Wolf, my Self-MOC


Species:Creation of Artakha

Weapons: Swords. Lots of swords. So many swords that it’s kind of ridiculous, but also really cool. And a scythe/throwing knife/boomerang/ninja star thing. And sharp claws.

Kanohi:Kanohi Jutlin, Mask of Corruption (formerly), Kanohi Hau, Great Mask of Shielding


Abilities:Wolf can shoot fire out of his hands and feet, giving him flight for a limited time because this uses up a lot of elemental power. He can also channel his fire element through his swords, setting them on fire, though only with swords made to channel his element, because he would melt any others. He has the normal range of fire abilities too.

Affiliations:Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly), himself

Personality: Wolf was created with a friendly personality, and as someone who you’d want to hang around. During his time with the BoM, he became very harsh and uncaring, as an assassin job requires. After he left he started learning to be more caring and friendly.

Bio:The Hand of Artakha commissioned Artakha to make a team of Toa-like beings who had the elements and powers of Toa but were free to operate outside the Toa code. This caught the Brotherhood of Makuta’s attention. After the first two of these-Wolf, a Toa of Fire, and Rutter, a Toa of Jungle-were finished, however, the Hand disbanded, and the BoM quickly claimed recruited Wolf, who currently had a Kanohi Hau, as their assassin, wiped his memory, and gave him a Kanohi Jutlin. The newly founded Order of Mata Nui recruited Rutter. Wolf was placed under the command of Makuta Visorax, and Wolf worked with the BoM for some time. He took the swords of his victims as trophies. Eventually, Makuta Visorax caught wind of Teridax’s plans to overthrow Mata Nui and kill those who opposed this plan, he tried to warn Wolf and convince him to help him escape, but to no avail. However, when he presented Wolf with his old Hau, he felt the strong urge to put it on, and when he did he regained his memories. Visorax shapeshifted to look like a Toa, and they went into hiding. Wolf, Visorax, and some friends they met along the way are currently traversing Aqua Magna trying to stop the Makuta from succeeding in their conquest.

I’m very happy with how this version turned out. The only things I want to improve is the upper legs and the gap in the top, though that doesn’t look bad.

The back is formed mostly from this piece.

I especially like the arms. They haven’t changed much in design since the last version, besides adding the armor piece to his shoulder and adding another dagger to his other arm.

The legs are also mostly the same, just the upper legs and feet have slightly changed.

Here’s that gap I mentioned. Like I said, it doesn’t look too bad.

This picture turned out strange with that glow behind.

Here’s his ridiculous arsenal.

This picture makes Wolf look eerily like a real human. He’s supposed to be throwing already mentioned boomerang/throwing knife/ninja star at the camera.

This was previously posted on MOCpages.

-Wolf Pack


The back piece is from Toa Mahri Jaller

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Someone already answered the question when posted this on MOCpages. I just copied and pasted the original post and forgot to take that part out.

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It’s very G1, but I like it. Also, welcome to the boards! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Ohhhh Neat… I like the lower legs

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Thanks! They’re just Vahki legs with a little extra detail.

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A solid moc, Love all the weapons and little bits and pieces.

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Thank you!

No it’s not, it’s from Kalmah the Barraki.

As I said on Mocpages, Nice moc! When I build him I’ll probably use a silver hau

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Thanks again! A silver Hau would look great!

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my mistake

I love what you did for his shoulders. I’ve got to start making sure my MOCs have that kind of protection. The weapon assortment is pretty cool as well. The thighs need some work, though. They come off as too skinny, and the 1x2 plate doesn’t help much. Having the Inika armor face forward would be a good first step; if you have some more Inika shoulder armor, that would work better. The bushings in the Metrutoran chestplate are a little off-putting as well. I’ve used pins with studs there in the past, and added System bits to fill the gap.

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Yeah, that’s something I’m going to work on for the next version.[quote=“Hawkflight, post:14, topic:48503”]
The bushings in the Metrutoran chestplate are a little off-putting as well. I’ve used pins with studs there in the past, and added System bits to fill the gap.
Ok, I’ll see if I can put those into the torso.

Awesome! Great self moc idea. I love the chest and arms.

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