Gringat's Chibi Self-MOC Project #1

This topic is now closed. Please check out part 2.

A few ground rules though:

  1. You can NOT recommend one of your own self-MOCs. It must be the self-MOC of another member of the community, either here on TTV or elsewhere.
  2. You can NOT recommend the same self-MOC twice.
  3. You can recommend a self-MOC that someone else has recommended already. That means their name will be entered again and will be more likely to appear.
  4. You must provide a link to or a picture of the self-MOC you recommend otherwise I’ll get confused.
  5. You can recommend multiple self-MOCs, but don’t go overboard and post more than 5 or so all at once.
  6. Your recommendation does not have to be a BIONICLE-themed MOC.
  7. You can recommend any self-MOC; they can be from anywhere, not necessarily a user on this site.

Each name will get put into a hat and drawn at random when I have time to make each chibi.

I don’t promise much speed, since I have university to worry about too. This is going to be an ongoing project though, probably for as long as I’m still active in the community.

Once I have six made I will combine them into a Chibi-Nui, which will be its own character with its own role in my storyline.

Most Recent: Toa Vladin, 18/03/19


Chibi Series #1 - Light

25th March 2011

Luja, Toa of Air, self-MOC of Chopperskull. His MOCpage. His Flickr.

1st April 2011

Cossy, Lord of Blue Flames, self-MOC of Ben Cossy. His MOCpage. His YouTube. His Flickr.
Also appears in the Spherus Magna chapter of the Cyclic Plane Storyline as Cosrahk, a monstrous half-rahkshi half-toa.

12th April 2011

Jordan 2444/Lordanian, self-MOC of Jordan2444. His MOCpage.

30th April 2011

Vazok, Toa of Magnetism, self-MOC of MacLane Mars. His MOCpage. His DA.

19th June 2011

Toa Kalik, self-MOC of Toa Kalik. His MOCpage. His YouTube.

17th August 2011

The Wanderer, self-MOC of Dark Crusader. His MOCpage. His DA. His Flickr.

20th August 2011

Chibi Series #2 - Shadow

21st March 2011

Dystrax, the Neverending Night, self-MOC of Ajtnzer. His MOCpage. His DA. His YouTube.
Also appears in the Spherus Magna chapter of the Cyclic Plane Storyline as The Neverending Night, a fearsome assassin.

3rd June 2011

Grimblade, Toa of Doom, self-MOC of Cyberdoom5. His MOCpage. His YouTube. His DA.
Had an earlier MOC version by me (October 2010)

3rd June 2011

Akara, Toa of Magnetism, self-MOC of Akara. His MOCpage. His DA.
Had an earlier MOC version by me (September 2010)

3rd June 2011

Shadow, Toa of Nightmares, former self-MOC of Shadowgear6335. His MOCpage. His DA. His Flickr. His YouTube.
Has several earlier MOC versions by me: (February 2010) (May 2010) (September 2010) (December 2013)
Also appears in the Matoran Universe chapter of the Cyclic Plane Storyline as Atarangi, an Archon of Korrothis.

3rd June 2011

Junie, self-MOC of ToaJunie. Her DA. Her Flickr. Her YouTube. Her Tumblr.
Has several earlier MOC versions by me: (March 2010) (April 2010) (May 2010) (September 2010)
Also appears in the Matoran Universe chapter of the Cyclic Plane Storyline as the Makuta of Korrothis

17th August 2011

Toa Jibs, self-MOC of Jibs Studios. His MOCpage. His YouTube.
Also appears in in the Bara Magna chapter of the Cyclic Plane Storyline as Jibs, “Toa” of Psionics, a wandering glatorian with psionic powers.

22nd August 2011

Chibi Series #3 - Fire

3rd June 2011

Solaris, self-MOC of Stewart “Inferno Lord” Fulton. His MOCpage.
Also appears in the Matoran Universe chapter of the Cyclic Plane Storyline as Solaris, an Av-Matoran mercenary.

22nd October 2011

Shadowflame, self-MOC of HyperShadow623. His MOCpage. His Flickr. His YouTube.

22nd October 2011

Nitro, self-MOC of Nick Nitro Brick. His MOCpage.

26th November 2011

Magmabane, Master of Magma, self-MOC of Magmabane. His MOCpage.

30th November 2011

Infrax, self-MOC of Infernus-X. His MOCpage. His DA.

10th December 2011

Toa Obsessionist, self-MOC of Lego Obsessionist. His MOCpage.

12th February 2012

Chibi Series #4 - Ice

2nd July 2012

Mr. Cocofish, secondary self-MOC of Velken. His MOCpage. His DA. His YouTube.
Had two earlier MOC versions by me: (May 2010) (September 2010)

12th July 2012

Jac, self-MOC of VEZONISME. His DA. …viewer discretion advised…

14th July 2012

F33-X2, old “self-mech” of Felix the Cat. His Flickr. His MOCpage. His DA.

12th September 2012

Glacies, self-MOC of ahollowperson. His DA. His MOCpage.

9th October 2012

Toa Niyyan, self-MOC of Rahiden. His DA.

21st November 2012

Raziel, self-MOC of WolfbossX. His MOCpage.

18th June 2013

Hey, I’m around again and we can edit older posts now! Awesome!

Chibi Series #5 - TTV

12th July 2016
<img src=“/uploads/db5640/original/3X/9/6/96502b6dbebb9d3429902086174b2eb7dc15b165.png” width=214" height=“250”>
Raptor Talon, self-MOC of @RaptorTalon, suggested by @Booster_Gold!
This guy got out of control pretty fast. He has Aza’s torso design (meaning the arms are spring loaded!) and kinda came out looking like a pop vinyl :stuck_out_tongue:

18th July 2016

Raxonax, self-MOC of @Wertman8, suggested by @PakariNation99. His MOCpage.

