Gringat's Chibi Self-MOC Project #2

31st May 2020

Jojo, Self-MOC of Josiah Lang (younger brother of @CallanLOF ), suggested by… me!
Had real fun making this one, integrating obvious gears, washers, studs and Znap parts to make him more toyish.

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Great use of the znap beams, and I just love that head design, really fits the chibi theme.


Finally justice to Znap

Really cute again.


I’ve been hiding Znap in most of my MOCs lately. :wink:

6th June 2020

Monarth the Dream Warden, Self-MOC of @Monarth , suggested by @Ghid and @Toa_Radrix !
Somewhat appropriate to have both Monarth and Jayfa in the same group, since he’s also beaten me in a Bio-Cup :stuck_out_tongue: The head was an interesting challenge.

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Aw yeah, now this is great

There are so many little portions of his self moc you managed to sneak in here. I really love the purple layering as well! It really encompasses his self moc’s overall feel.

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Adding my Bio-Cup opponents. Did so last year but for some reason not the year before (probably because I got taken out by fever), so 2018 and 2020 be here.

2018 R1:

RED: Red | Final ver. | I started building this guy last spring, … | Flickr

Nathan Ingerson’s Gentleman Scarecrow: Gentleman Scarecrow | Nathan Ingerson | Flickr

2020 R1:

Matoro41’s Vhorkak (right):

Jack McDonald’s selfMOC (pending update when I figure out what it is)

Oksusu02’s selfMOC

…if they don’t have them I’ll just make something iconic from their gallery if their name comes up I guess! If anyone knows about the latter two I’d really appreciate the info ^^

Also, a new nui! Battledoggo.

12th June 2020

Chro, Master of Darkness, self-MOC of @Chro , nominated by @Likus and @Voxumo !
Vladek’s sword seemed perfect to match the shape of the larger weapon on Chro. Had a lot of fun playing around with technic shapes and trying out those hands. :slight_smile:

17th June 2020

Solaris, self-MOC of @Solaris, suggested by @Dragon_Ben !

EDIT: renders!

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hail_archeron retired from moccing a few years ago. he’s a family man now but he shows up from time to time on his instagram account.

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Your chibis never cease to amaze me. Chro’s shoulders look so good.

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Here’s a suggestion, Jangbrick’s self moc: Lorne. If you search a bit on his channel and on the web, you should find some pictures of him.


I’m aware of Lorne, yes and I’m fairly sure he’s already got at least one vote. Thankfully don’t need a picture for that one :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you’ve done this yet, but possibly Conner Hoffman’s (Wombat Combat Productions) self moc, Knoxus?


Entropy would work well for Chibi.


Cordax 3.0 by @Cordax


you should do @Ghid’s self moc


I think the toa version would be more fitting…


Loysnuva, self-MOC of Loysnuva, nominated by yours truly after I went up against him in the 2019 Bio-Cup.

Please excuse the dust! It’s been a while since I had enough light to photograph, and he’s been sitting patiently on my shelf until now.

As is going to be the standard going forward from Series 9, he’s also been recreated as close as I can get him to be in Solaris has gotten the same treatment, see his post.

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This looks great! I love the hooks.

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was reading through this and saw mr. evo recommended lorne by jangbricks. genius, i tell you. also, have you done callan yet? feels like you would’ve, but i can’t remember seeing him. i always could just have bad memory, though.
(oh yeah silver man looks good too good stuff)


Yes this is me.


Jojo came up in Series 8. Davix and Callan are definitely also in the draw.

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