Ogel Minions

just felt like drawing them

here are all four types of skeleboy


Lookin’ pretty good. I like the details

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ooo i like the 4th one!

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oooh, you don’t see these guys get much attention

shout-out to my boy, Scorpion Orb Launcher Man


According to the set description he’s a ‘super ice drone’ as opposed to the regular ‘ice drones’ in other Mission Deep Freeze sets, so I opted for a bulkier look to try to convey the fact that he’s apparently a more powerful version of the other drones, kind of like the B2 battle droids in Star Wars.

also more spikes just because

They exude a lot of personality.

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Why does the last one look like a batgirl?

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I have to say it actually didn’t occur to me until now that there are Ogel-minion divisions beyond those who wear fishbowls and those who don’t. Much like in real life. =P

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Legit forgot these dudes existed

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