Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga (Sign-ups)

Not even 20 years since the departure of the Toa, Ekimu the Mask Maker, unofficial leader of the island of Okoto, called adventurers from all around the island, all to the City of the Mask Makers, to listen to his plea. All across the island they ventured, seeking Golden Masks of Power. They fought agents of Makuta time and time again as he strove to free himself from his prison. They fought, and, in time, they won.

That was three years ago.

Makuta may have been sealed beyond this realm, but he is far from the only threat to the people of Okoto. A queen lurks in the shadows, ready to wage war on the island…

Some quick things to clear up: as this is a sequel-type-thing to Okotan Adventures, all characters from the original RP are approved. However, I still ask that you put their profiles here for reference. It’s also a good way to show how everyone’s changed.

To any newcomers, the RP allows you to explore the island of Okoto, from the City of the Mask Makers to villages tucked in the farthest reaches of Okoto’s wilderness. Any sort of “plot” interference from me should be minimal, with the events of the roleplay remaining largely character driven.

And here’s a map of Okoto marked with various locations and events from canon and previously in the RP, in case you were curious:

Some ground rules: be nice and respect each other, no godmodding, powerplaying, bunnying, or other such nonsense, and please don’t play your character with plot armor. If you want your character to stay safe, play them safely; don’t just metagame them out of damage.

Name: (also include nicknames, titles, and the like if they have any)
Element: (the element(s) they were born into)
Equipment: (weapons, tools, and other useful items)
Appearance: (pictures are nice if you have one; otherwise a description works just fine)
Bio/Personality: (for the record, I think we already have enough people related to the Protectors…)

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All right! I am so excited for this!


Name: Hitora
Element: None
Equipment: Magical golden Gauntlets that increase strength tenfold when active(strength 10x that of a normal Okotan due to prolonged exposure to his gauntlets), magic golden shield on his back, can make it float as he wishes.

Bio/Personality: somewhat brash. Always trying to improve himself in any way possible, yet he never ever compromises what he believes is right.
After finding a temporal rift, this Okotan from the 5th generation to live on Okoto(those during the time of the Toa were around the 500th or so) was frozen in time.
After the defeat of Makuta, Hitora had went his own way, towards the ocean. He’d joined a group of pirates, a thing he did once before back in his time, and spend time with them searching the seas for treasure. Eventually he grew tired of the captain, and so abandoned ship with the first mate, his new friend Keya.

Name: Keya
Element: Water
Equipment: Shotgun pegleg, sniper-guitar thing,songbook holding magic songs(support spells of sorts), a cutlass

Bio/Personality: A very sweet, loving person, however she knows how to be manipulative if she needs to. Loves to help others, to the point that she will sometimes take charge if she sees a need to.
A captain of a pirate vessel found her abandoned in the water region when she was just a little girl, the only thing with her being the guitar she carries on her back, the only symbol she has of her parents. The captain took her in and raised her, her skills eventually gaining her the position of first mate. However, the captain grew more restless and cruel in his later years, leading to her leaving the ship, along with the only parental figure she’d ever known.


How can an Okotoan not have an element?

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Well, what element was Makuta before he turned evil?

He’s old, like from one of the first few generations of Okotans. He is from before their traits diverged into those of the different elements.

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I always believed that Ekimu and Makuta were regular Matorans but with golden armour.

Fair enough.

Here is my character:

Name: Vladin
Age: 26
Element: Fire (active), Water and Stone (inactive)
Equipment: Sword, axe, small lavaboard that can be used as a shield and easily stored on his back.
Appearance: Vladin is a medium-sized Okotoan of Fire with red and silver armour with small yellow details, like the outline of his mask. He is fit and energetic. He has a small side bag and a piece of rope tied around his body, which he uses to tie his lavaboard, axe and sword, even tho he prefers to carry at least one of them in his hand (the three may be too heavy for him to carry on his back, especially after a fight). He has blue eyes.

Ante Okotoan Adventures:
Vladin was born 3 years before the Toa arrived. He is the son of Narmoto’s brother and a regular Water Okotoan. He lived peaceful until the age of 17, when the Ginny Incident happened. He, Athena (his twin sister), Rena and Mark (his older sister and brother) were sleeping in the same house, together with their new born sister, Ginny. That night, a special type of Skull Warrior, called the Skull Hypnotist, entered the house and hypnotised Vladin to kill Mark and Rena while they were sleeping, and Athena to kill Ginny, then to suicide. Vladin almost succeeded, but Mark woke up before he could do this and stopped Vladin. However, Ginny was sleeping alone, and so Athena killed the little one.
The whole family was shocked. One day they gathered in Vladin’s father’s house and discussed this incident. Some of them were on Vladin’s side, saying that he and his sister were innocent. However, some came with the idea that the Skull Hypnotist only amplified their murderous ideas, saying that the two already wanted to kill their relatives, and one succeeded. They father was on this side too. In the end, Vladin’s side won.
After this event Vladin decided to make himself a vila and to isolate himself from the family. He ignored everything related to politics, not carrying what was happening to the Region of Fire. As long as his vila was intact and as long as he had enough money, he was happy. This is the reason why some Fire Okotoans started to hate him, considering him just a punk using his family’s money and not doing anything other than partying and wasting his time (ahem @jayzor17 ahem). And to be honest, it really was like this.
Vladin was trained by his older brother, Mark in sword fighting and engineering and loves to spend his free time with Athena and/or Ghabix (his cousin).

During Okotoan Adventures
Vladin joined Ekimu’s group together with Athena, Ghabix, Rena and Mark. He started as the arrogant prince he was, but two things happened: the first one was the meeting of Pheore, an Okotoan of Fire that was hating Vladin. Before that Vladin had no idea that his own Okotoans were hating him, so this felt like a brick thrown to his head for Vladin. He tried to talk with Pheore multiple times, however, nothing worked. The second thing was when Athena broke her arm and almost died when she got caught in a falling Sky Arena. These events made Vladin understand that he is a jerk, that he was thinking that money can do anything and that he and his family are the best, event tho it was clear that they weren’t. In the second half of the adventure Vladin slowly started to became a new, better person: less arrogant, less rude, less like him.
Another reason that made him to change was that he fell in love with a young Okotoan called Kryuna. Yes, the difference of the age between them was rather big, and yes, this seemed pretty creepy, but Vladin couldn’t stop his feelings. Kryuna had a brother called Kryuin who had only one wish: to protect his sister, and so he wanted Vladin to keep a distance to his sister. Before Vladin decided to change, he decided to counter-attack Kryuin by not letting him see his sister, Athena (which he fell in love with). However, in time he decided to let the two see each other. However, Kryuin died, and since then Vladin have never seen Kryuna before.

Post Okotoan Adventures
After the great adventure Vladin gave his vila to a poor family of Fire Okotoans, hoping that this would change the public opinion about him. He moved to a regular apartment from the Capitol of Fire. He made new friends, a new life, and he got a job: historian. When Vladin is not in the public library, he is somewhere in the Region of Fire, lava surfing or having fun with some of his siblings. Some old things never change.

I have two more characters coming up soon.


Name: Atlas
Element: Earth
Equipment: Hammer/Mace hybrid
Appearance: Mostly silver and black armor. Now wears a purple scarf.
Bio/Personality: Less easy to anger as before, usually keeps to himself.

Since his sudden departure from the adventurers, Atlas decided to investigate Neptune’s murder himself. As he suspected, it was Hurikan, so he went on the hunt for him, eventually finding him, already dead. After that, he went back to his home in the village of earth, and decided to make a better hammer.


Name: Kryuna, Leader of Dark Blade Mercenaries, now with 20% more edge!
Age: 20
Element: She is fully ice.
Equipment: A simple, somewhat worn, yet reliable great sword that she carries on her back, it has a weathered, bloodstained blue scarf tied to it’s pommel. A short sword that she carries at her hip. An ice elemental ranged weapon, like a crossbow, but without the bow arms. A small satchel with basic adventuring supplies, such as a knife, rope, flint and steel, ect. A blue scarf that she wears around her neck, similar to the one on her great sword.
Appearance: She wares battered sliver and ice blue armor, and a tattered black sleeveless waistcoat thingy. Her left leg is a black prosthetic. Her mask is battered as well, with a nasty gash across her left eye, making it no longer function, and not light up.
Bio/Personality: Through out her life, Kryuna has lost almost everything one can can lose. Both of her parents named Zohna and Inder were killed by the protectors for collaborating with Makuta. Her brother Kryuin was killed in a fight against Skyll, the evil skull spider queen when she was 17. After her brothers death, she blamed Ekimu and the Adventurers for her families destruction, and tried to help Makuta return to the realm of the living, but ultimately failed. Since then she has cooled off a little, and while she still resents Ekimu and the Protectors, she understands why they did what they did. She still searches for Skyll, hoping to bring her to justice. Now, her only true friends are her pet protoraven named Ilin, who can be found perched contentedly on Kryuna’s shoulder, and Hiraeth, her “business partner”. Over the years, all of this loss has left Kryuna hardened. She has a dry, sarcastic wit about her, but can be very antisocial, and can come across rather rude. Although, she is very hard headed and stubborn, and she does whatever she puts her mind to. She is brutal in her fighting, but doesn’t harms those she deems innocent. Kryuna’s older brother was one of the greatest swordsmen on the island, and passed down his skills to his sister, who in the past three years has built a reputation for herself as an equally skilled warrior. She is pretty physically strong for her age, and while she isn’t super tall, she can be rather intimidating. Kryuna is now wandering the island with Hirathe, acting as a sword for hire. She usually only accepts jobs that she thinks are somewhat moral, and won’t be afraid to do something when she sees injustice, but she is by no means a paragon of justice.