19th January 2017

Buskyte, Self-MOC of @Kemzal as suggested by @Hawkflight!
I can see having both his mask and Raxonax’s being handy in the fusion. This fella’s got a special boxing glove arrow to punch from a distance!

24th January 2017

Eruei, self-MOC of LA Miranda AKA GoldenArpeggio, suggested by @CoconutFanatic! His DA. His MOCpage.
His older self-MOC, Lianyu, also features in the Cyclic Plane Storyline as one of Archons of Korrothis.
Sorry about the picture quality on this one.

21st January 2018

Onuku, self-MOC of Onuku, suggested by @Toa_Ketros! His DA. His Flickr.
Sad to see it took me a year to get to this project again. It’s been a rough one, and having no space for my lego collection at home I’ve had time to MOC only when visiting my parents. Still, this was a fun one to build!

21st January 2018

Kalikiki, self-MOC of Kaibagal, suggested by @Creep!
Unfortunately she is no longer active on DeviantArt and I’m not sure where else she posts her art.

28th June 2018

Chibi Series #6

15th August 2018

Rockho, self-MOC of @Rockho, suggested by @Cocoa and @Hafynx !
This guy’s the first of the next wave. Sorry it’s taken so long!
Rockho’s the first to have a launcher, and has a vahki mechanism built in for good measure!

16th August 2018

Tekan, self-MOC of @KAI_BORG , suggested by @ItsFrostbyte and @Tarkur !
Tricky one, to get all the spikes and bits into a smaller form, though those giant hands of his were a great excuse to give a chibi fingers for once :wink:
Missing the actual mask of course, since I don’t paint parts.

17th August 2018

Sorano, self-MOC of @Ned_Flanders , suggested by @Hutere , @Sammythekat and @HewksDKowlihad !
Innnteresting figure, this one. Probably wasn’t a good idea to photograph him in front of a white background. Noodle arms!

18th August 2018

Lynis, self-MOC of @ItsFrostbyte , suggested by @KAI_BORG !
This guy came out surprisingly well in chibi form, given how much is going on on the real one. And I guess this means the nui gets a cape :wink:

19th August 2018

Windfall, self-MOC of @Windfall , suggested by @PakariNation99 !
He’s a big boi. Maybe a little too big, but I wanted to use those prefab limbs to try and get some more metru blue in.

20th August 2018

Zork, self-MOC of ZORK64, suggested by @CZQ !
This guy is built around a technic steering bar of all things!

16th July 2019

2nd March 2019

Htes, self-MOC of @yolo360nosescope, suggested by @Zero !
His chest is built around one of these!

3rd March 2019

The 1st Shadow, self-MOC of The1stShadow, suggested by @Ghid !
Since the original uses one of these, I just had to, too! Alas I don’t own a black kakama, so a classic gold one it is!

6th March 2019

Veltraxx, self-MOC of @Booster_Gold, suggested by @Plural !

That’s three golden Pohatu masks in a row… I promise it’s as random as can be! Especially proud of the lower leg design here.

8th March 2019

Oculus Nuva, self-MOC of @OculusNuva, suggested by @Tate !
Really proud of how this guy came out! I loved having an excuse to dig into my really old technic parts.

13th March 2019

Dizrahk, self-MOC of Disturbulator over on DA, suggested by @Creep !
Definite proof that these guys are getting more complicated: this guy took a bricklink order to complete!

18th March 2019

Toa Vladin, self-MOC of @Toa_Vladin, suggested by Guymontang* and @UnJaguk !
Sometimes the simplest ones are the trickiest to condense down, and that was definitely the case for this fella. Missing a second one of these so the arms are too long, but still happy with him!

7th July 2020


I would like to request you to make @Ghosty and @RaptorTalon’s Self-MOCs.





In that case, this guy:

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/\ /\ /\

But maybe do Rap V11. I think it’s better than 12.

@Hafynx’s self MOC should probably be done here! :smile:

EDIT: My apologies! :smile: is for sale | HugeDomains

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I’m confused. :frowning:


Booster had links.

And Rap V11’s pictures are gone now, so nevermind that.

Can I recommend @Booster_Gold and @Chronicler’s Self MOCs?




I’d say @Middlefingerstudios’s self-MOC.


I’d like to see you do Buskyte and Ekorak.


Seen as though @Lord_Tuma Requested me, here’s a picture of my self-MOC (He’s the big one…)


Thanks! Now, I would suggest someone! :smile:

Ok, I’m gonna go for TechnoVirus’ Vhandeer Lord, if you have the mask… He isn’t on the boards by the way, you can find him on Flickr.


Oh I know!

Gringat by Gringat!..Just kidding…

I’d like to see Chibi Windfall: is for sale | HugeDomains

and Chibi Raxonax:

Perhaps JangBrick’s Lorne?


I request you to build my good friend @OculusNuva


You should build Plorbley…


Hey Gringat, I wish to nominate @Chro’s self moc “Chro, Master of Darkness V1” into your chibi moc project.




Chibi Series #1 - Light and Chibi Series #2 - Shadow added and their nui posted elsewhere on the boards.

Chibi Series #3 - Fire and Chibi Series #4 - Water still on the to-do list.

Two of your recommendations are complete and await a photography sesh. Currently working on the 3rd.

My hat does not have enough slips of paper in it. I need more recommendations! :wink:


Wow! These are really cool! The Chibi Nui looks great, by the way! :smiley:

@Lost_Head Thanks!

You can either build this

Or Tuma with a cape and a crown. (My true Self-MOC)
(Second option greatly preferred! :stuck_out_tongue:)