Non bionicle helmets as masks

Hey. If you could have any helmet or mask form any franchise(examples helas helmet, surturs skull, the mask of loki(from the mask series), or the helmet of nabu(dr fate)) what would you choose and what would it’s kanohi name be, like for example I’d choose the tryptych mask of onyx prime. And it’s kanohi an,e would be the kanohi onytrypt the mask of insight


An easy choice or choices would be the hero factory helmets but reworked to fit the design philosophy of kanohi. Breezes helmet is really popular with bionicle mocs.


Same vein of thought but I’ve seen the backwards furno mask used a lot

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@KanohiReqi @Eilrach
I believe I also asked what you would call the mask and what they’re power would be like the mask tahu uses is called the kanohi hau the mask of shielding

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Kanohi Swoo, the mask of vacuum: allows the user to put a target in a vacuum by sucking air out from the area.

Kanohi Zaam, the mask of lightning: gives the user limited control over the element of lightning.

Kanohi Aktou, the mask of mutation: allows the user to mutate others as the user pleases.

That’s what I have for the rookies.



Kanohi “Slap Shot” ᐸᑎᑦᑕᐅᓂᖅ (Yes I stole a Inuktitut word, wouldn’t be Bionicle without some cultural appropriation.)

Mask of dated 2000s references Not to be confused with the mask of dad jokes or the mask of Makooti.

Legend has it that this mask is one of three kanohi forged in the same fire at once.


I’ve always thought that Bulk’s 1.0 helmet would work particularly well as a Kanohi, so made this in PartDesigner:

Changes include the removal of the microphone, headlamp(?), and top axle connection, and the inclusion of a stud connection in the mouth. I also made it slightly wider to properly fit the Metru head.


Looks great! I can see this in a hypothetical 2012 wave that explores Teridax’s takeover

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Yeah, it would have been nice to get one or two more years in between 2008 and 2009, or maybe 2009 and Journey’s End. Not only to explore Teridax’s universe, but also to get more development of the history and present of Bara Magna/Spherus Magna.


Something I thought you’d all be interested in is a helmet design to be turned into a kanohi. The super shredders kuro kabuto from the tmnt 2012 series and it’d be called the kanohi kabuto a mask to be used as the crown of the skull warrior empire, with the first leader creator and first bearer was called lord kuro

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This was far more difficult than I anticipated, even for PartDesigner:

Although it’s not immediately obvious, I actually chopped the Furno helmet into around 8 pieces and stretched them all differently, but in such a way that their edges still lined up.

(Plus I removed the tech-bits, obviously)

I also made a Noble version:

This was a lot easier; there was no crazy scaling, I just had to create the eye holes.


Probably should have something over the mouth hole for the brain attack furno


Nah, I like the exposed portion; it gives it a unique shape, like the Garai, or the Vahi.

Plus, the idea was to make Kanohi directly from the Furno helmets, so I don’t want to make any changes beyond those that are absolutely necessary (such as eye holes, or avoiding collisions with the head).


I like both. The brain attack version reminds me of the Garai, with the axle connection on top of the head. Could you release these as a mask pack for Studio?

Yeah, I’ll put them in my pack here on the boards:

All six files are in a folder called “Furno-Based Mask Of Mutation”. Let me know if there’re any issues.

(Just to be clear, these models are not designed to be 3d printed; since I made them PartDesigner, there’s some exposed thin surfaces and gaps. They look good in, though.)

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Honestly, with a little bit more work, that Brain Attack “Noble” version would be really fantastic (it’s is good as it is but personally the eye holes could be less square or maybe some other holes filled?) Glad you modelled both, definitely the stuff of head canon!


great to see these as masks

ooh these look cool. Definitely like the og furno helmet as a mask.

I really liked the look of some of the original holes in the mask as eye holes:

Of course, the problem here is that the head collides heavily with the mask, as you can tell by the fact that it’s visible through the top of the mask.

EDIT: Hold on a second here, I could just stretch the top of the mask like I did for the Great Version. That would probably look way better, and get rid of the gaps around the current eye holes.