Obi-wan Kenobi (show)

I don’t know why there isn’t a topic on this considering there’s one for teeth, but here we are. The first few episodes are out, which is your favorite? What would you rate the series so far? Got any theories or things you want to see before it’s over?

Obviously, there are going to be spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk, or convenience if you don’t want to pay for Disney+


I honestly can’t say I’m a fan of the show so far. While there are some good aspects of it, Obi-won himself seems off, and the show as a whole has a weird vibe.


Watch Babylon 5 instead.

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He’s definitely supposed to. Its supposed to show him in a broken state. Probably a reasonable reaction to having your entire galaxy converted from a Democracy to a Dictatorship with everyone in your group hunted to extinction systematically. Survivor’s guilt is also definitely a real thing

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In my opinion it exists


Not a huge fan so far. The only reason it exists is because fans demanded it, not because it should’ve.

The story so far seems like a stretch. Did Vader and Obi wan really need to meet again? Was it really necessary to have a whole plot about kid Leia? Am I really supposed to believe Vader and the Inquisitors just gave up looking for Kenobi? although who knows maybe there will be a good explanation for this

There are plenty of enjoyable elements, and overall it’s not bad… but I just can’t shake the feeling that this is just a cash grab and didn’t need to ever exist.


I like the series, just not a fan of the Third Sister. It’s not about race, I just don’t like her acting and in some scenes she’s stiff and her character is written very weird… Like she knows way too much, is overpowered and somehow managed to injure the Grand Inquisitor who knows everyone’s moves ahead of them which we know from Rebels. It just seemed pointless.

Brutal Vader in ep3 was great


No one in the show can run.

It’s fine though, because they can all teleport.


It’s also a contradiction with a New Hope, because if I recall correctly the fight on the death star was the first time he’d seen vader since mustafar.

According to a New Hope, Leia never met Obi-Wan before.
According to The Last Jedi, tracking a ship through hyperspace is impossible until the First Order invented it.
According to Rebels, the Grand Inquisitor is still alive and doesn’t suck.
According to Revenge of the Sith and a New Hope Obi-Wan doesn’t like using a blaster.

The show contradicts other Star Wars stuff at least once per episode.


I’m not versed in SW lore, but the show contradicts itself too.

Obi-Wan in Episode 1: “I must train Luke.”
Obi-Wan in Episode 2: “I forgot how to use the Force.”

Reva in episode 1: “tell me where the Jedi is.”
Reva in Episode two: “Oh right, I can read minds.”

Darth Vader in episode three: “I can put out fire with the force, and grab Ob-Wan through the flames!”
Darth Vader five seconds later: “Oh no, fire! Guess there’s nothing I can do now!”

Jar Jar in episode 1: Whatsa Sith Lord?
Jar Jar in episode 3: Meesa Darth Plagueis

I like that they name-dropped Quinlan Vos though


I’m loving it so far.


I’m so worried it’s going to get political and then I won’t be able to like it


I’m going to play devils advocate/hopeful fan, and see if I can make up some dumb answers here.

I don’t know where this is stated, but I’d imagine it’s legends, or Disney just doesn’t care and retconned it. Not great, but happens a lot, and we can’t get too upset about it.

So far, Leia only knows Obi-wan as Ben, which could explain things. Not perfect, but a small patch to this plot hole.

Unless I’m forgetting something, they didn’t track a ship through hyperspace. If it’s referring to the cargo ship Obi-wan and Leia hid on, I’m assuming that they just knew the location because it’s a company vehicle, meaning they would know where it’s going.

We don’t really know if he’s dead yet though, probably just a feint. People have survived much worse in Star Wars.

Doesn’t like it, but still does. He shot Grievous, and considering that he has sunk since then, I absolutely believe he’d shoot Stormtroopers

@Willess12 yeah, this all checks out to me.

I don’t necessarily like any of my own ideas on this stuff, but it’s all very plausible.


The imperial lady calls him Obi-Wan in Episode 3, in front of Leia. I also find difficult to buy that she knows about Obama in Episode 4 but doesn’t realize he’s the same Jedi she met when she was ten, especially considering she supposedly remembered her mother.

How does Obi-Wan find the kidnapper ship in Episode 2?

“When last we met, I was the learner.” Vader literally says it in Episode 4.

I’ll admit that one is the most likely to be patched up.


welp, it only took half an hour to get political

all they gotta do is take him back to Tattooine to the Mods from BoBF.



That is-


Ha! See? You’re wrong, and I’m right. Don’t try to outwit me again.


Reva can apparently teleport. That’s all I need to say.


Two words:
Plot armor

Luminous being is she

Man ignorance really is bliss I gotta stop reading the things you people say