Official Vessel Q&A Topic

Hey guys! We at TTV just announced our partnership with Vessel and we’re super excited to finally be on their platform! I realize that you guys have some questions about Vessel, our channel, and how content will be affected, so I’m creating a topic here so you guys can ask away!

Here is the channel, if you guys are looking for it - it would mean so much if you guys would create and account and follow us on there! Watching our content there instead of YouTube will help us out tremendously! And we also benefit from subscribers too - that gets you not only our content, but a ton of other creator’s content (Rhett and Link, Cyanide and Happiness, Epic Meal Time, and tons of others) early as well for $3 a month! You also get 30 free days if you sign up from our channel, so all of you can access that content for free now if you’d like.

As a side note, Vessel also offers only 5 second ads - way more quicker and way less intrusive than YouTube’s. So you guys get all that too.

More information can be found in our blog post, but I’ll answer all the questions here I can.


Will you continue to release the podcast on iTunes when it’s finished? I’m just wondering since you said in your latest podcast that it will be released a week early on Vessel (when that’s taken care of) before on YT.

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Okay, question: You’ve said the podcasts and videos will be out a week early on vessel. Is this only for a paid subscription, or does it just dome out earlier on vessel?


Once you’re on Vessel, will every video on Vessel be on YouTube and vice versa? (Other than release dates, of course)

they said that if you watch on youtube and only youtube nothing will change for you. they also said that they are on vessel so they could have options open. the only difference is that on vessel you get early access to all of their videos if you pay the three dollar fee per month. basically there isnt gonna be a youtube or vessel exclusive videos as far as i know. have you been keeping up with the podcast? they explained everything there.

Does that mean that there won’t be any material on the Youtube channel for one week so that you can get one week ahead on Vessel?

So if exclusive content is released for subscribers who pay the premium fee, doesn’t that make the exclusives forum on the boards obsolete? Also why is there 5 separate channels when there are only 2 youtube ones? What merits a “show” getting its own channel

Var covered this before, but I’m requoting it here so others can see - basically, yes, the podcast will still be on iTunes, but it will be delayed a week behind Vessel.

Only the podcast will be free to watch on Vessel a week early; everything else will be available on Vessel via the paid subscription.

Every video we make that’s not a Vessel exclusive will be on YouTube a week after it’s uploaded on Vessel. And every video we’ve ever made is available on Vessel as well. Actually, we’d seriously appreciate it if you might link to our Vessel videos instead of our YouTube ones if you want to share them - again, the increase ad revenue is a lot and will help us create more and higher quality shows.

No, we’ve already worked out a distribution deal where we just created double our episode quota for a week. So our channel will still have videos this week, we just have extra videos available on Vessel right now. You can see them by subscribing, or just wait a week to see them for free on Vessel or YouTube.

Not entirely - we’ve used the exclusives forum to pitch several shows (TTV Plays Dragonology was one of them) that we want to do on the channel. If we choose to do it like that, they’ll still be exclusive to forum members. We’re just going out of our way to do more things for Vessel - stuff like the Podcast Aftershow, Behind the Scenes, etc. We did one recently just talking about our old channel and all of the history behind that, and that should be up on Vessel soon. Additionally, the exclusive stuff from Vessel will also be free after a week for everyone to see, it just won’t be on YouTube.

There are 5 separate “channels” on Vessel because they have a feature similar to YouTube’s “Show” pages, which were mysteriously retired a while back. They’re basically a playlist that you can subscribe to. You can also just follow our entire channel, which adds all of our shows to your feed.

YouTube doesn’t work like that, hence why all of our shows are on the same channel. However, we put Product Showcase on a separate one because we felt that more people would be interested in that type of presentation that were not interested in the rest of our content.


Very good. Much better than a drought otherwise.

So you have to pay in order to subscribe? (Or even make an account, for that matter?)


I’ve subscribed already, and it hasn’t made me pay anything yet. I’m just subscribed (I think they call it following) and it appears on my front page. However, to get early videos you have to pay $3.

I looked at it myself, and you get a free month. (Then you have to pay about 3 bucks.)

So looks like I’ll be stuck on Youtube for the time being until I actually can get a regular income.

I have subscribed for a free trial mont now. Then, I don’t have any problem to pay 3 dollars per month, I think that is reasonable.

Question: Will Vessel send me messages about your new videos via e-mail like YouTube do?

You get a free month if you subscribe off our our channel. You can follow us for free, though!

You can still watch our videos on Vessel when they come out! While it might be an inconvenience for you, we get roughly 7x the ad revenue from views on Vessel than on YouTube, which helps us a lot. I understand that it’s easier to view on YouTube sometimes, though - whatever works for you. We appreciate your viewership.

Good question! I don’t actually know, if I’m being honest. I can check and get back to you about it.


It would be nice, thank you.
I was looking for it in settings but didn’t find it. Maybe I am looking in a wrong place there.

Is any of the Vessel-Exclusive Content behind only available if you pay the $3/month or can one access it without paying?

Aye, I’ll definitely do dis.

Darn, that’s good. Obviously YT is more convinent but I’ll be sure to do this, just so I can support the Podcast :stuck_out_tongue:

You can access it without paying, it’ll just be a week after it’s released to subscribers.

Thanks! That’s really what set it over for us: if we were able to get everyone from YouTube to move over (we wouldn’t), we would make enough for everyone to quit their jobs and take a break from school and be completely supported by the channel. Obviously enough, that’s a bit of a pipe dream. But this is definitely the best way to support us without actually paying some money :stuck_out_tongue:


Soon you’ll be rolling in the kiddie pool full of loose change.


I really need to stress that subscribing on YouTube means something completely different on Vessel.

You can “follow” us on Vessel, which is the same thing as subscribing to us on YouTube.
When you “follow” us you’ll be updated with all our videos just like on the subscription feed for YouTube.
You can do this completely free, you don’t need to pay to make an account and you don’t need to pay to “follow” our content or watch our videos.

However, you can optionally (meaning you don’t have to) subscribe to us
Subscribing on Vessel means that you donate three dollars a month to us, and you get to access videos a week in advance.

This. Is. Completely. Optional.

You will never have to enter any credit card information at all to use the site regularly.

But seriously though, just remember:

Subscribing (YouTube) = Following (Vessel)
Same thing, but different name.

Subscribing (Vessel) = Donating (YouTube)