OculusNuva, Toa of Magnetism and sarcasm

Well, I finally got around to taking pictures and posting my self-MOC. So a little back story.
Years after the shattering, Fa-Matoran (and other Matoran) made their own tribes on Spherus Magna and new Toa eventually emerged, though still no Toa of Magnetism had yet risen.
OculusNuva was a Fa-Matoran with a rare disease that effected the organic muscles on his body, causing him endless chronic pain. The condition eventually evolved to giving him difficulty walking and standing up, so he would rarely do so.
A day came when a Toa of fire came to the Fa-Matoran village, and requested that Oculus was to be brought to him. Oculus, leaning into his cane and aided by a friend, was brought to the Toa and given a Toa stone.
When activated, the Toa stone transformed Oculus into the first Toa of Magnetism to walk Spherus Magna, but it did not cure him of his condition. His size and mass greatly grew to the size of a Toa, and so did his pain.
He dropped to his arms and knees and saw his old black Huna he wore on the ground before him.
The Toa of fire gave Oculus a Kanohi, but not his Huna, but a golden Great Pakari. When he placed the mask on Oculus' face it instantly activated and gave him strength, so much so, that he could stand, without pain. The Kanohi would always be set to a low level as he wore it and it allowed him to function and do his duty without hindrance. He had become a Toa of Magnetism.

So here are the pictures of the MOC, I apologize for bad quality, tremors and odd lighting don't help at all. =P

Toa of Magnetism and Sarcasm:

Obligatory back shot:

He wears metal attachments to his boots so he can manipulate them to fly with Magnetism:

His blade of awesomeness, he can throw it and make it return with Magnetism like Axonn's protosteel Axe:

Another weapon of his, it's not used much at all, he mostly prefers his sword:

On his travels, he salvaged a very large mace-head from the ruins of the Iron tribe village. He now uses it to throw at his enemies and uses magnetism to return it to him.

A shot of his gold Great Pakari:

All of his equipment and his Great golden Pakari:

Hope you guys like it, I am pretty proud of it and I think it represents me pretty well.

Thanks for reading!


That MOC is so impressive! I like how you use all sorts of pieces, and made custom arms and other parts!

Thank you!
I tried sticking partly to the Inika build, but also adding in custom parts and using allot of parts (that are not actually armor) for armor.
Just a fun fact, in his build, he has 8 feet. stuck_out_tongue

/just a scientific note. Magnetism doesn't work like that. You can't draw yourself into the air by pulling on your feet, and you can't pull yourself into the air by using magnetism on your boots.


Maybe try like, something derived from your other handle "Teddy?"

Or mayhaps just have people suggest things that're made up

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This is really cool!
I really like the idea of that Mace-head.
The colors are perfect and the parts go good together. Good job smiley

Well, I should have clarified that I don't really fly, but more I lift up the boots and it's like I am standing on top of the metal boots that are floating and bring the metal boots up and down in the motion of walking as if there was a floor beneath my feet, not as smoothly as walking, but still able to walk in the air.
Also, a Toa being metal, I could lift myself up and make myself fly since the only organic stuff in me are attached to the metal so it would come up with me.

@Nyran I would like to have a name for him, Axonn isn't his name and I just used it in the story because I didn't want to have to think of a name JUST to be able to make this topic. I am pretty bad at coming up with original names for things. I would like if somebody could give me ideas for names, I want it to sound more Toa like than Glatorian, and not very complicated.

Here, use this link:




Those are a mix of ones from the Generator, and some I made up

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No one can take my place as Toa of Sarcasm. No one...

when you sent the pic on skype I was impressed, with a closer views and no red I am even more impressed, nice back story as well
however with every moc there are always cons, this one isnt much for the moc but more the background, next time use a white background for anything with black parts in, and on the legs there are technic bars which go out of the leg, they look a little akward, and on the hand you used a t bar piece for the thumb that looks fairly akward, maybe use the hose piece from lego city sets?
other then that its pretty cool
@SammySpartan you never claimed to be a toa of sarcasm, and wait..I see what you did there

edit: your name can be


Sorry bro, I claimed it on the message boards. And plus, I am the Toa of Magnetism AND sarcasm, not just sarcasm.

@pot8o Thanks for the feedback. Sadly I had to tear apart poor Hewkii to make him. ;-;
The Technic bars, are you referring to those "lift arm" pieces on his upper legs? Those I wouldn't mind replacing, it's just that I don't have anything that looks better to replace them with, and if I use just the straight ones that aren't that L shape it looks a little bit skinny and/or out of place.
The reason I used the T bar for his hand is so I can put the thumb on it like how Hydraxon's hand is (as shown in the shot of my Protosteel sword), and if I want to make him make a fist, I turn the T bar to the side and clip the thumb on the bar sticking out to the side( as seen in the pictures of the wrist gun). If I used the LEGO city hose piece, he wouldn't be able to hold his sword.

'I, am the mighty Tuna!

cool I understand now
tuna needs to be the name