Nocturn the Rotting

My entry for the Duckbricks Red Star Fannon Contest

Nocturn is a menace on the red star. Due to his unique regeneration and experiments done on him by the Kestora, he is a walking monstrosity of rotting and growing flesh. at any given point parts of him are falling off in disrepair and rot as others are regrowing more powerful than ever. Able to swap between standing tall on his hind legs, or using his front arms as a second set of legs he is very versatile and a very tough opponent.

Unfortunately those are the only 2 renders I was able to make of him due to my computer running on a hamster wheel, but I did make a prototype of him irl, though it is not as impressive as I didn’t have all the parts. on the upside, the irl copy does have his spines and some creepy hoses (that I would have preferred in red, but gotta make due with what I had)

As you can see, his jaw was supposed to be on lopsided, but due to restrictions of and the fact that the build might not work for Nocturn’s actual head, I dunno if it’ll work…

Here are size comparisons with Mata Nui, Vakama, and Whenua;

and some with Makuta, a Bohrok, and my self moc Hamlen just for some fun;

Here’s a breakdown of the spines and tubes, since those aren’t on;

Tumblr Post;
Reddit post;

For anyone interested here’s a link to the files; Red Star Contest - Google Drive

Shameless plug for my Selfmoc (as seen in the bad guys group shot lol);
TTV Boards: Toa Hamlen, Leader of the Toa Fera


kinda messy, still looks great!


Yeah, I agree with ToaGali - the moc does look kinda messy. But in this case that’s helpful, given that the moc is supposed to represent an undead Nocturn. Nice job, it certainly succeeds in what it’s going for.


Nocturn the Wide Hips


[Insert ToaOfUltimateDoom reference]


Thank you! I thought that the renders made it look a bit less messy, but I guess I could make it look a bit cleaner. I went a bit overboard making the rib cage on his chest huh?


Thank you so much! I’m glad you think the messiness looks good! Though i do wonder if i could have achieved the same effect with less mess if i hadn’t been so dead set on giving it gear functions…


Lol yea. His hips had to be wide to support his weight, though I fear I may have failed with that as he is still quite difficult to pose.


cool build, pitty the IRL build looks so much better, probably just because of the posing being more dynamic


Thank you!! You’re the first person to choose a favorite. looking back at it yeah, the irl does look a bit better, probs due to the fact that posing in Stud. io is difficult especially with multi joints, but I think also due to the colors? Think I should have gone for a more muted color palate and changed the colors a bit more? I’m thinking of doing a re-render at some point to try and improve it considering I did make this in under 2 weeks, so I could probably improve it quite a bit.

And yes the Irl “sir flops-a-lot” model poses very well when a camera is pointed at him. ONLY when a camera is pointed at him. I don’t have a lot of new joints, so the majority of the ones I used are cracked and loose :stuck_out_tongue: