Notifications Aren't Working. Let's Try Not to Panic

They are gone again.
Discuus, or whatever you do.


hhhheeeeeeeuuuuuuuuugggh :unamused:

not again.


blah blah staff are working on it you know the drill


Well anyway Time to go and wait.
How Often does this happen by the way?


Too often.

We have no idea what causes it, so it’s impossible to know when it’ll happen.


Huh well I hope you guy’s can figure out what is going on. Good luck TTV staff.

At this point all the notification droughts can be assigned into prehistoric extinction events.



Also, if this is your first rodeo with Justin the Notification Bug, here’s some common factors for you:

  • Replies to posts, topics, and PMs will not give you a notification. You can remedy this in several ways. For topics and posts, be sure to keep a close eye on the Unread section of the Boards to see if anyone has replied to you or one of your topics.
    For PMs, be sure to check your Messages tab (the little mail icon when you click your avatar in the top right) regularly, since they will not appear in your Unread section.

  • Likes will still give you notifications. Just because you got a like doesn’t mean the bug is fixed. Tis sad.

  • Tagging (@) is a mixed bag. Honestly, I have no idea whether or not this works. I’ve never gotten a tagging notification while Justin is around, but other people reportedly have. If you need to contact someone during this bug’s activity, using an @ is always a good choice just in case.

  • Inviting a user to a topic will give a notification. Worst comes to worst, and you really need a specific user, invitations will still work while Justin is active. Bear in mind that you can only invite a user once per topic, so use this as a last resort.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Quoting will also not give notifications.


So you won’t get a notification for this @Political_Slime?

@GIF.Man.Ben you were lucky not to be here during the first notification bug strikes…it was horrible.

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@Vicroen I have been here for two now, and they are horrible. I wonder if it has to do with topics that are growing really fast.

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TTV needs some tech support /s
I think that’s what takuma does

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@GIF.Man.Ben like I said you are lucky.

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I am not getting anything for @'s.

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Let’s try this when you respond to someone like their post then they get a notification about the like

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I am getting likes so that is a good idea.

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See and as long as you like the post after you post your reply it’s almost just a normal reply

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Yes it is, but what if someone just likes a post. /s

Anyway we can survive this.

What shall we call this One?

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Thanks, Mr. Resident Mod Slime!


#The Notifaction Bug Akakens

also AGAIN this is insane
We survived to many floods as it is

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