Name: Jevis
Element: Fire
Equipment: Two one-handed katanas
Age: 36

Bio/Personality: Jevis was taken into a group of bandits at a young age. The group was the closest thing he ever had to a family, but it all changed when the bandits was betrayed by one of their own. Since then Jevis has become a bounty hunter and a sword for hire in the criminal underworld, (if there even is one on Okoto) but he never forget the okotan who betrayed what he saw as family. He prefers to work alone now, and has a cold quite demeanor, but is known to irrupt into bursts of anger from time to time. He also is responsible for the death of a bounty hunter who went by the name Song.

@jayzor17 If you have any problems with these, just let me know.


I have a question: is Jevis a smaller Okotoan?

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No, he’s normal size. I just built him smaller.


Well, this will be a long post… I literally jumped for joy, when I saw your post on the PM. I’m so happy I made most of this stuff before hand and updated all their sheets on a doc beforehand. Anyways here are my characters.
Deceased are here, because I may mention them or give them more story detail, the main reason is to be a resource.

My new characters are missing some of their info. I’ll PM it to @jayzor17 and @BrokenAxels if I haven’t already done that. I like to keep somethings a surprise.


Name: Geet Skarn Kokinos (Song the bounty hunter)
Element: Stone
Age: 28, at death
Appearance: Dark grey and chestnut, He bears a Komau similar to the metru style. He currently has a metal prosthetic where his left arm should be. Height of 18.5 units.

