NKU-15: A General Grievous/Protector of Stone Combo

It’s been a while since I last posted a MOC of mine, so I figured I’d come back with a bang and such with one of my favorite combos I’ve ever made…

…NKU-15. So for whatever reason, I was once looking at Grievous and thought “he’d make a good mech.” So I took him apart, added some PoS parts, and this happened.

NKU-15 features a laser sword, mini-thrusters on the back, and a working Stud Blaster. It’s around the same height as the original Grievous, if a bit shorter, and is piloted by a nondescript Villager of Stone.

Side shot.

Frontal shot.

Obligatory back shot.

Close up of the shooter.

NKU-15 with his Okotan pilot.

so yeah that’s pretty much it okay bye

and yes, i am aware of all the open balljoints


This is great, good job!!

BTW slime smellz


This is awesome just imagine a fully custom one

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Mechs are the larger cousin of power armor so I have to like it.


I want instructions on how to build this work of art myself.



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I guess I’m gonna get Grevious after all…

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Nooooo!!! You stole my idea that i never finished building!!!

Joking aside, this is pretty good for what it is except for the exposed ball joints. It’s hard to make stuff out of pre existing sets only, so that’s a point. Plus the way it looks without a pilot is great. Overall i think that it is great. I need to finish mine, all i have to do are the lower arms… which will never get done :weary:

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Man, I wish I had Grievous. This looks pretty cool.

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This looks awesome, the colors all go together greatly.

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Ya did good Slime, ya really did. The MOC is great, the use of General Greivous’ parts is really creative, the colours and textures are well done, but I have one problem.

You see Slime, I look at the third picture and wonder. “Well his face and torso seem really well protected, but what about his legs? If I was to take a single shot at his legs the battle would be done.”

That is the only issue I have with this MOC

I’m just kidding Slurm, I love this MOC =)

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this is pretty cool, it’s strange, but I really like how the arms are done

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The fact you made it a mech is 10/10.


This is actually a pretty cool idea. Nice job

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Instructions will come, eventually. If it’s anything like my other combos it won’t be for a few months, but they will come.



Gotta go file that copyright infringement


oh please, you didn’t make it

Pretty cool.

But the PoS’s legs just dangling there looks a bit weird IMO.


I REALLY like this MoC, you rarely ever see a good “Exo suit” MoC.


But I totally am the first to trademark it.