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Seeing as it’s been nearly a month since the last post, I think it’s fine if I send another one. That okay? We good, staff?

Time to actually answer this question… With an example worldbuilding writeup!

Lugar da Morte - discovered by Portuguese sailors well into the north atlantic ocean, with its closest land relative being the Azores, is an island similar in size and formation to the infamous Alcatraz Island, which houses a massive underground military compound joint-operated by US and EU forces. On the top of the island is the large Mansão Enganoso, a three-story mansion covering the grounds, along with separate buildings for housing, recreation, and medical aid. Without a doubt, this is one of the most professional resort locations in the northern hemisphere.

Especially if you’re one of the gifted.

The governments of Europe and the United States constructed this facility to seek out and weaponize those with peculiar abilities, individuals who possess - in layman’s terms - ‘Super Powers’. Leaving this island only occurs if a certain individual was mistakenly taken, and after the immediate evaluation deemed useless. Otherwise, you’re here for life. But don’t think about such things; not while there’s so much to do to help you grow and recover.

Recover from what, you ask? An attack which did practically nothing to you outside of knock you unconscious, but gave the powers that be the opportunity to implant something under the skin of your neck. It shouldn’t be anything to worry about, of course; only those who step out of line have anything to worry about.

‘Lugar da Morte’ - Island of Death is a Superhero RP concept free for the taking. Players write in the setting of a military-controlled island base as unsuspecting members of society brought there to be molded into the perfect superhuman soldiers; defending earth from whatever threats the mansion owners decide qualifies.

I’ve left a lot of the details blank - the ultimate goal of the rp, what keeps players from stealing a vehicle and escaping, what exactly is contained beneath the island, if the project has any superheroes on its payroll already, and of course, what threats to these naive patrons - or perhaps the world - exist.

If I were to do this, I’d make a character sheet akin to this:

Name: Who do you think you are, anyway?
Gender: Prof. Oak noises
Powers: The unique abilities you’re capable of.
Power Explanation: Detail exactly how your power operates. It can have a bonkers origin, but try to at least partially ground it in scientific reasoning. The more homework done, the likelier to approve.
Appearance: What your character looks like.
Personality/Bio: Your character’s quirks and flaws, and how they got to where they are now.

Ideally I would say no more than two characters per player, but that’s totally up to you! If you want to run this by all means go ahead - you’ve got a good amount of people earnestly looking forward to it.


that sounds pretty cool
You should make it in real

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I think Ghib would rather participate in it than host it

And as would I

Because it is indeed a pretty cool idea


Like Aborbi said, this is something I’d much rather let somebody else run. Plus, I want to make sure I’ve got my full managerial attention on OA: The Dark for the next month to ensure it won’t stall out a third time. It’s got good momentum and I want to keep that going.

Really hoping somebody picks this one up. GMing is fun, but I very much miss actually writing in one of these stories.


Ah, that makes much more sense.

Do you think it would crash and burn if I tried running it? (the superhero one, not oa the dark)

better to crash and burn, than never crash at all


uh I think you have that the wrong way around…

Not to be mean about it, but yes.

Unless you’re certain exactly what you’re going to do with the plot, I wouldn’t recommend gambling on your first GMed RP being one with a level of experience subtly guiding player interaction, as that would be a huge focus of this setting. With every character confined to one island, interaction between parties is absolutely guaranteed, and not already knowing how to handle that means this could be a lot on your proverbial plate.

Not that you shouldn’t run an RP ever, just that this is rather high-stakes for your first go.


Ah ok. I guess that would be too much for a start

however if you are considering starting an rp there are a few other ideas I mentioned which are free to use further up and if you wanted to brainstorm any ideas there are a number of dumb nerds- I mean very smart and intelligent people who definitely have lives present in this topic to bounce different ideas off of.

no pressure though.


Idea: Slow burn transformers rp set at the end of the universe where whoever is left sits around a campfire and tells the others their story. Revisionist history and unreliable narrators welcome

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That seems more like a 30 minute thing rather than a full-blown rp. Might work well as a short story, though.

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Ooh but what if those transformers get a second chance to put things right?

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Maybe something more along the lines of them having to work together to build a structure that could survive the end, with the stories spread between work. A big part of it would be the question if the transformers can change (pun intended), or are they simply destined to destroy each other?

slight inhale

Alright lads and ladders, I’ve resolved my deep, century-long internal conflict over the present issue. Or present as of about four months ago. But as always, I need to know if all of you - you who initially showed decided interest in the concept - are still willing to make it happen.

That one Superhero RP that everyone wanted to play in, but nobody wanted to deal with running - if I ran it, would anyone actually be interested? I have another priority which will inevitably appear on the Boards that will, absolutely guaranteed, take the majority of my attention away from this, but if I can’t handle a decent balance I’d be willing to hand the reigns over to someone else.

What are your thoughts? Yea or Nay?


powerful inhale
You smell nice
Yeah, I would most likely join if you or anyone else were up to running it

I’m not totally opposed to running it either.

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As well, here’s another idea I had which might look familiar to some:

The party plays as a group of small forest critters banded together in an attempt to survive two weeks of brutal winter, all while being watched and interacted with by a massive owl, who for some reason doesn’t instantly gobble them all up. There’s a wide number of threats in this world, like human traps, treacherous terrain, monstrous predators, and of course, the vicious cold. Whether or not any of the party survives is up to the wit and capability of the players.


man just invented warrior cats

I won’t be able to join till mid August, but if you did run it, I’m in.

As for the creature one mouse guard? I’d also be interested, but not a definite yes.

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Alright, I did it.

@Chronicler @TheMOCingbird @Diero @Winger @Rukah @Axelford @Atobe_Brick pinging one last time since you showed interest