Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Icar nodded, “If you’ll excuse me.” He said as he went inside to break the news to his wife and youngsters.

Dakron nodded in understanding.

Dax and Capella followed behind, though did notice something of a rock formation behind them, as they stuck close behind Rena.

They group of five continued in their decided direction, heading towards a small earth village.

Erebos continued his sprint in the deserts heading to where the great city once stood, to the Black Crater.

Xol peers around the bounties wondering what he might see.

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He sat down in front of the door, waiting for him to return.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Capella replies,
“I saw a strange rock formation…wait what do you mean?”

“I thought you would help Blaze prepare the camp.”

Capella scratched the back of her head,
“Yeah…I remember that. I think I was going to suggest Dax goes with you guys…but I guess I should head back.”
She scurries back.

Dax looks at Capella, in reply to Rena,
“To be honest I think she was just curious about this place. Since the history of it. Once being the greatest city, then the final battle between the Makuta and the Toa, before they were whisked away to the stars. It certainly holds an immense amount of history, also…you should be wary at all times. If Erebos does show do not face him as the two of you. I know Ekimu could take him with help, but neither of you have the hammer of Ekimu, nor the fear he can bring.”
Dax stretches,
“That being said, I should probably keep watch of what might happen at the camp.”
He heads back after Capella, to the camp.

@Jcton, @jayzor17, @TheMOCingbird, @Axels if your anywhere near Tsim krad you might see Skipper

Skipper went out of the guards sight and began to ponder about if he could find another way into Tsim Krad.


“Well,” The lord of the Undying Storm huffed, standing up. “No point wasting my time here. The sun’s almost down.”

Stretching slightly, he eyed a particular slope and began sliding down it, kicking up all sorts of debris as he did so. In the dark, he would be hard to spot in spite of the dirt and rocks he was shooting out, but he could not hope to mask his sound.
The assembled party could not help but hear an echoing sound similar to a landslide, only much smaller and much closer than the echo made it seem.

Hitora continued to look around the area for anything that looked particularly off.

Keya walked up towards one of the guards, hoping they could get the information they came here to look for.


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No guards meet the group until they’re well beyond the entrance, in a narrow hall with light filtering in from skylights above. The one to meet them is a female in green and white armor who looks quite surprised to see them.

“Something I can help you with?” she asks, one hand drifting to the dagger sheathed at her waist.

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Gladius softly held his hand up in protest. “We haven’t come seeking trouble.” He said. “Ekimu has bid us come here. We… Also received assistance from Kiva.”

Inwardly, he was hoping he hadn’t messed up the pronunciation. He was also hoping Athena or Azure didn’t suddenly cut in.

The Lord of the Undying Storm ground to a halt at the base of the mountain, unknowingly leaving a massive groove in the slope where he had slid. Looking back up across the high-rising peaks in case some sign of Ekimu’s travels was seen, he turned and began marching in the dark towards the black crater.

“Really, I could have done better with my powers,” He invariably began grumbling again. “Couldn’t I have some form of transportation?”

Keya kept her hands away from her weapons, hoping not to appear as a threat. For once, she decided to let Gladius do the talking. He seemed to be doing a good job and multiple accounts might do more harm than good.

Athena crossed her arms and let herself systain on a wall.

Azure stood behind the group not making much noise and overall being bored but quiet.

One eyebrow raises under her mask. “Oh really? Late’s better than never, I suppose. If you were with Kiva you talked to the Elders; got a message to pass along?” She seems to relax slightly, her hand drifting back to a more neutral position.

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Gladius tried to think of something that the elders said that would be relevant here. “The Elders were not pleased by our presence.” He said with a slightly grave tone. “They did not retain a mask of public appearance. Our late arrival has troubled them dearly on Vizuna’s behalf, and they were unrestrained in saying so.”

“However, time is of the essence.” He quickly shot a glance at Hitora. “Is there any way you can assist us?”

Blaze was helping with getting camp set up, clearly still tense about their location.

After a few tense moments, Vladin was invited inside Icar’s home.


He might see Capella jog over and Dax walking back a bit in the distance behind her. Capella seemed slightly upset at something, with what could be seen as a visible vein on her forehead.

Blaze noticed Capella seemed upset and asked, “What’s wrong?”