Official Trend Topic Guidelines and Discussion

Now, you may be asking yourself: What is a "Trend Topic" as they're known? To give a brief overview, remember when all the TTV Hosts had official "Fanclub" Topics about them? And I later got an "official" hate club topic? And then how more fanclub and hate club topics were made? Like this or this?

For the unaware, those were topics that were made. And it got old, quite fast. So then we decided that as of then, "Fanclub/Hate club" topics would not be allowed. Then the next trend came in.

The voting trend. It started as something of a joke topic with @Political_Slime, in light of his recent-at-the-time name change. At that point we got even more. Suffice to say, the joke ended up getting old.

To where we then got Ask Topics. The Politician one came first*. However, we always seem to make the same mistakes

Needless to say, trend topics, or topics replicating the same general joke, are not allowed. Duplicate topics are also not allowed. My best advice to new members to use the search button in the upper right hand of the screen. Use key phrases and words to try and find the topic you want to make, and if it hasn't been made yet, go for it!

Thanks for reading!

*Because the topic was created before the rule/guideline, it may stay open.

Amendment I - Community Projects may only be started by Masters

Unfortunately, Community Projects have recently become somewhat of a trend as well. Some may wish to bring members together to work on something on a much larger scale than what they could do on their own. Others may want to see what others can do when confined to a certain concept or theme. However, some just want to jump on the band wagon.

It's easy just to make a community project. It's not as easy to become Master.

As such, only those with the Trust Level of Master can create a Community Project. To add on to that, entries must be new creations. They can not be recycled.

Amendment II - Going Away/Coming Back topic are not allowed

While these aren't necessarily trends, they do nothing to add to any form of discussion on the Message Boards. Usually, topics like these are started when a person is leaving for an extended period of time or coming back after said extended period of time. Often times, the topic will be made, and the person won't do either of the above and just make the topic to have it.

While this isn't always the case, it's also not really necessary since this is something that can be handled in private messaging groups.

Amendment III - Contest Guidelines

Contests are a fun way to engage with others in the community, and challenge them into achieving a goal through certain parameters. However, in some cases, contests can also be used to work around Amendment I. As such, here is what you need to know about Contests.

  • You must have a physical prize for the winner. Either that, or the prize must be a method that allows the winner to get a physical item, such as a gift card.
  • Contests can only last a maximum of 3 weeks from their starting point. After that, they must be ended and a winner must be chosen.
  • Contests can only be hosted by Masters.
  • Additionally, only 3 contests can be hosted a year, per Master.

Dude, I'm sorry. I never meant any harm or offense.
Just trying to grow the community.


Just to be clear:

My topic ISN'T going to be locked? worried


As far as i know, your topic will remain.

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Wait who promoted @Nyran?


The staff apparently.

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I agree with this completely.

Also, congrats on the promotion @Nyran!


No offense taken, man!

I totally understnad the sentiment, and I'm sorry it just didn't work out how you intended it.

Nyran was promoted via a collective decision of the admins, however I was directly approached about it by Var.

Thanks, man! ^^


Congrats @Nyran! We'll probably be needing the extra mods in the next few months.


I was going to address this if it happened one more time, but it seems that you already took care of that. stuck_out_tongue

@legomaster1378 Perhaps, but we already have a good amount of Mods. Although, you are right... When people start discovering these BIONICLE communities, it's going to be a wreck, and extra mods and such will probably be necessary.


Yeah, in my experience with these things, it would be best to have more than necessary now, so that you aren't struggling to keep up later.

But I'm not sure how many Mods there are or how many will be needed, so yeah.


What will happen with the Never-Ending like games? Just a thought.

I remember a mod once suggesting that them never to be made again


Crystal Bonds is okay, The first Neverender is done with anyway, and this second one made by @squeaverking I'm still unsure of.

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@Nyran, I'm making it more random and hilarious like the last never ending story(bad pun is bad). I like Crystal Bonds, but I want to continue the wackyness of the original.

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Ok so-
The "how would you MOC so and so" topics
Don't make them. Ever.
Maybe it's outta place for me to say this but, lemme explain why you shouldn't.
Originally- Chronicler made the How would you MOC chronicler topic. Super pretentious and stupid to do. Why? I ASSUME he was inspired to make the topic after seeing all of slime's mocs made by other people. The only reason Slime has so many mocs of himself was by matter of circumstance.
Then MT made his own topic about moc'ing himself. It was purely made to make fun of Chronicler's topic. So far it's going great, lots of silly fun pics being posted. I like it alot for it's originality.
THEN- people crossed the line with their own topics, people I won't name. Guys.
Come on.
Like.... This fad/trend topics catch on. IK. But please. Be original with your topics.


Hey, now. I felt left out, okay? For all the things I've done, I felt I needed some recognition. :frowning:


Sure, you do- but just str8 up asking people in a topic is kinda... Y'kno...


Hey, would it be a Trend topic to make a 'moc topic' similar to Sidorak's or Raggedclaws' moc topics?

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As long as you put it in the creative content category, no. You're fine.