Non bionicle helmets as masks

Hey. If you could have any helmet or mask form any franchise(examples helas helmet, surturs skull, the mask of loki(from the mask series), or the helmet of nabu(dr fate)) what would you choose and what would it’s kanohi name be, like for example I’d choose the tryptych mask of onyx prime. And it’s kanohi an,e would be the kanohi onytrypt the mask of insight


An easy choice or choices would be the hero factory helmets but reworked to fit the design philosophy of kanohi. Breezes helmet is really popular with bionicle mocs.


Same vein of thought but I’ve seen the backwards furno mask used a lot

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@KanohiReqi @Eilrach
I believe I also asked what you would call the mask and what they’re power would be like the mask tahu uses is called the kanohi hau the mask of shielding

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Kanohi Swoo, the mask of vacuum: allows the user to put a target in a vacuum by sucking air out from the area.

Kanohi Zaam, the mask of lightning: gives the user limited control over the element of lightning.

Kanohi Aktou, the mask of mutation: allows the user to mutate others as the user pleases.

That’s what I have for the rookies.



Kanohi “Slap Shot” ᐸᑎᑦᑕᐅᓂᖅ (Yes I stole a Inuktitut word, wouldn’t be Bionicle without some cultural appropriation.)

Mask of dated 2000s references Not to be confused with the mask of dad jokes or the mask of Makooti.

Legend has it that this mask is one of three kanohi forged in the same fire at once.