Abilities: Enhanced strength from left prosthetic arm, 14 years of experience bounty hunting, became one of the most feared bounty hunters, and Blood-lust (Enhances focus, but decreases his morals. also it makes him stronger by 10%
Equipment: Massive Construction Chain (One link is big enough as a handle.), Geet’s dagger, His five connection links (Links that can connect his chain together.), cheap plate armor, His prosthetic arm (twice as strong as his normal arm.), also he has a sub-arm in his prosthetic arm.
Personality: He cares for his family. They are his utmost priority, he also places revenge of a family member just as high. Geet does what he can to protect his siblings. He is often cold, joking when he needs a mask to hide under. He hates moles and pitfalls, with the occasional blood-rage*.
Bio: Geet barely remembers anything about his parents, what they look like, who they were. The only thing he has are their names, Granite Skarn and Aliyah Skarn. His earliest memories are of Symphony saving him from the one who murdered his parents, this built his unusual trust for Symphony. He fell in love with engineering at a early age, hoping to become a peaceful engineer. Geet assumes he has horrible luck, because later when he was eight, Symphony took Geet out to train. They continued training and two months after Geet’s birthday, his fourteenth birthday, Geet killed Symphony. He had to stop Symphony’s evil. Geet went to trial, though not much is known of what happened at the trial.
Geet left the City of Mask Makers, becoming a bounty hunter known only as “Song.” Few know of his tale as a bounty hunter and fewer have seen him. Geet was called by Ekimu fourteen years later, to join his quest to gather the masks of power. Geet joined the group, seeing it as his own chance at redemption. He met the group at the abandoned part of town, fighting skull spiders. He joined in carrying his chain, the chain that killed Symphony. After they claimed the mask from the skull spiders.
After he recuperated, Geet left with Ekimu’s warriors to get the mask of flight at the floating arena. Geet had a blood-rage on the way there, killing an entire pack of stag-like rahi. He met Melody on the road and they arrived at the arena, late. The battle had already begun. Geet and Melody ran through the halls, ending up in a large room with Neptune and Atlas. They fought the elemental beasts and survived. During the battle Geet lost his left arm and eventually passed out. He lost his chain and his arm that day. While he was passed out, he was taken to a hospital in the stone region. He dreamt of his past and the time he killed Symphony. Geet woke up from the operation, with his new prosthetic arm.
Geet travelled back to the City of Mask Makers, after getting a new chain. It was the largest chain available and made of the strongest material he could get. He went to Ekimu and found out about a tournament. He was rather excited for itm he planned to prove himself the strongest. During the tournament he met his brother, Symphony, and he was working for Makuta. Geet felt off during the tournament, he couldn’t feel his left arm. Geet’s subconscious had been ignoring the fact he got a prosthetic and it’s now hitting him hard. He finds Vinazu who later would upgrade his prosthetic arm. Geet wandered the halls as the Arena started to fall, he struggled to get a bird-rahi in time, making it to the City of Mask Makers.
Geet recovered in the hospital. He later met Capella and Sonata, who came by to visit him. He had met Sonata for the first time. Symphony also came by to visit him, he told Geet his story and his current, personal mission to get rid of Makuta. Geet remembering the time that Symphony saved him agreed, he believed something had changed in Symphony. Thus began their journey to collect the masks of power. The group went to the fire region. Symphony went ahead and met them near a fire village, they told Symphony about the ruins. The group went there and took the mask of decay.
They went back to Geet’s hideout, where they decided their next course of actions. They chose to head to Geet’s birthplace, Crater Village, the village near the Great Crater in the Stone Region, it is southeast of the crater. They went to his birthplace to discover more of Geet’s past and learned about his parents’ bounty. This lead to them meeting Melody in Crater Village. They found the Skarn’s old house and scavenge it, looking for clues about Geet’s parents. They found that the Skarns found the soulless. Someone had hunted Geet’s parents and sent a bounty hunter on them, eventually killing them in the City of Mask Makers.
Geet and Capella went to the place of his parent’s discovery, while Symphony, Melody, and Sonata went to the Water Region Capital. He and Capella went to the crevice, where the soulless were found. They explored the hole in the ground and discovered many soulless. Geet and Capella escaped and went to the Water Region Capital, where they found Melody alone. They heard from Melody that Symphony and Sonata never came back, from a meeting with some giant. The group went back to the City of Mask Makers and told the main group about their loss. In hindsight, Symphony and Sonata were presumed dead, but weren’t dead. However they were injured, immensely. Geet spent a week off, he went hunting and came back. Eventually he, Melody, and Capella decides to leave on a journey. They head to the jungle region, where Geet is attacked by a river and injured. They head into the jungle capital and Geet is assassinated by a bounty hunter. The last thing he said was, “I’ll be going, never too sure when I’m needed.”
Geet Skarn Kokinos
Born 8 B.T. | Died 20 A.T.
Brother and dearest friend, Geet was there when my brother left. He did fall into hate, but always found a way to love his family. May he rest in the toa’s care, high in the stars, till the day I’ll join him.- Melody Kokinos
Dear Friend and protector, Geet taught me control over my anger and he gave me hope that we can change who we are, no matter our past. May he take all regrets and burn them in the stars, leaving nothing but joy.- Capella Abai
To anyone who knows Geet, may they write their names and memories of him on this stone, there is plenty room for more tales of Geet.
######*A blood-rage is a time where he is filled with uncontrollable blood-lust

Name: Rye Aldrin
Element: Fire
Age: 36, at death
Appearance: A scarlet red, with a deep ocean blue to accent it. 18 units tall.
Abilities: Money.
Equipment: Money, he owned a chain of small businesses and is quite wealthy.
Personality: Rye is cocky, brash, and calculating. He’s going to do what he can to accomplish his goal, killing Song.
Bio:​ Rye sought wealth when he was young. He believed it could get what he desired. or what he would desire. He fell into a state of depression when his parents died of a disease. His friend, Lon. They grew together as brothers, Lon often taking the lead and keeping dangerous secrets or other dangers away from Rye. After his parents’ death, Rye was given the inheritance, gaining the wealth of his parents, he used this to set up a merchant business, and a small chain of bookstores. Lon helped him with his work, dividing the workload into two. He stabilized the business when he was twenty, four years after the toa left.
He and Lon soon went their separate ways, only coming together on merchant trips. They continued in wealth and lorded their riches. Rye left Lon after learning a dark secret of his, Lon had dealt in the bounty business, using it to gain the upper hand in several trades. Lon had fallen for the riches, it was the only thing he could look at. Only after Lon had lost everything in the stone region, did he start to change. Rye was there for Lon, like Lon was for him when his parents passed away. He comforted his friend. All of Lon’s dealings had caused the market to stumble a bit, he lost the chain of bookstores he had managed.
Rye never knew the extent of Lon’s sins, but twelve years later, during 18 A.T, Lon died. He was killed by the bounty hunter, Song. Song was looking for information about the dead body of Symphony. Rye had no idea who this Symphony was, but he felt an undying rage. It wouldn’t leave him. He left that day, plotting his revenge on Song. Years passed and Rye eventually found a solid trail on Song. He learned the Song’s name was Geet, now his plan can begin.
He entered the city of mask makers. Ekimu’s party had recently arrived from their latest mission in the water region. He set a bounty revealing Song’s true identity as Geet. The bounty was advertised and it eventually found its way to a bounty hunter’s hands. The bounty hunter met with Rye and they discussed the price. The price was set to 3000 widgets and the bounty hunter, Jevis, left to complete his mission. The mission was completed, with Geet’s head in a cloth bag. Rye paid the bounty hunter and studied a member of Geet’s family, Symphony. Rye’s choice eventually led to his downfall, and death. He was killed by Symphony in an alleyway.

