Chibi Nui #7 - Magnian Battlehound

The Magnian Battlehound is the 7th Chibi Nui, built from parts of the 7th series of my Community Chibi Project. Making it up are Toa Vladin @Toa_Vladin , Veltraxx @Booster_Gold , The1stShadow, Oculus Nuva @OculusNuva , Htes @yolo360noscope and Disturbulator’s Dizrahk, plus Gringat’s matoran form:


Each set of six self-MOCs built during the project are combined into a larger character with a role in the Cyclic Plane storyline.

Magnian Battlehounds were bred from Iron Wolves by the Knights of the Six after the Reformation of Spherus Magna. They saw battle on both sides of the War of the Weave.

They could be equipped with various automated weapon platforms or matoran gunnery turrets. Claws were often shod with metal both as weapons and for digging, and the tails were often fitted with sweeping blades.

Warhounds possessed a very keen sense of smell, able to track most targets for miles across the plains. They were also extremely valuable as couriers.

I would be the first to admit this isn’t my best work. This one’s actually the 3rd try I had at making the nui, after attempting to make an articulated toa Nilmador (Gringat’s son) at first, then a more sci fi warrior. My studies didn’t allow me much time to focus on trying again until I returned home.

This thing has a gearbox!

The balljoint at the back of the model can be turned, to make the front claws rake in a digging motion, similar to my old protector combiner.

The head is based off a bloodhound’s, with the whole thing coming out like something between that and a badger. Thing’s a mess of colours - I would see the base creature as just black and maybe gunmetal, with the silver armour added for protection and the gold, red and green added as livery

If you’d like to nominate a member of the community to have their self-MOC put into the draw, please check out the new Chibi Project page! :slight_smile: