Solaris; Toa of Plasma - SelfMOC

So here's my selfmoc, Solaris. Tell me your opinions about him. And yeah he has a working gear-function.


Actually very well built. Looks very evil for a toa, although it's up to you what he should look like.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a rather lengthy criticism of the design of the MOC that most members of the TTV boards won't care about, to be honest. It's up to you whether you want to live up to these standards for your MOCs or not.

Well then. Out of the gate, the color scheme is visible. White and orange, the default colors for a Toa of Plasma, and silver and gunmetal, with some bits of trans-orange. I think on most MOCs, there's only one shade of metallic color, while this MOC has two. If you can, replacing the gunmetal in his shins with black or grey and the piece in his stomach with more white or orange might unify his color scheme more. The trans-orange seems a bit sparse on him, if you could find some more pieces in that color to put on the rest of him, that would be good.

As for his textures and stuff. The torso has a nice aesthetic with the tubes and the 2015 add-on. The legs, by contrast, look rather boring and simple (and the spikes on the thighs don't really fit the rest of him), and I have my doubts about the spiked feet. The arm aesthetics seem to fit the rest of him a bit better. If you have more of the Master add-on pieces or pieces with the somewhat smoother circular design of his arm pieces, you could replace the pieces on his legs with those.

On a generally more positive note, props on integrating the gearbox into his design, as well as using the Nuva Shoulder armor pieces in a way that doesn't look frightfully awkward. Those pieces are difficult to use and occasionally mean having to sacrifice quality, but the torso's my favorite part of this MOC.


I like everything other than the spiked pieces. Those seem a bit weird.

What Hawkflight said.

I like pretty much everything I see here except for the lower limbs, if not exclusively the hands, feet and spikes.
They're a little out of place and out-of-character? (Toa generally don't sport spikes)
I also partially agree with what @Hawkflight said about the gunmetal grey. I actually prefer the way it looks with the white and orange than what it would look like if it were all silver, but it clashes with the silver anywhere else on him. - not necessarily with the silver on the weapons though since, well... they're weapons - not armour.

Working my way down the MOC, the mask works, the torso is clunky and could do with some refinement, but it's still good.
The arms are neat, and I like the translucent hands, but not-so-much the claws.
As for the legs, I think it would look much better if you applied the same logic to the distribution of white and orange that you did for the arms. So, the thinner section of the limb (in this case, the upper leg) was orange, relatively "tight" fitting armour, and the lower leg armour was white/or white-over-orange, and was wider towards the base. (which also lends itself to looking better with larger feet)

[Edit:] Also, the translucent stud on the crotch seems really out of place too

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Thank you @Hawkflight and @iBunny for the advices! I'll try to make him feel more like a Toa. And also, about the metalic colours. The only problem I have is the lack of pieces. Like I could use an orange Inika feet on his body, which I know exists, I just didn't get 2007 Pohatu for it. I might have to do a bricklink order. We'll see.

EDIT: Also I have a lot of those new 2015 addons (I have all the '15 sets), but I didn't want to over-use it.

(I know I shouldn't double post, but it's a MOC update:)

I've managed to dug up some useful pieces. And guess what, I've found some which could work. ( @iBunny ; @Hawkflight )


This version looks a lot better, thank you.

(maybe I'll say some more later on, but as a rule I like to encourage people to shuffle around and make different MOCs rather than focus on just one.)


Quite unique. I like it.

I'm at a loss for words. He looks like a bounty hunter and an amazing one at that. Cudoz to you

@ChaosAssassin Thank you!

Orange tubes for the win!

Hey, sorry I didn't ask permition at first but I made a YouTube video about this guy, on my YouTube channel, see if you like my showcase and opinions :sunny:

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@MyAlexDk Why didn't you use the updated version? Also, thanks for doing it

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I didnt know, i only saw the updated version after the video was up on youtube. Sorry