#Old Characters

Name: Melody Kokinos
Element: Water
Age: 26, before timeskip
Appearance: Deep Blue and Grey, wears a kaukau. She also has a tan satchel, slightly smaller than average. Height of 17 units
Abilities: Heightened ability of Memory, able to copy movements extremely quickly
Equipment: Flippers (used when swimming), Lance, and Her favorite shield
Personality: Geet’s oldest friend and younger sister. She’s was with him when his parents died, though he doesn’t have many memories of that time. She often reads books and seldoms fights. Her favorite pastime is swimming and reading books.
Bio: Melody’s earliest memory was of her brother, Symphony, coming home with boy named “Geet.” She never forgot the moment Geet became her brother. She was too young to understand why Geet and Symphony went on training missions, but she did know that everything became worse when her parents died to an accident. Her brother became harsher after that, but he also became even more loving. Melody remembers the day, when Symphony gave her a book, her first book.
Melody read her book as often as she could, she did still complete her chores, setting the table and other things like that. She would often follow Geet and Symphony watching their training sessions, memorizing every move and practicing them on her own. That’s how she learned to fight, on her own. Whenever they had free time Melody would go with Geet and pick up a new book. They got one on smoke signals and eventually mastered them on her eleventh birthday.
Three months before Melody’s ninth birthday, a new family moved into the house across the street. That was Geet’s family’s house, well it was theirs before they died. She met her best friend their, after helping the new family move. Her name was Capella and she was five years younger than Melody.
Capella and Melody became fast friends, joined together through their need of a best friend. She didn’t see her as often, because Capella joined Geet and Symphony in their training. Capella seemed a bit close to Melody’s brother, Symphony.
Melody thought it was the worst day of her life, a living hell. Symphony died and her other brother, Geet, disappeared from her life. She was only twelve at the time. Capella ended up coming over to Melody’s house, they worked together and barely paid the house off. Melody and Capella found themselves to be rather capable in keeping the house. Melody found a job she really enjoyed, map-making! It let read multiple resources on Okoto and explore it for herself, which she used as an excuse to search for Geet. She did not prevail.
Melody searched for her lost brother for years, it was five months after her twenty sixth birthday that she heard the first news in years. The source was extremely reliable, it was Ekimu himself. She set out to find her brother. She tracked Ekimu’s band of adventurers down, they were heading towards the floating arena. She used a small bird rahi to contact Geet, it worked. After sending happy messages most of the night. During the day they communicated by smokestacks. Melody didn’t know this, but Geet needed those moments with her, he was starting to lose himself to his blood-lust.
The troublesome two siblings ended up at the battle late, they went down the halls, until they found this large room with Neptune and Atlas fighting elemental beasts. Melody held her own in battle, but eventually her brother was surrounded and mercilessly attacked by the wild animals. In that attack Geet’s left arm was torn off. Melody helped by treating some of the injured, with the knowledge dhe read in a few books. It wasn’t the care they needed, but it helped.
Ekimu’s party escaped the floating arena, by using Geet’s broken chain and went towards the harsh desert, into the stone region. Geet was taken to the hospital. She was extremely worried for him. Melody wandered off trying to find rest and to sort out her feelings. She met Tekan who wasn’t quite himself at the time. She met Karx and he explained a few things about Tekan. Melody learned about Sun-Eater for the first time that day. She meets up with Geet and Capella after a bit. Those two seemed a bit off with each other.
Melody, Geet, and Capella went back to the City of Mask Makers. Melody left the two and went back to her house. She rested a bit and did some chores, for some reason Symphony’s favorite knife was missing. Melody rested for a while, she decided to go to the tournament to watch her best friend and brother. She met someone she never thought she would meet, she met Symphony. Symphony had changed from when she last remembered him.
Things changed the day the floating arena fell from the sky. Symphony grabbed her and dropped her at the City of Mask Makers. She went to Ekimu to tell him what just happened. A little later she went to her house and packed her things. Melody left on a journey to learn Geet’s past, she knew the truth about his adoption. She went to the water region, where Geet had once live, learning of his birthplace in the stone region…

Years later and Melody opened a bookshop in the City of Mask Makers, shortly after Symphony’s and Sonata’s wedding.

