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Hello TTV fans! Welcome to the official topic to discuss, ask questions, and enjoy the fan-made game MNOG, The Bohrok Swarms.! smiley smiley smiley


What is this game?
MNOG: The Bohrok Swarms is a fan-made sequel to the popular BIONICLE game Mata Nui Online Game (MNOG for short) MNOG is an online game where you play as Takua, exploring the island of Mata-Nui or somethin. MNOG: TBS is the fan sequel to this amazin game, which follows everyone's favorite village idiot takua once again as he survives the 2002 Bohrok Saga. If you've played MNOG you'll know exactlly how to play, if not, take a hint from Meso and play it smile

Who works on this game?
Right now, we have 2 game developers. Myself, Indigogeek, and Nuparu77. We've had a couple people make scenes for us in the past, but for the most part it's us. Of course we also get a lot of help from the fans, with suggestions, etc.

Is the game finished?
NO! The game is NOT finished yet. We have completed 1 chapter, and are now 75% done with chapter 2. The reason chapter 2 has taken so long (I apologize for the wait) is because we've been trying to add out own battle mini-game, so you can command matoran armies to defeat the swarm. It should be playable and testable in a couple weeks, and from there we estimate to be pumping out chapters every 1/2 months. We plan on having 7-9 chapters total.

Will you be including the Kal Saga?
This one is a question I honestly don't know right now. On one side, it could be tons of fun, and would bridge the gap on the animations. Also, it really wouldn't be too long. That saga is essentially a chase scene, and it would probably be the Nuva, Jaller, and Takua, running around fighting them with a big battle at the end. On the other hand, It will take time, and the ending might not be as good as the ending we have planned for the bohrok saga. Who knows? we might just have a sort of DLC or something sweat_smile

Wait! Indigo! Jaller/Hewkii/Macku/Pewku's name is wrong! It shouldn't be Jala/Huki/Maku/Puku! You fool!
Yea, yea, I know. Don't put your mask of de-canonization on YET. In some parts you might catch the name error, cause honestly i'm in the middle right now. "should we stay original to MNOG and keep it old? or should we keep it canon?" I'm not sure right now. (And btw, speaking canon, it's time for HewkixMacku to rise once again wink)

Indi, you're the best ever.
This is obviously A question I get a lot. The answer is I know, and I always will be.


Download of the latest version:

Game's Issue List:

Playthrough of the Game (courtesy of SuddenlyOranges):
Part 1:
Part 2:
(Note, he only did Chapter 2 (or what we've completed of chapter 2) but he's a great guy, and I thought he deserved some spotlight smile

Story-based walkthrough of game:

BZP discussion

(Note, post here/message me if you have questions/suggestions)


You're the swarm? stuck_out_tongue
BTW i enjoyed the game blush

Also, there are plans for new games or something?

I give you, after 10 months of hard work, the in-progress battle engine for you to test out and enjoy! Note it, is not completed, but this is will be happening VERY soon. Keep in mind that programming a whole new mini-game is HARD, especially for 2 people not being paid.

Another note. next week I will be uploading a video discussing how the game works and our plans for the future. If you have any questions relating to ANYTHING in the game, ask them here, and i'll answer them in the video.

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Also, in anticipation for certain questions, my good Friend Nuparu77 has answered some already!

This cool, but what is it?
I was looking around at how a lot of games all had their own battle systems, and thought "why not add one to MNOLG 1.5?"
This minigame will be used throughout the rest of MNOLG1.5 whenever a battle with the Bohrok ensues.

This is taking you a long time, do you regret devoting all this time to just one minigame?
Despite how long this has taken I still believe that it is worth it, and here's why:
After making the Snowboard minigame, I realized that one-time-use minigames where going to be a pain to keep re-inventing over and over.
So I decided to spend extra time making one well-built minigame that can be used over and over again without having to make anything from scratch.
That is why I usually refer to this as an 'engine' not a 'minigame' I can use this framework to quickly create a lot of unique battle games without much coding at all.

How Easy is it to make / modify a map?
It's actually quite simple because I've not only built a game engine but I made editors for it as well.
This way generating a battle event will be super simple for me later on.
The editors are the .xlsm excel files in the game_grid folder.

