Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

The sun dawns on a clear spring Okotan morning. All across the island villagers awaken, rising to go about their day…

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Ic: Dakron on sits up and stretches, yawning. He grabs his walking stick and walks to his kitchen, where a tall, bright red Okotoan sat at a table. Streke greets Dakron. “Morning.” Dakron responds with a series of hand gestures, greeting his friend in kind. The blind Okotoan sat down at the table, and Streke pushed a plate of food forwards. “I hope fruit is okay today, I didn’t have much time to make anything.” Dakron nods in thanks and begins to eat the fruit. Streke munched on a fruit of his own, and the two friends are silent for the rest of the meal.


The cold, wet refuge echoed with the distant sounds of birds singing in the new day. He had managed to stay mostly awake all last night, and feeling particularly well, Frog willingly ignored the sudden sharp pain in his lower spine, clambered to the edge of his home, and let out a guttural roar from the depths of his throat, which carried all across Okoto.

Gladius looked down at the city of Okoto from a rock just high enough to overlook the city. He breathed in the cold, crisp air as it flowed in from over the sea, reminding him of the time he used to spend ignoring most of his surroundings in an attempt to focus on Blaze. After Makuta’s defeat, Ekimu released Blaze from Gladius’ custody and from the law, ending Gladius’ time in civilization.

Once when he had journeyed to the region of fire to re-forge some armour and his mask, he was nearly spotted by Blaze. He had managed to avoid detection, as he was not ready to return.

Now, now is different.

A loud, booming call carried over all of Okoto. Strange… I’ve never heard a Rahi quite like that. Where can it be coming from?


Atlas exists his hut in the Region of Earth.


Colex was still trying to sleep even though the sun woke him up

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Two Okotans, one clad in gold, one in blue, sat in a small boat approaching the mainland shore in the Water Region, having come from a larger ship out in the ocean. The blue one plucked at a guitar lazily.

“We’re out, Keya.” The gold one says, the ornate shield on his back glinting in the sun of dawn.

The blue one, Keya, chuckles, a hint of slight sadness in her voice. “That we are.”


Mokuzai pulled his small blanket over him as he slept away on a clump of leaves he gathered into an alleyway.

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Tarkur and Era had been mostly walking during the night. They countinued as dawns hit them “Can you believe its been 3 years since we’ve been here?” Tarkur states, “Yeah it sure is alot to take in I guess.” Era responded as they walked towards a abandoned building or close to it. Anyhow that nobody had lived there for quite sometime were obvious.

On the highest peak of Okoto or almost on the highest peak in an old sactuary Azure woke up. During her climbing she meet an old Monk who had been nice enough to offer her a place to meditate and to rest. Azure have been very thankful for this and she enjoyed the company. For the most part the old Monk were not present like today but Azure didn’t mind this. It was usually the days she was alone that were the happiest.

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Within the jungle a cloaked individual stood still, staring down at a patch of earth shadowed in front of it by both its form, and the jungles own.

It somehow stilled even further as the roar echoed across the island. Tilting its shadowed head to stare in the direction of its call, just enough of an angle to give the glimpse of a silver mask with odd looking blue lines ‘drawn’ across it, and strangely shadowed sockets, while a uttering a low call of, “Makuta?”, in a deep, oddly… distorted, and shadowy voice as he turned and began to walk in the direction of the roar.

The distortion to his voice was disturbing, sound almost as if there were multiple voices, all of different speech and gender, all speaking at once.

He was clearly male despite this. The overlaying voice of them all, and thus most heard, further confirming this.

As the okotan moved, a scythe held loosely in its grip, with some form of… dark fluid dripping from its blade, the area his form had been holding covered in further shadow lightened, revealing a hand, dripping with matching fluids to the ones streaming down the slowly departing scythes blade, visible from out of the shadows, and a mask with a cur sliced perfectly through its upper half that ended between its eyes. Even further fluid stained around it, and said sockets.

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Kryuna wiped the blood from her blade as she looked toward the rising sun, and then back at her comrades before speaking. @BrokenAxels “Come on, lets head back to camp, we’ve done enough work for one night, and we can collect the bounties this afternoon, but for now all of you have earned some rest.” She began to trudge through the snow back up into the mountains toward their camp, leading the way for the other members of Dark Blade to follow. She was their leader, and she always thought a good leader should lead by example.

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Hiraeth nods. He looked at his axe, and inspected it. He sighs in relief, he didn’t need a new one.


In the middle of the Region of Fire, in a lava lake, there was a figure surfing on the hot molten rock with agility and skills. The figure finished his spectacle, and slowly used his lavaboard to arrive at the edge of the lake.
Vladin took his shield and headed for the closest city, the capitol of the Region of Fire, the place where he spent his last three years. Once he entered the city he saluted everybody he met. The world from the city was knowing him very well. While some were still dis-considering him, some changed their opinion about him, and that was enough for Vladin.

