Cordax 3.0

The third version of cordax is here! And, yes he does have a fedora.

Full body shot

Without bag

Back shot with cape flipped up

Accessory photo

Oh, the cape is from the Kylo Ren buildable figure.

links to other cordaxs


Cute little build, I really like the system accessories!

Oh! I forgot to say, this moc was heavily inspired by this topic.


love the fake grass :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m going to use it as a background for most of my mocs now.

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it is a must! even I have some.

This dude looks like he’d appear at my front door to scam me for fake taxes.

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what about the picture of him without the fedora?

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Unsure. He doesn’t immediately conjure up the image but I could still easily imagine him doing it.


I love!(especially hummer and torso!)


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why does this feel so familiar?

I feel like at any second Cordax is going to be at my door and try to sell me something like…VACUUM!

I really like this guy. I love how much detail is pack into such a compact creation. Well done! The accessories have to be favorite part though.

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“Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, Mata Nui?”

clean it all, must be cleaned.

cuz he’s an av-matoran and they turn into bohrak


Don’t know how I forgot about that.

“Would you like to buy our new, exciting, affordable vacuum? With the power of lehvak kal himself you can clean it all! Even carpets and tight corners are no match for the new and exciting Cordax&co hyper vacuum! Only for 50,99 widgets!
Clean it all, it must be cleand”

Proceeds to slam door in Cordax’s face


This made my day.

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