Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga (OOC Discussion thread)

How about [ Otomuki ]?

I got this from [eki], meaning maker and [mu] meaning mask, then I took the noun for greatness [to], lastly I used the stem [o] meaning place and added the four together as [otomueki] then shortened it to [otomuki]. It essentially means “great place of mask making” there is already a word for city [okao] but I personally think that [Otomuki] works just great, because a regular forge would be called [omuki] respectively.


Okoto mucky

Sounds paletteable, but rolls off the tongue about as easily as Tecottamem or The City of the Mask Makers.

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…Is that using an Okotan language someone made? Cool. And while jay gets the final say, obviously, that sounds cool to me.

the mu would be pronounced more similar to a moo

Yeah, OutofGloom made a sketch for the Okotan language and I’ve been going off that and expanding it as I go, since the core of it is really outdated, since it was kinda pre-2015, and when only Okoto, Toa, Ekimu, and Makuta, plus the other toa names were considered part of the “canon” Okotan language, so parts of it are really similar to their names. Still it’s a resource even if it’s outdated.

Using the same baseline of logic that made that sketch language, I was able to essentially take Umurak and get a word for sought or hunted, from that I could get Arokati, which is what I’ve been using for his species, since Arokati basically means “one who hunts.”

This is also where I was able to originate Geit as an alternate spelling for Geet’s name, plus I was able to create a proto-name of Gazeuzit, which Geet originates as a phonological reduction from. His name meaning "Origin of Water’s Melody" or simply “Song

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wait, so what exactly is this chat going to be used for?

I’m assuming stuff more related to the game

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I don’t know what either chat should be specifically used for, so I guess we can make it up as we go?

Regarding the City, I’m in agreement that it should have a name, but I’m not completely sold on anything yet. I’ll throw my own ideas into the ring later.


But Otomuki!

It’s a wonderful name

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I like it.