Athena just woke up in her house from the Region of Fire. He looked at the city from her balcony, but then she quickly returned inside. She put on her armour and quickly prepared herself for her daily physical exercises.

Rena, on the other hand, was already awake. She woke up early to prepare the garden of her villa from the City of the Mask Makers.

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Azure left the sleeping area she had been given by the old Monk and traveled down into the main room of the sanctuary. The room was beautiful on the walls and the pillars holding it’s structure ornaments of gold and silver could be found. Statues and shelves in different conditions could be found as well. The shelves themselves were mostly covered in dust but some of them had utensils for rituals and what not scattered around the room.
From Azure’s point of view the sanctuary was just another spiritual place for her to meditate in but the sanctuary told a much deeper story than she could’ve imagined.

She went to the middle of the room in a circle of light granted from one of the holes in the old roof of the sanctuary and turned facing a statue of an okotan civilian. She sat down and folded her legs so that she would enter a meditative stance. “Clear your heart and release the anger within, only then can you ride out the storm frustration.” she chanted for herself as she began her meditating.

Meanwhile in the water region the couple made their way into the abandoned building. “Could it truly be three years since we were here last.” Era ponders, “Yeah it seems reasonable to assume such you have been away helping me as well as being on our many treasure hunts.” Tarkur happily responds, “That is true.” Era agrees.
“Just a shame to see this place in ruins that’s all.” Era continues, “Yeah, you worked so hard keeping this place running, You know what one day will settle down here and will start the old business up, What do you say?” Tarkur tries to cheer her up, “You sure you’d ever be able to settle down?” Era teasingly jokes. Tarkur chuckled as his checks got a more reddish color. “You never know do you but you’ve got a great shot at being the one to get the Guardian of Flames to settle down.” Tarkur admits trying to shake the red color of his face. Era chuckled at the sight “Then I’ll might just try to make the Guardian of Flames settle down then.” She commented launching herself at Tarkur. Unprepared for this Tarkur lost his balance and the both fell to the ground as they hit the ground started Tarkur chuckle as well. They both remained there for awhile chuckling. “Quess you’ve won, I’m all settled down now.” Tarkur jokes, “Yes!!” Era jokingly lets out as she rolls over on her back both were still chuckling. Minutes later the chuckle disappered and the two just lay there holding hands, looking at each other and the rest of the building.


After Dakron and Streke finished their meal, they left the hut to see what was going on in the village. “Hey, maybe the food market will have some of that tofu stuff ya like.” Streke said. Dakron smiled and gestures towards the library. “Oh. Okay.” Streke said, and they headed towards the library.

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Atlas quickly stretches before checking to see if his hammer needs repairs. As usual, it didn’t. But he felt like something was missing, so Atlas decided to attach a newly made mace to the end of it.


Vladin entered his house and locked the door behind him. He threw his lavaboard on it’s place and opened the [Okotoan equivalent for a fridge]. He looked inside too see if there was any food left. Unfortunately, there wasn’t. Vladin frowned and sighed, a little irritated.
“Wellp… It seems that I have to go shopping!” He said, trying to turn his frown into a smile.


Ilza groans in annoyance at being awoken by the light, her eyes fluttering open slightly to half-sleeping slits. She rolls over in bed a little, trying to ignore everything and go back to sleep.

The roar snaps her into wakefulness, eliciting a short shriek from her as she tumbles out of bed and onto the floor. She huffs in annoyance as she rubs the impacted arm and the sleep from her eyes, before reaching up to grab and put on her mask.

I guess I might as well start the day now…

She yawns loudly, getting to her feet and leaving her room to get something to eat.


Keys and her golden companion wash ashore and look at the sunrise, the ship they left behind outlined by it.

“Hitora?” Keya asks.

“Yes Keya?”

“We…we can’t go back, can we?”

Hitora is silent for a bit. “…No. We can’t.”

She turns away and walks further into the Region of Water. “Then we’d better leave before I get second thoughts.” She says in a slightly joking tone.

Hitora chuckles. “I guess so.” He says, following her.


Kryuna and the others arrived at the Dark Blade camp. There were the ashes of a campfire in the middle, with around 10 tents surrounding it. Kryuna made her way to her tent which was located in the back of the camp, and was the same size as all the others. She sat down on on her cot and sighed. She took off her brothers scarf from her sword and gazed down at it, before tightening her fist around it, muttering something, and putting it back on.

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Hiraeth sits next to the ashes of the fire, staring into it. He wonders what life would have been like if he would have never taken that job from Ekimu, a question he often asked himself.