Non-Constraction Canisters Topic

This topic is specifically about non Bionicle canisters, and I could not find any other topic specifically about this, so I hope it would be able to continue to exist…

A topic to discuss cansiters which are not from constraction sets.

And I wanted to also bring to attention the Racers canaiters, in which the Tiny Turbos were paked. And I must say, their design was awesome. The earlier ones had the Shape of a Wheel on Top:

And the later ones had a platic mold which resembled a car on top, looking really cool:

And Despite the Iregulated shape of the cover, they were designed to be able to be placed on top of one another, without falling:

And yes, I case you were wandering, I took those two pictures, and they are my canisters :smile:

And even creator had a few canister sets, even though they did not have a design as cool as canisters from other themes:

Do you have any Non-Bionicle Canisters that you actually like? I am very sad that we no longer get canisters… not even in LEGO Creator, which is a ever-green theme…
Even if we got canisters for licenced themes I would still be happy. Why did they have to die?

Anyway, discuss down below anything you want regarding Non Bionicle canister sets

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