Name: Capella
Element: Ice
Age: 21, before timeskip
Appearance: She bears a kiril and is in sky blue and silver armor. Her white and grey body is underneath, sometime appearing. She is 18 units tall.
Abilities: None
Equipment: Two broadswords and a rifle
Personality: Decisive, often approaches life through her feelings and thoughts. She loves her family and friends, however her hatred overcomes that love. She’s generally peaceful, unless something that she hates is brought up.
Bio: Some of Capella’s earliest memories are of moving into the City of Mask Makers. A girl next door named Melody often came over to help them move. She became fast friends with Melody. Time passed and Symphony one of Melody’s older brothers invited her to train with him and the other brother, Geet. She fell in “love” with Symphony during the training sessions, she thought he was one of the best guys around.
Her reality shattered the day she witnessed Geet kill Symphony, by bringing down a heavy chain onto his head, crushing it. She called for a guard, never letting Geet know that she did this. She never went to the trial, but consoled Melody after Symphony’s death. Geet didn’t show up after the trial and he wasn’t put in jail either.
She was furious that a murderer, like him was loose on the streets. She knew of his blood-lust and the problems it could cause. Capella hunted Geet down, she eventually ended up in the stone region where he was hospitalized. She wandered through the streets of the stone region with a friend she made along the way. She met Melody in a bookstore. She met Geet and had a little spat with him. She realized that Geet had changed, and wasn’t the same person back then.
Capella never forgave Geet for what he did, but she could understand his reasoning, for killing Symphony. Capella and Geet met up with Melody and went back to the City of Mask Makers, where she heard about a tournament. She and Geet entered the tournament.
She met an ally during the tournament, his name was “Mark.” They became close friends. They were eventually split up, when the arena fell. Capella met Sonata, who was taking care of the injured. They found some doctors and Geet was taken to the hospital. Symphony came to the hospital and met with Geet. He told them his plan to kill Makuta. They formed a group and left the City of Mask Makers.
They traversed the jungle region heading into the fire region. The group was going to take the masks of power, before Makuta could. They went to a ruins in the Fire Region and got the Mask of Decay…

Capella separated herself from the others. She would try come visit Mark (@Toa_Vladin’s character) occasionally, but she never found him. She was often found alone living at Geet’s old hunting cabin. She was there for Symphony’s and Sonata’s wedding. She is currently a bounty hunter for hire, as she is looking for more information on Geet’s killer, Jevis (@TheMOCingbird’s character)

