Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga (Sign-ups)

I am actually a little excited for this plot point. It would involve Mark, Ghabix and Arion.
Would you like to PM you, to tell it to you?

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That sounds fine, it'll help with any plans for Capella.

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And I still believe that the player of the character should be OK with killing the character.
Also, I have a question: is the Lord of the Core the size of Surtur from Ragnarok?

Heres my characters. Because of time constraint and me being busy I'm not gonna post backstories for all of them sry. If your intrested in their full back stories I'm gonna try to get all written down in @Jcton's character compendium once i have time.

Name: Tarkur
Element: Fire
Items: An album named: Family memories, Several Widgets he looted from some ruins, A chestplate he found in the Stone Region and a Flame bow.
Appearance: Stands a little taller than your average Okotan but not by much, He wears black armor with dark red detailing. One of his fingers are gray due to it being modified for better response time for pulling a trigger. His maks is a standard Protector mask with the color dark red fading into black.
Personality: Polite, kind, Serious if he needs to be, reliable, stubborn and when he fails continuously he gets annoyed and sometimes even flat out furious. Otherwise he rarely gets angry, he hates being alone and prefer all sorts of company.

Name: Era
Element: Jungle/Water(Check appearance)
Items: N/A
Appearance: A female Okotan from the Jungle Region tho most of her clothes and marmor are from the Water Region. Her clothes has a touch of expensiveness to them and looks almost regal. She wears a Green protector mask which fades into a trans dark blue color.
Personality: Nice, welcoming, can at times be easily annoyed, generous and has an interest in swimming

Name: Azure
Element: N/A
Equipment: A battle claw, Two Magma swords, a stone tablet that used to hold greater power.
Appearance: She is about 167 cm tall. Her primary armor color is blue but have hints of black and grey with some metallic components like her head crest. She is a Mini Mayhem so her head looks like that of a Bohrok Va, her eyes is a dark rose red.
Personality: Azure is an introvert and have quite a history of running jokes as well as overly detailed reasons for reasons. Azure can also show a rude or disrespectful behavior toward others due to her general rule of not caring for them. This is something she does because she doesn't like to have too deal with the hardships that comes with friends. She have in recent time shown that she is more than capable of caring for others as well especially if they have a closer friendship with her. She is also very fond of the spring season and have also several geeky interests.

Name: Skipper
Element: Originaly jungle, N/A
Equipment: Mask of shapeshifting, turbines for sea travel.

Personality: He's a trickster who loves to scare and/or mess with people, he is not an evil being at heart but he sure does misbehave or cause problems for fun. He talks with in very broken english.

Name: Reige
Element: N/A since his a embodiment of rage.
Equipment: A fire arm sword that can dubble as a flamethrower.

Backstory: Reige is not your typical Mini Mayhem because he doesn't exactly have a "Creator" or live like us. Reige lives and spawns from the anger and rage from other Mini Mayhems and he remains alive until said anger and rage is gone usually. Tho this time he's fueling him self on the rage of okotans as well making him an some what imortal being tho his biggest weakness is kindness, forgivness and happiness. Reige in particular spawned from Azure's frustrations at herself and her failures. Reige function is to show Mini Mayhems the destructive force known as rage and his current target is Azure. Even if his function is too make Mini Mayhems to behave there been instances where Reige accidentally killed his targets if they were unlucky.

Sry for wall of text also.


Nah, don't be sorry, I have two walls text. I should be sorry. But in reality it gives a lot to GM in storytelling. I personally love long sheets. Don't ask why. as long as their written well they are masterpieces.

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Yeah I guess but sometimes I want to write alot more to give justice too my characters but I kinda don't have the time or a stable enough motivation to go through with it. Anyways one day there will be complete backstories for every single one of them Even Leif


Another thing to think about is that it can be more fun to explore people's backstories IC. Of course, in this case we've already had a chance to do that, but in general it's often easier and more engaging to tell your character's story as it comes up in the RP as opposed to listing it in exhaustive detail on the character sheet.


