Novite Clash Episode 1: There he blows! Part 1 of 4

Clang, clang, clang. The sounds of metal footsteps filled the halls. Coulite, a lanky and tall Novite droid patrolled the halls. Like all Novites, he was cycloptic, with a round head. He had black armor and a green, saucer shaped cap. His eye was blue and so was the triangle on his chest. Coulite looked around the maze of the doors and corridors. He paused, thinking he heard something.
“I better not be…” Coulite ran down the halls into a cubic room with a power panel. He spotted another Novite. While Coulite was the leader of Blue team, this Novite was the assistant to Nocorip, leader of the Red team. She had an orange eye and an orange upside-down pentagon on her chest. She had a black cone for a cap. “IRIS!” Coulite yelled.
Iris looked at him in a flash. She quickly got back to messing with the breaker panel, panicked. Coulite thrust out his arm and it transformed into an arm cannon, emitting a blue glow.
“SHITAKE MUSHROOMS” Yelled Iris as she bolted into another hall. Coulite fired his bullet, narrowly missing her and hitting the panel.
Beep” he said.
“Wait when did that get installed?”

#A few moments later

“Coulite!?” Yelled a voice back. “My charger broke!”
Coulite followed the voice into the charger room.
In there stood a Green armored, purple eyed, buff Novite.
“Hey Coulite!” He said.
“Hey Omega,”
Next to him was a green eyed, short (like really short) female Novite, and an indigo eyed male Novite.
“Hey Maximum,” Coulite waved at the indigo eyed bot. “Oh, and h-hey, Lastrosis,” a red gradient began to encircle his eye.
“What’s his problem?” Lastrosis said as she nudged Maximum.
Coulite approached Dextrous, a nearly identical clone to Coulite except his yellow eye, black cone cap, and upside-down chest triangle.
“So what’s the situation?” Coulite said to Dextrous.
“All our chargers went out,” Dex responded, “power problem?”
“Iris wrecked the power panel, can you get a look at it?”
“Sure thing.” Coulite walked Dex to the power room. Dextrous’ palm opened up as equipment was despensed. He took a look at the broken panel. “So,” he inserted one of his screw drivers into the panel, “If I don’t get this fixed by the end of tommorow,” He kept fiddling with the panel, occasionally he would hear a snap, “We’ll all be dead.” He thrust a fist into the panel. “There!” He pulled out a small cube with six legs and one large cord attached to the panel. “A scrambler, it’s keeping me from repairing this thing, or at least the power components.” The scrambler sent another cord straight at Dextrous’ triangle on his chest. He went stiff as his eye changed from black on yellow to yellow on black. He yanked the cord off imediatley. “Yeesh! The only way to deactivate this little bugger is to destroy a beacon, otherwise we have no hope to save ourselves.”
“UGGGGHHHH. Today was supposed to be a relaxation day, not a save the entire Team day!” Cried Coulite.
“Don’t be baby, man.” Dextrous repaired the panel to the point where it looked decent. “Let’s find that beacon!”

Hey guys! That was part 1 of episode 1 of my animated series, Novite Clash. Of course, it’s not animated.
Shout-out to
@KAI_BORG @IceBear @Khalsa721 and @TridahkMaster
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If you’re wondering what the characters look like, you can check out my Novite Clash: Meet Team (red/blue): (whatever character you want) pages, here on the boards. I hope to see you soon for part 2! Here’s some rushed concept art!




Lastrosis (and some other peeps)


I do have 1 issue it reads more like a book than a script, could you please try and formate it like a script because right now it’s kind of hard for me to understand who’s saying what

Yeah. Probably will make a second, simplified version for you guys.