Official "Island of Lost Masks" Book Discussion Topic [SPOILERS]

Admin Edit: I'm hijacking this thread because the book's release date is upon us, and there's no need to discuss the excerpts any further once people get the actual book. -Kahi

I thought it would be good to have a place to list all the things we have learned so far from the book excerpts.

  1. The Protector of Water is officially confirmed to be male.

  2. There are probably multiple villages per region.

  3. "Young" villagers are a thing.

  4. The Protector of Earth is Female.

  5. The protectors have names.

  6. Kopaka has a working telescopic lense on his helmet.

  7. The protectors expected the Toa to know who they were. (Willess12)

  8. Ekimu is confirmed to have magical power or something. (Willess12)

  9. Basher's mask does it actually fly off when his horns are hit, giving them actually combat usage. (Rockho)

  10. Makuta is "Out there"

  11. The Toa get new masks and possibly get upgraded.

  12. Onua's claws are referred to as fingers.

Add things I may have missed below!


The Protectors expected the Toa to know who they were.

Ekimu has magic powers or something.


Basher's mask doesn't go flying when you hit his horns, giving them actual combat usage.


The Mask of Time was confirmed months ago?


No it wasn't.

It was. In both Lego Club and at NYCC


It was never confirmed the Protectors had it.

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The Lego magazine pamphlet said they used the mask of time.

But we were very speculatory (is that even a word), since magazine pamphlets aren't very reliable....

Please. This was already stated in the Lego Magazine in JANUARY! Why do people dismiss this fact?

Actually, it was stated that the Protector used it as a way to summon the Toa (a parallel to the books). I'm pretty sure you need something in order to access it's powers.



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If they are not reliable, then how come we use them for Skull Grinder's name?

Anything I find (media, pamphlets, books) that parallels each other with details for this new BIONICLE story I deem to be canon.

And so far, the magazines have been spot-on with the rest of the things we've seen, so I use the magazines as a way to get canon.


Let me explain.

Kulta is no mistake. Lego meant to do that.

Mask of Time might've been meant to be "Temple of Time", and a small mistake was made.

Calling a nameless guy Culta is most likely not a mistake.

I'm curious; Why do people distrust these magazine pamphlets? Are there any stand-out examples?


^^^^^^ this man right here.

Speaking of Skull Grinder, was he ever called by his name in the book?

and did Ekimu make the Toa new masks? or just repair the old ones?

no...not that I know of..

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They say they USE the Mask of Time, not GO TO the Mask of Time. This is no simple typo... If it was, it has to be one of the most coincidental, perfectly-written typo I've ever seen.

I have the packet in front of me right now. It clearly states: "Inspired by the Prophecy, the Protectors use the Mask of Time to summon help. [Emphasis added]"

The context is them possessing the mask and using it. This is clearly no mistake like you suggest. Now I'll repeat what you said:

They have several editors on this thing (including Greg Farshtey as chief editor). There's only been one instance when I've seen a typo in a Lego Magazine, and that was a while ago. Lego clearly meant the above statement.

Therefore, it fits perfectly and fine. Besides, using parallels for evidence is what they do in court, and many historians also do that. The magazines are authentic sources.

From what I've seen, no. The magazines seem to be on-the-dot with the information, so I don't understand why people discredit them. This isn't Gen1 anymore, guys. This new BIONICLE has it's canon told in different ways.


Would it be wrong, in our English Language, to say that the Protectors used the Temple ot Time to summon the Toa?

Didn't say it was, I said it was a mistake. Some guy heard that the Mask of Time was Important, and wasn't really paying attention, so he wrote Mask instead of Temple.

I can list a lot of mistakes from the Lego Magazine, and a ton more in the BIONICLE Comics, which had editors, too.

I wanna see these, please. I don't remember any.


Yes. Is the building actually being used to summon the Toa? No. According to the book the Mask of Time is. The Magazine parallels this. If it was being used it would make sense, but because it's not, it's an error.

You're assuming that. And assumptions are NOT fact. If it's written in the magazine and it parallels another source, we have every right to believe that it's true. Attorneys and historians use this same logic. And we also have the right to think it was intentional, just like you can think it was an accident.

Yes, which is why I said I've haven't seen one IN A WHILE. If I spot a mistake, I point it out. But rarely do I come across mistakes like replacing the world "Temple" with "Time." Besides, the books agree with this very statement itself, which is why I find the magazine authentic. You don't want to use it? Fine. But I certainly will, because I like using different sources.

But your dodging the main statement. The main statement was that this was confirmed months ago, and the parallels with the books agrees. This isn't about the mistake anymore... That argument is thrown out the window now, because this book provides an agreeing source.


I think some of the earlier comics had coloring issues....I dunno.


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