Yeah sure but for characters like Tarkur and Era I just don't want to miss any important details abput their backstories in the sheets oppose to newer characters like Skipper and Reige where I can be a bit more secretive about their backgrounds.

To sum things up: I preffer to have New characters = more backstory development in rp and Old character = less backstory development in rp and more backstory in sheet.


I will stll write the backstories known by everybody.

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I tend to do that and have the backstory in the sheets. Though most of these stories have already been explored and its really just a few characters that I need to explore and clear up any plot holes if they still exist. In reality most of the backstories are what happened in the previous RP.

Name: Mokuzai
Element: Jungle
Equipment: Carving set and a broken glass bottle.
Appearance: A moss covered set of wooden armor. It seems to have been unkempt for ages.
Bio/Personality: Having done almost nothing with the group to help save the city, Mokuzai mostly just lived his life doing what he did before, carve wood as often as he could.

After loosing his closest pal, Dispii, he’s turned to meandering around the city as a bum. Surprisingly despite his new status, he still keeps up his wood shop. Over the year of having lost Dispii, he's gained more of a rougher edge.




Ok, quick question, this is three years of time passed, yes? And everyone will have continued on from the same situation/area/whatever they were at before the 3 year time gap, correct? No changes to their backstory and/or what was going on back then, they'll have just continued on from then until they reached this time-point, right?

If so, good.~

Also, by all characters, you mean all characters, even ones who weren't used but were still submitted and accepted? (No need to worry about Sun or Light though, don't care about those two and they won't be showing up again. They have other things to do anyways.)


I suppose I should ask if you'd be all that opposed to someone playing a... fairly more villainous character, especially if they may, or may not have any ties to Makuta at all beyond general acknowledgement of his continued existence. Because I, uh... have plans for those previously existing characters, and some of the mental trauma/dependencies/habits/etc they may have gained through pre-existing circumstances to even the original RP (or thereabouts).

Very fun plans indeed.~

Also, yo @Ghidora131, if you're playing you, uh, you want to keep Kipir or no? 'Cause, uh... I can work with either really... probably work with you keeping him the best though.
Just asking in case you do want him, 'cause I don't think you'd much appreciate me, uh... killin' him or something like that when you may, or may not want to get the chance to play him.

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Can we sign up "bad guys"?


Which would mean that no characters ever die, simply because it's less than profitable for the character's creator. Realism is honestly the best option: if you don't want your character to die, don't put them into situations that could get them killed.

I can't agree more.

Considering I know and care more about actual Norse mythology than I do about the MCU, I don't know the exact height of Marvel's interpretation of Surtur. My guess is that Marvel's Surtur can't pick up multiple people with one hand, making the Lord of the Core definitely bigger.

You have the villainous embodiment of Ice, a warlord Okotan who wants to become Okoto's reigning Monarch, the leader of the Skull Spider hordes, and a manic mass murderer with a mask that lets him fly anywhere.

Anyone more villainous would have to be a complete lunatic or Makuta himself.

I really have no interest in the character. Do with him what you will.

I redirect you to my character post (you'll find it a ways up) with two villain characters with established personalities and capabilities.


I mean, if all goes according to plan, you're not that far off...

Also, ey, thanks for the quick response!

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1) You are thinking that no characters should die because nobody wants to kill his characters. Let's not talk specifically about the Mark fiasco, but I am pretty sure that there will be players out there who will want to kill their characters out of different reasons. Look at the last rp: TMB killed Kryuin and Jcton killed Geet and Rye (I think).

2) Surtur was the size of Asgard (more or less). In case you don't know Asgard is (more or less) a planet, which I think is around the size of Pluto.

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While this is true, there will still be times when someone just won't let their character die, even when it makes zero sense. I would say the best middle ground would be that you don't technically need that players permission to go ahead and kill their character, but it's better just to be curious and ask before hand, simple cause it's a nice thing to do. If that person is being difficult, and not letting their character die no matter what, then it would probably be ok to kill without permission.

On another note, I don't know if my questions been answered yet, but is auto hitting allowed?


Of course that auto-hitting is not allowed.
Said the guy who auto-hitted for the first half of the first rp.


I think this answers it.