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So many masks I'm so jealous!


Sweet mother of God, those masks...


I might just take a picture of my collection tomorrow to show it here (or at least the ones that haven't been dissembled).

Thanks everyone! It's great to see that someone likes it smile

No one here at home think it's cool.. at all...


Mine is in pieces or in MOCs, mixed with Hero Factory pieces and other stuff I've collected. CCBS Building System for win.


I just moved from Maryland to Texas, so none of my sets are assembled right now. I can provide a list of the sets I own though, as I took inventory of all the Bionicle sets I own for a project. Beware: there is much text for all the sets.

2001: 2 of each of the toa mata, the nui-jaga, the nui-rama, the manas, turagas matau, vakama, nuju, and whenua. Tohunga: 4 matoro, 2 onepu, 1 huki, 1 kongu, 1 nuparu.

2002: 1 of each of the toa nuva, 2 of each of the bohrok-va, 2 lehvak, 2 tahnok, 2 gahlok, 3 pahrak, 1 nuhvok, 2 kohrok, exo-toa.

2003: 1 of each of the bohrok-kal, 2 of each of the rahkshi except vohrak (only 1), 3 of makuta, 1 of Jaller and Gukko, all of the polybag matoran (hewkii, hafu, hahli, macku, matoro, kopeke).

2004: All of the toa metru except vakama and onewa (2 of each of them), 1 of each of the matoran (orkham = 2), 1 of each of the vahki except the white (3), the green (2) and the brown (2), 2 nidhiki, 1 krekka, 1 turaga dume & nivawk, toa hordika: vakama, matau, onewa, whenua, 2 boggarak (blue), 2 vohtarak (red), 2 keelerak (green), 1 suukorak (white), 1 oohnorak (black), 1 of the brown one, 3 sidorak, 2 roodaka, 2 keetongu, 2 lhikan & kikanalo.

2005: 2 nuparu, 3 jaller, 3 hahli, 4 matoro, 4 kongu, 2 hewkii, 1 zaktan, 1 thok, 1 reidak, 2 avak, 3 hakann, 3 vezok, all of the voyatoran except garan and velika, vezon & fenrahk, brutaka.

2006: 1 jaller, 1 matoro, 2 kongu, 2 hahli, 1 ehlek, 1 takadox, 1 carapar, 2 kalmah, 2 pridak, 3 mantax, 1 morak (blue hydruka), 1 gadunka, 1 toa lesovikk, 1 karzahni.

2007: 1 of all the phantoka except kopaka, 2 tanma, 1 kirop, 1 toa ignika, tahu, gorast, 2 takanuva, 1 rockoh-t3, 2 jetrax-t6.

2008: 2 of all the original glatorian (1 each of tarix, gresh and strakk are missing their heads) except strakk (3), skrall (3) and vorox (4), all of the agori except for tarduk (2 of berix), 2 tuma, 1 mata nui, 1 ackar, 2 kiina, 1 vastus, 2 stronius, 1 cendox-v1, 2 kaxium-v3, 1 baranus-v7, 1 thornatus-v9, 1 scopio xv-1.

2009: All of the stars (tahu = 2), 1 Toa Mata Nui (minus golden mask plus silver mask)

2015: So far, none, because I haven't made it to the Lego Store yet. AAARGH!!

I got a few of the playsets (the lego sets); the two shown by Artahka-the-Creator (Piraka Outpost and Lava Chamber Gate), as well as Race for the Mask of Life, which came with two vehicles and a small gate.

I also have several incomplete sets and a ton of extra parts, including three of the huge parts tubs back from 2003. I also have several collectible masks, including a chrome silver hau.

Oh. I also got Click the scarabax beetle.

EDIT: I'm stupid, I combined what would be 2004 and 2005 into one year. No wonder I was one year short. Oh well, you get the point: the sets, not the years.


Things that are basically complete:
2001: All Toa; Vakama, Onewa

2002: Kohrak, Gahlok, Onua Nuva, Pohatu Nuva, Gali Nuva, Lewa Nuva, Boxor, Exo-Toa

2003: Takanuva and Ussanui, Makuta, Panrahk, Tanrahk, Lerahk, Hewkii

2004: Vakama, Whenua, Zadahk, Rorzahk, Bordahk, Vorzahk, Keerahk, Nidhiki, Tehutti, Orkahm

2005: Nokama, Nuju, Roodaka, Keetongu, Boggarak, Vohtarak, Toa Iruni, Rahaga Norik, Rahaga Pouks, Rahaga Kualus, Toa Tower playset

2006: All Toa Inika, all Matoran, Thok, Vezon and Fenrahk, Axonn, Brutaka

2007: Takadox, Kalmah, Lesovikk, Jaller Mahri, Hahli Mahri, Hewkii Mahri, Nuparu Mahri, Kongu Mahri, Gadunka, Nocturn, Defilak, Dekar, Thulox, Morak

2008: Kopaka, Pohatu, Lewa, Antroz, Chirox, Mutran and Vican, Icarax, Photok, Solek, Tanma, Radiak, Kirop, Klakk, Tahu, Gali, Onua, Krika, Takanuva, Jetrax T6

2009: Tuma, Gresh, Skrall, Vorox, Kiina, Ackar, Mata Nui, Click

2010: Tahu

Things that are incomplete: Levahk Va, Tahnok Kal, Kohrok Kal, Guurahk, Suukkorak, Ehlek, Toa Ignika

Semi-rare collectibles: 2 '04 Vahis, 2 Disks of Time, 2 glitter Avohkiis, 1 Shadow Kratta, and a Copper Mask of Victory.

Pics of my display (and an outdated inventory of my collection) are here.


You used to live in Maryland too? Small world. wink

Here is is, all of BIONICLE 2015:

And just for fun, and extra image:


I STILL have none from 2015. frowning

I should be getting Onua, the Protector of Earth, and 2 Hero packs sometime soon, though.

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Same here. But I don't want any.

I want ALL of them.

'cuz I need them for my master plan.

If not for sentimental value, they have some good parts. I suggest getting a protector or two if money is tight. smile


^ What he said


Well, now I have Lewa. Him, and that abomination of a Miru he dons upon his face.

And so things proceeded accordingly.


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I nearly have all of 04'

The Metru

The Metrutoran

The Vahki

and the titans


I would have all of '04... but I'm still missing Nuju.

He's in a shipment of parts that I paid someone to purchase for me, but I don't think they've bought it yet. $30. For Nuju, Tuma, some Visorak, some Rahkshi, and some other miscellaneous parts.


Nuhrii, you guy. Just wow.
Credit to Stoax.