Official "Show Your Bionicle Collection" Topic

So up until now, we’ve had topics where you can show modifications you made to Bionicle sets, your own creations, and various Bionicle sets (or other things) you just purchased. But, up until now, we’ve lacked a topic where you can simply show off the official licensed Bionicle sets you’ve collected over the years.

And since we at TTV are in the business of fixing things (with the exception of Kahi’s poor lawyering skills, as those are beyond help), this topic is devoted to that very purpose. Feel free to post pictures of anything that’s an official Bionicle set, whether it be sold in stores, an alt set, a combiner model, or whatever. Official sets that you’ve made some modifications to are fine as well. Basically the only Bionicle things you can’t post pictures of here are MoCs.



Edit: Pictures of my complete collection so far.


I would like to apologize for a few things:

1) The weird cropping, this was taken at an angle and then rotated so as to make sense. With extraneous portions removed.

2) The lighting, all I had to light my shelf was my ceiling fan, and that is far from the best lighting.

3) This appears to be all I have, it is not, but it is the only bit that is currently in a photograph-able state.


Guess now’s as good a time as any to show off the models I’ve managed to keep up over the years. I actually keep almost all my Lego models (the complete sets, anyway) in a couple black cupboards. I use one strictly for Bionicles, and the other for Lego system sets I didn’t have the heart to break down. Here’s all the Bionicle stuff from the aforementioned cupboard. Due to space issues, I could only organize them so much, so some sets ended up in random areas. Here we go:

2006 sets

2007 sets

Stars + the six Toa Mata + three Bohrok + Turaga Onua

2009 sets

2004 sets + 2005 sets + Berix & Metus + Random HF Brain

Cendox V1 + three main 2004 Titans (Nidihki, Krekka, & Nivawk/Dume) + 2008 sets

Tuma + Klakk

2006 Playsets (in the Lego system cupboard)

Toa Undersea Attack (also in the Lego system cupboard)

2015 sets (haven’t found a good place to store them)


I don’t have a collection I have a parts bin.


Not to worry, a parts bin qualifies under the “or whatever” part of the description.



do custom combiner models fall under this category? or would that be considered a MOC?

Depends on how “custom” it is, I suppose. If it’s something like Akamai with a few modifications, then it’d probably belong here. If it’s a completely fullblown revamp of Akamai, or a combiner model between two sets that didn’t have an official combiner model, that’d probably go under MoC.

There’s no real hard and fast rule; I don’t think we’ll be that picky one way or the other.



I believe Canon Characters is what he’s going for.
Eg. Tahu Nuva, Fikou Spider, Gold Good Guy

Edit: @MT_Zehvor Am I right?


Yeah, that’s a good way to put it. If it’s still a character that was featured in official Lego material before, chances are it belongs here. If not, it probably belongs in MoC.

One exception to this would be massive remakes of a canon character (say, for instance, making a version of Tahu Nuva designed for water combat or something)


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soooooooooooooooooooo would a remake of Wairuha using the 2015 sets belong here? Or should I just post that in a different topic?

(Asking because this seems to be based on a case by case basis)

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That’d be a MOC, so I’d shoot that on over to the respective category. =P


Aight. That’s what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

That… would be impossible. I have a big plastic bin (I mean, quite big) full of sets in their canisters. I have all my post-2007/8 stuff on a shelf in one of the cupboards I set aside for Lego. And all my boxed sets are in my little wall of boxes in larger plastic boxes.

I don’t display stuff much.

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My parts collection is likely too large to capture in a single picture.

My sets that still remain assembled, not so much.

Here’s all my MOCing parts:

I’ll get some video of my current display soon(ish).


Most of the sets as I had when I was younger is sadly no longer assembled, but I’m very satisfied with what I have on display today.

If anyone wants to see more pictures, feel free to check my flickr page


So many wows!


My jealousy ratings have just doubled from this post alone in this topic. MUST… HAVE… ALL… THOSE… MASKS


Sorry :wink:

good luck getting some yourself!