Nitrui Master of Lightning

Toa with the ability to manipulate and resist electricity. This particular character started off as a Vegeta moc but was ultimately changed to a Toa when it became too tall and a good head design was never found.

Nitrui Master of Lightning Back

I've tried to tell you many times but you just don't listen


you make me feel puny


Something about the legs look odd. I can't really tell what it is about the legs, but outside of that this Moc is awesome overall

I think the ankles may be a little weird but it's a well built, well colored, and solid creation.

I actually used the same mask for my own Vo-Toa. Wish mine was this complex, though... Overall, good job, but the arms are a bit stubby for me.

Wow... this thing is really striking! I love the sword hand!

Never before have I seem technic, CCBS, and old bionicle parts used together in such seamless harmony :cry:

this, sir, has some amazing color blocking

and everything else

Keetorange would work for the name...
Excellent MOC though. Great work.

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This looks really impressive. Nice job

I love this moc very rarely do i see a moc with great proportions color placement and solidity of this moc is fantastic 10/10

Amazing. Just amazing. Absolutely love the leg and torso designs. Great job!

Then what can I say?!

Maybe add some more trans-orange to complement the eyes. Otherwise, this is near perfect. 9.5/10, keep it up. :wink:

Needs some more trans orange.

Oh, forgot to mention- this looks


So clean. So solid!

Excellent MOC, and photography to go along with it!

It's very blue.

Nice job, but why lightning. I would feel like this is a water or ice toa. I love the compete look of it (nice job using the bohrok shield). I think this moc needs to look like its a toa of lightning and not ice. This is a great moc and all but i think it needs more life to it. The silhouette looks to bland and that takes points off. This moc needs a better weapon to like something like this but add more detail to it (i don't like it when mocs use big pieces). So with a little more time this would be a great moc.



R.I.P. Vegeta moc the world will never see, you were to perfect for this world. I like this moc, its got a good flow and color scheme going on.

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Tell you what, I'll keep trying some head designs and add some gold armor and then maybe I'll post Vegeta. This moc isn't too far off from his design.

I was thinking of using Ekimu's shoulder armor as those pointy saiyan shoulderpads.