Nintendo Switch

By itself, yes. But I’ve seen a video (I forget what it was) that detailed the patent information, and it’s bonkers.

Some things I remember:

  • The NX comes with a peripheral that acts like a portable game device (i.e. a DS) that, when connected to the NX, boosts processing power
  • The controller could have an integrated screen and allow for custom touch pad buttons
  • No disk drive, cloud based game downloading and saving
  • A sleep-like mode where you can offer up your NX’s processing power to other local NX’s via the cloud to boost their processing, with rewards for how long it is put up on the cloud for others to use
  • Daisy-chain capability to, yet again, boost processing power, allowing for linkage of multiple NX’s together

That’s about all I remember. I can try and find the video again if anyone is skeptical.

I don’t know if I’d entirely agree with that. It seems a big issue with the Wii U was a lack of good games at the launch. Personally speaking, I never bothered getting a Wii U because it wasn’t a good investment; by the time that there were enough good games for me to justify getting one, the NX had already been rumored.

We’re already getting LoZ at the launch for the Wii U, and hopefully we will have more announced. That, along with (hopefully) backward compatibility, would be more than enough to persuade me to buy one, provided it wasn’t horribly expensive.


If Nintendo can market the new system well, it will do much better than the Wii U. That’s all I have to say, really.

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What this system needs most?

A new Mario launch title.

Runs away as fast as I can from the rotten tomatoes.

No but seriously, I am hoping this system has some good launch games. I didn’t want to buy the Wii U (a system I have been envious to get) because I heard of this system coming out. Hopefully this system can be better than the Wii U.


So what you’re telling me is that you need multiple NX’s for good processing power. That is, indeed, bonkers.

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That moment when you play PC and don’t really ever use nintendo

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Looks like he’s saying it increases processing, not that it’s mandatory. Of course, no one has the console yet, so it very well may have bad processing without the boost, but that’s very unlikely.

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If it performs like a potato it’s not worth a thing.

A lot of this stuff is just rumors anyways, guys.

Personally I can see the system itself becoming the whole game-pad, just connecting it to a TV like with a chromecast kind of thing and then people play the games there. I can see the gamepad also being played on, so it can be portable if you don’t have a TV.

I think that would be cool, playing console games while using it on a handheld.

I’d like to point out, ksp is getting ported to wiiu, assuming it also gets ported to nx, and assuming that the handheld controller rumor is true, we could have portable kerbal.

This is strictly a what-if scenario, but that would certainly be a thing PC gamers would be interested in.

The idea of portable console games is certainly something that I’m highly interested in.

As for the cloud processing rumor, I somehow doubt Nintendo is collectively dumb enough to sell machines reliant on cloud processing.

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Oh no doubt. If this was the case, and Nintendo pulled it off successfully and in the best way ever, they could give Sony and Microsoft a run for their money.

well, Sony anyway, Microsoft is kinda, killing their console market, I expect the next console war to be back to Sony vs Nintendo.

Assuming of course the nx isn’t horribly ruined by marketing.

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True, but it’s extremely unlikely. The only way Nintendo would ship a plastic potato is if someone donked up majorly. The way I see it, it’s gotta be at least on-par with the Wii U.

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No, I’m assuming the peripheral brings it up to be on par with maybe a PS4 or an Xbox One, maybe better.

Without it, it might be about as good as a Wii U. But with other NX’s on the cloud, the peripheral, and maybe a friend’s NX daisy-chained to yours could bring it up to be like a really high end PC.

But take it all with a grain of salt. I’m only restating information I remember from an
unofficial video that discussed the patent information, which could or could not change.

Aren’t all these consoles using already obsolete and underpowered parts? #pcmasterrace

Jokes aside, Nintendo has a history of releasing underpowered gaming consoles. I hope the NX will be more powerful than its competitors as it’s possible due to the rather absurd rate the technology improves, and because I think being equally powerful would no longer suffice.

We’re two years into the newest generation and calling a two-year-old console new is a brazen lie. There has even been rumours about Sony developing an improved Playstation after such a short period into the current generation which does telegraph the dissatisfaction with the current consoles’ performance.

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Personally I’m not too concerned with hardware specs, as long as the software is good.
Nintendo has never been about top spec hardware, they’ve been about optimizing games to be the best they can.
I don’t need 200 fps 4k to enjoy a game, I just need a good game.


This. I don’t care how fast processing is, as long as it improves game quality and loading times. If it makes my game better, good. If it makes the game suck, then boo.


My moms boss was on the clearence list to seee the NX
All he was allowed to say was that it was pretty cool. :confused:

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