Name: Sonata Arcus (Kokinos, she marries Symphony during the timeskip)
Element: Jungle.
Age: 22, before timeskip
Appearance: A dark green body, she wears tan cloth to hide her scars. Her cloth armor is known as Gambeson, (a popular armor used in medieval times) Height of 17.5 studs.
Abilities: Mask of Decay: Decays what the bearer wishes, the bearer must touch it with their hands. Only works when mask is worn.
Flute of Calming: calms target, also causes some confusion.
Equipment: A metal staff, around her own height, Flute of Confusion (Calming), a scutum type shield, (rectangular shield), and a telescope to see distances.
Personality: She is a pacifist and a vegetarian. She traveled across Okoto never staying to long, because of this she hasn’t experienced the same things as the average okotan. She doesn’t really know the latest news or anything similar.
Bio: Sonata’s average life changed in a single moment. A man wielding a side-sword slew her father, decapitating him. She took an oath to complete her father’s goal. His goal was to stop all fighting on Okoto, to usher in a peaceful age of prosperity. Sonata gripped the gift her father gave to her, the Flute, and buried him that day. She spent her time after that day preparing for her confrontation in the future. She planned to complete her father’s dream and stop all fighting on the island. Sonata looked for the cause of the fighting, but it seemed to have many different causes and would be impossible for her to do. Sonata reasoned with herself what the fighting her father was trying to stop.
She thought back to Makuta’s influence on the island and how he had caused much of the fighting, but was it that fighting that her father wanted to stop? She needs answers. Sonata travelled the island, never staying in a single place, it was easier that way. There was no need to get attached to one location, just the need to find the cause of fighting. During her travels she noticed that multiple sources of fighting could be traced to a form of evil, hatred, greed, selfishness, lack of self control. Sometimes evil showed truth, where it was unwanted. Sonata found herself confused by this. What was the fighting her father wanted to stop? It couldn’t be civil arguments that’s impossible!
She traveled the regions looking for answers and she found one, war. Civil arguments could easily be misunderstandings or just simply to opposite people disagreeing on a simple topic, but war killed. It didn’t seem redeemable. She read little on the wars of the past and they didn’t seem to have any importance today, but wars can be defined as an armed conflict between two groups. There was the war with the toa and Makuta, the population had legends on it. Sonata was traveling towards the City of Mask Makers, when she heard from some passerbyers about a fighting tournament. She decided to go and take a look at it. She got there mid-tournament and looked to see the reason for the fighting.
Sonata couldn’t find a true reason for the fighting, it just seemed like the competitors fought just to fight. She grew sick of it and went to the courtyards of the floating arena. Something happened in the arena, swarms of okotans were fleeing. Sonata was caught up in the crowd and taken to the City of Mask Makers, where she did her best at helping the wounded recover.
She met Capella shortly after and helped Geet to a nearby hospital. They talked for a bit and met Symphony there at the hospital. Symphony seemed to put Geet and Capella on edge. Symphony revealed his plans to defeat Makuta. Sonata asked herself, isn’t Makuta trapped? She learned later that Symphony was brought back to life, by Makuta and forced to do his bidding. She wondered how he put up with it so long. The group assembled and left the city to find a mask of power, before the rest of makuta’s minions could.
They journeyed to the fire region, where Sonata was chosen to get the mask. It was the mask of decay. They traveled to Geet’s house in the jungle, Sonata and Symphony seemed to be opposites. He relished eating meat and she couldn’t stand it. She would often argue with Symphony as they traveled. They reached Geet’s house, where they decided the next location, Geet’s birthplace. She was also chosen to keep the mask of decay, though she had no idea why…

She happily married Symphony seven months after the defeat of Makuta. Halfway through the year 21 A.T. (A.T. = After Toa), Aiya Kokinos was born. The baby girl is about two years old in the RP. Symphony and Sonata settled down in the Fire Region. Sonata pursued her goals of creating a better society. She helped deal with small squabbles in town and would often do her best to come up with a agreeable solution.

Name: Symphony Kokinos (He marries Sonata during the timeskip)
Element: Water
Age: 32, before timeskip
Appearance: Blue, rusted black, with pieces of his body falling off. His crimson armor creates an almost chilling sight. There are unknown energies swirling in his body. He has no use of his broken body. There is a broke knife or sword (it’s hard to tell) in his head. Average “tall” height of 19.5

Abilities: Symphony possesses a healing factor and a reform power, both extremely similar. Due to his Shadow Cloak, he can quick-travel, near instant travel across the island.
Quick Healing: The power heals dangerous wounds, during rest.
Reformation: He can reform his body at will, to his “original” state, when healing his reform power makes his body more malleable so the changes can be made.
Shadow Cloak: Allows user to enter a shadow-like state, then drops shadow at desired location.
Equipment: His favorite knife, side-sword (still not rapier), and his cloak of shadows.
Personality: Symphony relishes true “chaos,” he’s known to love meat and fighting. Symphony often calculates his battles, looking for the best strategy available. He cares about his family, however he is crazy.
Bio: Symphony early in his life found Geet’s family, the Skarns, being attacked by what he believed to be a bounty hunter. He tried to save them but ended up killing the bounty hunter and the parents, leaving Geet alone. He brought Geet back to his house and Symphony’s parents adopted him. His parents ended dying from an accident, Symphony took that accident and mentally blamed himself. This was his second murder, the murder of his own parents. Symphony had to adjust quickly and became the head of the house training Geet to be a bounty hunter like himself. Symphony continued training Geet, eventually training Melody’s friend, Capella, who he got rather close to. Two months after Geet’s fourteenth birthday, Symphony was betrayed by Geet and was killed during a cold bounty.
Symphony felt the coldness, the darkness of death, for the first time. He was raised to life by Makuta and became his servent. Symphony hated the fact that he had someone ruling over his new found existence. Symphony, without gripe, executed his orders without fail. He in his orders and blind, dazing existence became a monster he could not recognize. On one of his kill missions, he killed a pacifist, who was looking to stop all fighting. It was Sonata’s father.
Symphony continued his missions, hearing of a group sent by Ekimu to gather the masks of power. He heard about a stone okotan with a chain, it was Geet. He became furious when he heard Geet lost his left arm, part of him was still attached to this world. Symphony asked one of his leaders to join in the quest to get the “Staff of Masks” from a tournament, held on the floating arena. A wicked smiles came across his face, he was happy to join this tournament.
Everything was going well, until it all fell apart. His friendship with a being called “Sun-Eater” all to quick, just as it had began. Symphony received the order to cause a panic or a distraction. He did so and cas=used the incident at the floating arena. Symphony eventually left his battle, using his shadow cloak until he found the staff. He found it and brought it back to his leader’s hideout, Erisan’s hideout.
Symphony met with his brother, Geet, at the hospital. He revealed his plan to kill, his true master, Makuta who he hates. They reluctantly agreed to help him, forming a group with a okotan of the name “Sonata.” The group went to the fire region and found the mask of decay…