Map Editor: game_grid_terrain_rev6
This will modify the map and unit placement. Press the "Export ALL" button on the 3D Map Tab to save all changes to the map.

Unit Database Editor: game_grid_unitdata_rev8
This will modify unit attributes: damage, speed, attack range, etc...
There is another excel file: Unit Stats Explanation that attempts to explain what some of these stats do, and how other unit characteristics are calculated.
Press the "Test Export" button on the Export Tab to save changes.

Wow Nuparu77, your so cool! Thanks for taking the time to not play Minecraft and make this awesome game!
Aw gosh, thanks so much. You know its little thank-you's like this that make it all worth it.
and yes, coming home after a long days work and not just zoning-out and starting up Minecraft may be one of my toughest mind-over-matter challenges yet.

Battle Engine? That's nice... Now when will the next chapter be released?!?
I cannot give a definitive answer to when the next chapter will be out, I've tried giving definitive answers to Indigogeek and some others but, something always comes up be it real life or a bug in the game that takes me a while to trace/locate/find/and squish. And before I know it I'm way past the time I thought the task would be done.
One of the main reasons I haven't been able to accurately pinpoint release dates is because of this battle engine. I've never made a minigame this big before.
However once this Battle Engine is officially complete I should be able to more accurately predict release dates for the remaining chapters. In fact I'm playing around with the idea of actually trying to release a chapter every month, maybe put up a "development progress bar" or something.

Your last post was on Jun 24th, 4 months ago, why don't you talk more?
[Lame excuse that makes it sound like I'm not lazy]...I uh, have a bad internet connection...[/Lame excuse that makes it sound like I'm not lazy]

Seriously though, I usually just relay things to Indigogeek, which is great because it allows me to focus on programming and developing this game.
I do read the forums quite frequently though, and usually answer technical questions or bug reports.

Is someone checking your grammar/spelling?
yes, I have people fixing the grammar and spelling issues.
However I am not going to make a special release for just those changes.
The spelling and grammar issues for chapters 1 and 2 part 1 will be fixed when I release chapter 2 part 2.


Actually, Jala, Huki, Maku, and the others weren't decanonized, they were retconned during the renaming ceremony after the Borrok-Kal were defeated. So having them called Jala, Huki, Maku, and Puku is actually correct. You should have them all referenced as their pre-renaming names, IMO.


I see you have my glitch listed in the issue list. Any updates on the ussal crab problem me and my brother had?

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Could you restate what it was?

So, when I go to Onu-Koro, I find a Ussal Crab by one of the exits. When I click on it, I get to a screen where the Ussal Crab is just there, and I cannot get out of it. Restarting the game will lead me to the menu, but I still hear the sound of the Ussal Crab.

Remember, anyone that has any questions about the game, I will answer, and this week will be answering them in a video wink anything at all

Just saw it. Loved it. You've done a great job.

I do have some ideas for you. Would you want to hear them hear or on another forum?

I'd bs happy to hear em here! smile

Wonderful. Here are some of my ideas:

After your awesome battle at Ta-Koro (with your epic villager army) the Toa could come and drive off the Bohrok. Takua then talks to Pohatu about Po-Koro and gets the second Bohrok animation from him. (This way Takua doesn't have to go all the way to Po-Koro.)

(Maybe Pohatu traveled from Po-koro to Kini-Nui to talk to the other Toa. And that's where Kapura spoke to the Toa... {not sure on that one})

You could have the Matoran dig through the caved-in tunnel to Nuparu, or have the Nuparu get through the tunnel into Ta-koro with his Boxor. And that's where you get the third animation.

Hope these might help you. You guys are doing an awesome job.

Without saying anything, I've written about half of our plot's scripts, so I can tell you we have some great transitions for each chapter and animation wink as for the Nuparu idea, you're almost completely right! wink

Well I'm sure what ever you do, it will be awesome.

is a new version out yet @Indigogeek?
also this topic needs to be revived for the sake of the community knowing about this :P


Yo, I downloaded this a while ago. I didn't know you were working on it. I's pretty great!

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Indi will learn how to code before this project gets updated


RIP MNOG 1.5. May it rest in piece.

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