo held onto cartridges longer than anyone else, I doubt they’ll move on to digital only before anyone else.

The problem imo is that Nintendo can’t market to save their lives, and unless that changes the nx is doomed to the same fate as its older sister.

I love my wiiu, it’s a solid system, it has great exclusives, the gamepad is nice, it failed because of the marketing, and the ‘lack’ of third party games, by which people mean AAA third party, as it has plenty of third party games.

I expect the nx to be a good solid system, with good solid games, but unless Nintendo can market properly it’s not going anywhere.

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