Gringat's Chibi Self-MOC Project #2

Hi all! Gringat the Repugnant here once again with a continuation of my Community Chibi Project.

This is a series of smaller scaled MOCs based on the Self-MOCs of community members.
I’ve been doing this, on and off, since 2011, having moved the project from MOCpages to Deviantart and finally here to TTV in 2016. After over three years of suggestions and builds, the old post is too full to post another MOC!

I don’t pick the characters anymore. Instead, I take suggetions from you guys and put all the submissions into a hat to draw at random when it’s time to build a new chibi. All the unused suggestions are still there, but if you’d like to submit one you can definitely do so below or via direct message to me, just make sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. You can NOT recommend one of your own self-MOCs. It must be the self-MOC of another member of the Lego community.
  2. You can NOT recommend the same person’s self-MOC twice, though you can recommend a self-MOC that someone else has recommended already. That means their name will be entered again and will be more likely to appear.
    I will never make the same person’s self-MOC more than once over the course of this project.
  3. You must provide a link to and/or a picture of the self-MOC(s) you recommend.
  4. Your recommendation does not have to be a BIONICLE-themed MOC. I am defining “self-MOC” as any brick-built figure made to represent its creator in some way (or a drawing of such a figure so long as it remains Lego-themed). Minifigs (Sig-Figs) won’t be accepted.
  5. You can recommend any self-MOC; they can be from anywhere - Flickr, YouTube, BZP, CBW, Instagram, Deviantart, the list goes on, we’re spread pretty widely. :slight_smile:
  6. The only nominations I won’t accept are links to Facebook (due to accessing issues) and of non self-MOC characters such as official Bionicle characters/sets or cartoon characters.

The aim of all this is to get as broad and varied and representative of the community as a whole as I can be with the series.

Chibi Series 10

30th June 2022

Bronzejet, Self-MOC of BronzeJet, nominated by @Cyclopian !

12th May 2022

HORRIOR, Self-MOC of @HORRIOR, nominated by @Ghid!

14th May 2021

Valerix, Self-MOC of @ValerixTheGodsDemon, nominated by @Theredstar656!

11th May 2021

Psithur, self-MOC of @Saxton, nominated by @Da_Stronk_Destroyer and @EmperorDuckie!

10th May 2021

Altron Nuva, alternate Self-MOC of @Altron, nominated by @Monarth!

Chibi Series #9

7th May 2021

Knoxus, Self-MOC of @Connor_Hoffman AKA Wombat Combat Pictures, nominated by @Cordax, @N01InParticular and @SonicBionicleMaster!

19th Feb 2021

Mata Nui, “Self-MOC” of Greg Farshtey (or maybe Christian Faber), nominated by @Toa_Kasai.

16th Feb 2021

Vhandeer Lord, self-MOC of @TechnoVirus, nominated by Hafynx.

13th Feb 2021

Helios, self-MOC of Sam H, nominated by @CZQ

10th Feb 2021

Loysnuva, self-MOC of Loysnuva, nominated by yours truly after I went up against him in the 2019 Bio-Cup.

17th June 2020

Solaris, self-MOC of @Solaris, suggested by @Dragon_Ben !

Chibi Nui #8
Karst Rimefang, Baron of the Northern Wastes

Chibi Series #8

12th June 2020

Chro, Master of Darkness, self-MOC of @Chro , nominated by @Likus and @Voxumo !

6th June 2020

Monarth the Dream Warden, Self-MOC of @Monarth , suggested by @Ghid and @Toa_Radrix !

31st May 2020

Jojo, Self-MOC of Josiah Lang (younger brother of CallanLOF), nominated by yours truly.

29th May 2020

Archeron, Self-MOC of hail_archeron, suggested by @Toatrex !

15th July 2019

Toa Edictarts, Self-MOC of EDICTARTS, suggested by… me!

10th July 2019

Jayfa, Self-MOC of @Jayfa, suggested by @EmperorDuckie and @Jakanader!


Here is my suggestion:
@Toa_Radrix’s self MOC.

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My suggestion is @Runa’s self MOC
It’s named Runa Bringer of Death.


I’d like to recommend my long time buddy @Chro’s Self-Moc: Chro, Master of Darkness

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Just gonna throw this little suggestion in. For fun:
Wolf, my Self-MOC

It’s @Wolf_Pack’s self moc: Wolf



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i’ll ask for Kalatraz’s selfmoc to represented as he has some great work and has some great stop motion on his YouTube channel

Ahzu III:

picture from: Ahzu III by Kalatraz on DeviantArt


I vote for this one.

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The one directly above my post. Sorry, should have specified.

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Aw heck yea, round two!

I suggest Kardymis, @Hafynx’s Self-MOC!


I suggest @Komrad’s Self-MOC Sterk:

Bad link, mate. Please update it.

A’ight. So I’m going to submit Dazok’s self moc, Dazok:


sorry aboot that

here ya go


How about this? Prof. Srlojohn [Self-MOC]


15th July 2019

Toa Edictarts, Self-MOC of EDICTARTS, suggested by… me!
His Toa Lurax had a MOC version by me (April 2010) because I didn’t have the parts to make Edict himself how I wanted. Of course this one still isn’t quite right but the Tahu 2015 chestplate really helps tie the mask and armour together!
EDICTARTS isn’t active at all anymore as far as I can tell, but he introduced me to some of my favourite video games back in the day.

If you’d like to nominate a Self-MOC from the community, check out the rules up top then comment below! :slight_smile:


Lemme throw my 2 cents in this hat:


@Mittens’selfmoc Sarah would be perfect for this!


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Would it be possible for a Chibi creature (animals like lizards, birds, and other mammals) to be entered?

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