Nostalgic bionicle sounds

A list of sounds you guys feel nostalgic for, and that you instantly associate to bionicle as soon as you hear them

Mine are the rahkshi's cry in the Mask of light movie, and Mnog's "OOOOOHHHH Oooooooh..." in the main theme


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Hmm an interesting topic. The first i think would be the chirping sound Pewku makes, especially the one that sounds like she is saying hurry up. I recently got her set as well, love the leg movement.

Yeah the set is boss. I noticed I feel nostalgic towards a lot of sounds in that movie actually.

Pewkuu is a crab. Doesn't walk sideways, has a tongue

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I love that movie. It isvery nostalgic.

@Cyber-hand, on a side note, how do you have a member title?

Everything from Mnog 2

especially this

Also the theme for the Hordika spinner challenge


Mnog 2 makes me wish we had a Biocraft multiplayer server

I always thought the Visorak sounded cool.


It's weird, that's probably the most memorable part of that movie

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That sound when Nhidiki fires the kanoka disks brings me back.
Also, the MoL Rahkshi sounds


Every time I hear my old fan I associate its sound to the main MNOG theme, and it brings memories back.

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That Vahki sound from BIONICLE Heroes.

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Why you gotta post before I do man!

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Lee Tockars original makuta voice... oh and every sound the rahkshi make


Dat first "roar" tho

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Making me tear up over here... :')


Vakama's voice by Alessandro Juliani

Any sound from MnOg one and 2, ad Jaller's voice yelling "TAKUA!"


When ever I hear this I think "Star Wars! No wait...."

loves those first few notes.


The sound the matoran made whenever they moved their bodies in MNOG.

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