Offical Eljay's Reviews Topic

Hey everyone. I figured since I’ll be doing a lot of reviews this year, this topic might be good to have to answer questions and fully explain all of the different Review series’ I’ve done.

Let’s go over everything.

Eljay’s Recap Reviews

Original run: January 2013 - December 2016; Epilogue in April 2017

Obviously enough, these are where everything began. This series was entirely devoted to reviewing every constraction set from BIONICLE Generation 1. That goal was accomplished. I aimed to make them as objective as I could, using aggregated opinions and viewpoints from the community I had heard over the years as the sets were being released.

A link to the full playlist is here.

Eljay’s Recent Reviews

Original run: December 2014 - January 2017
Status: CONCLUDED (?)

With these reviews, I set out to review every set released for BIONICLE Generation 2. I eventually managed to finish it, however I am heavily considering one final addendum. Any reviews I do of current sets will not be called a Recent Review, as these were specific to BIONICLE, and as such any current set reviews I do will fall under the “TTV Reviews” banner. Any exceptions would likely be BIONICLE Generation 2 related.

A link to the full playlist is here.

Eljay’s Retired Reviews

Original run: October 2018 - PRESENT
Status: ON-GOING

These reviews are much different than the prior two. While the Recaps and Recents were dedicated to covering both Generations of BIONICLE, the Retired Reviews have a broader goal of going over other entire themes. For example, the entirety of Exo-Force, Blacktron, or Atlantis. For now, they’re starting with the entirety of the BIONICLE Playset sub-theme, otherwise known as the System BIONICLE sets. The reviews will be based on my subjective experience with any given set in question.

A link to the full playlist is here.

That covers everything for now. Expect an addition to be made to this sometime this year. I won’t say when exactly since it’s gonna be a bit before it is ready, but I’ll mention it to keep everyone wondering.

And that’s it. Ask me any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading!


Bit of an odd question but would you consider doing reviews of the BIONICLE films at some point? I’m only curious.


After you are done with the Bionicle playsets? Will you consider starting reviewing Hero Factory?

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I’m not super interesting in reviewing the movies. I do wish to review The Legend Reborn personally, however that’s a project for my channel to celebrate 10 years.

Tricky subject. I am not opposed to reviewing Hero Factory. Issue is… I may not be the right guy to do that. It’s being looked into, but it won’t be the first theme after the Playsets.


When will we get Galidor?

Probably not something I’ll do on the TTV channel, and likely not entirely. Missed a prime opportunity at Brickfair VA 2018, and I’m not incredibly interested in giving a shot any time soon.

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Would Slizers or Roboriders be discussed in Retired Reviews



What about the 2004-2006 Knight’s Kingdom buildable figures?

It would be all of Knights Kingdom, in that case. System and constraction.


So… That means you will review them or not?

It doesn’t mean I will do anything. I will do whatever I have fun with.

Retired Reviews are for full themes. So if I reviewed any of Knights Kingdom, it’d be everything. System and constraction.

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That makes sense. Best of luck on your current and future projects and I hope you have an awesome day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d like to hear some of your honest opinions about the story of BIONICLE. I’d like to see you review the comics, books, serials, the whole shebang. It’d be nice to have a whole collective review of the story in order as a whole year by year. But of course it’s all up to you.

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What themes is most likely for you to review after the Bionicle Playsets? (just what is most likely not what you will actually do)

Exo-Force Reviews plz! I mean who could say no to Exo-Force

Soooo… where is The next food review?

Hmm, while I think that’d be an interesting idea, I may need to give some further thought to the format. For now anyway, best place to hear my opinions on story stuff is through the podcasts I’m on. =P

What is most likely is either Exo-Force, Mars Mission, or Slizers. For what it is worth, I do know what I will be reviewing next for sure after the BIONICLE Playsets.

You know it! :smiley:

Those will likely stay on my channel, as it stands for the moment.

Heads up! Retired Reviews are coming back soon. Stay tuned for an announcement!


Maybe the once you start reviewing a broader amount of themes, you can become like Just2good, who reviews a large array of themes and is quite popular.

Can’t say I’m familiar with him…