Official Trend Topic Guidelines and Discussion

New here. I'm looking to get specifics as to what is allowed to be posted and what isn't. I.E. I have some art that depicts nudity, but nothing's ever "shown" nor is any of it meant to be interpreted sexually. As well as some drawings that involve rude hand gestures or comics with profanity within the dialogue. What's allowed and what isn't?


Generally, this is a family-friendly site. There are youths as young as possibly 9 or Over, so generally what you've said is to be removed, along with offending religious or other items. Though this ain't the topic for such discussion so I suggest we move this to a PM or one of the general Rule topics.


Ah. Much obliged.

At least you asked first, right? smile


There was a situation in the past where a TTV member deemed a women in a bra inappropriate and non-kid friendly... as such anything with suggested nudity is probably not allowed.


Amendment I - Community Projects may only be started by Masters

Unfortunately, Community Projects have recently become somewhat of a trend as well. Some may wish to bring members together to work on something on a much larger scale than what they could do on their own. Others may want to see what others can do when confined to a certain concept or theme. However, some just want to jump on the band wagon.

It's easy just to make a community project. It's not as easy to become Master.

As such, only those with the Trust Level of Master can create a Community Project. To add on to that, entries must be new creations. They can not be recycled.


Amendment II - Going Away/Coming Back topic are not allowed

While these aren't necessarily trends, they do nothing to add to any form of discussion on the Message Boards. Usually, topics like these are started when a person is leaving for an extended period of time or coming back after said extended period of time. Often times, the topic will be made, and the person won't do either of the above and just make the topic to have it.

While this isn't always the case, it's also not really necessary since this is something that can be handled in private messaging groups.


Amendment III - Contest Guidelines

Contests are a fun way to engage with others in the community, and challenge them into achieving a goal through certain parameters. However, in some cases, contests can also be used to work around Amendment I. As such, here is what you need to know about Contests.

  • You must have a physical prize for the winner. Either that, or the prize must be a method that allows the winner to get a physical item, such as a gift card.
  • Contests can only last a maximum of 3 weeks from their starting point. After that, they must be ended and a winner must be chosen.
  • Contests can only be hosted by Masters.
  • Additionally, only 3 contests can be hosted a year, per Master.

Oh, no…

I don’t like this.

Goodbye forever contests…


It’s kinda sad that all of these cool things are being restricted to masters. The concept of masters is good, separating dedicated members from those who aren’t, but it’s just too difficult to become a master. I’ve been on this site for almost a year, but I’m nowhere close to being a master.


Welp, it’s gonna be a while until the next contest.


It’s a shame, but it’s what happens when something becomes a trend, or spam in a way. We don’t want to take it away completely, but we also can no longer let just anyone do it because it gets abused.


I understand your wanting to keep out spam, and crush trends.

What really bothers me about this is that it seems to be just one relatively new member, who is making lots of contests. Would it not be better to discipline this person, instead of completely ruining contests for everyone?


Could there be a potential loophole were someone can “suggest” that members of the community build something with a certain “theme” and try to make a “better version” than their peers? Just saying. /s

I don’t follow.

Okay, so let’s enforce a rule that doesn’t exist. And this has been a thing for a bit longer than the last week or so. Additionally, this will close up the loophole regarding Community Projects, so it kills two birds with one stone.

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Fair point about the rule not existing.

What is this loophole you speak off?

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A lot of people tried to disguise community projects as contests because they were not a master.


Could I see some examples of this?

if two game topics are similer, would they count as trend topics?

Not really.