Symphony married his best friend, Sonata Arcus. They moved to the fire region and had a child named Aiya Kokinos. Symphony sought his goal of becoming a blackmith, his newfound dream. Currently he is an apprenticed to a blacksmith in the Fire Region.

Name: Dax Abai
Element: Earth
Age: 61, before timeskip
Appearance: Black covered in purple accents. He has the guardsman standard equipment. About 19 units tall.
Abilities: Experience as a Guardsman
Equipment: Guardsman Armor and weapons
Personality: Snarky, witty and looking to retire. He cares for his niece, Capella Abai.
Bio: He’s a guard from the City of Mask Makers. He was a guard present, when Geet’s parents were murdered by a bounty hunter. Dax was also a good friend of the father of Symphony and Melody. He was present at their parents funeral. He’s about 61 years of age and thinking of settling down, opening a shop of some sort. He often greets Melody and Capella when he sees them, though that happens rarely…

Dax is now a bot old for guard duty, after his official retirement of his guard duty, he became a fruit merchant on the streets of the City of Mask Makers. He often visits Melody, helping her stock new books and teaching her new business marketing. Right now he’s in the markets, selling some fruit.


Name: Halmos
Element: Fire
Equipment: Several Surgical Tools, powerful anesthesia collected from processing tree sap, a pan for the processing procedure, a locket with a picture of a girl, a laboratory coat, a small collection of daggers, and the Kanohi Mask of Flight, which lets the user soar into the sky for as long as they wish.
Appearance: Halmos has a slight hunch to his frame. He wears an orange powerless Noble Rau, has several scars across his chest and arms, and has an orange colour scheme throughout with some highlights and parts of silver.
Bio/Personality: Halmos is incredibly treacherous, villainous, and calculating. If he becomes attached to someone he will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety, regardless of his own. That being said, he doesn’t have any friends so far.
Halmos proved himself a villain after stealing the Mask of Flight from the floating sky arena. He made a daring escape narrowly avoiding death from a mercenary and two of Okoto’s citizens, then fled up to the mountaintops and was a far-off witness for the “battle” against Makuta.

Name: Gladius
Element: believed as Ice, actually Light
Equipment: Steel armor, layers of furs around his neck, powerless copy of the mask of control in silver, two-edged broadsword
Appearance: Bulky, tall for an Okotan, mostly silver armour, has two silver shoulderplates underneath the furs
Bio/Personality: Gladius is an unbelievably ancient Okotan shrouded in more mysteries than furs. His broadsword is not too big or too heavy for the strong Okotan to occasionally wield as a one-handed blade.
As a child, Gladius lived in the city of the Mask Makers and trained to be a warrior. Before he even grew up, he was pronounced the mightiest warrior in the land, gifted with a golden replica of the Mask of Control.
Not much later, he decided to take the path of a warrior and isolated himself from society. Saying goodbye to his parents, he ventured out among the coldest regions of the island, forcing himself to endure the element. Several years later, he made a stop at the region of fire and had a set of armour forged.
He remained in solitude until he realized how many years it had been. His parents had undoubtedly died by now, he had no extended family, and the world must have forgotten him. Determined to make them remember, Gladius finally came home.

During the events of Okotan Adventures, Gladius mentored a hot-headed and rather ambitious youth named Blaze, and thanks to Gladius’ cold attitude and Blaze’s overeagerness, the two clashed repeatedly. Gladius was the superior of the two, but was more likely to talk himself into a corner than Blaze was. After the final “battle” against Makuta, Gladius walked off into the mountains, where he would remain for only a short while, eventually descending into the village of fire by night to deliver his gold mask and armour to have them recast in a silvery steel.

Name: Bramble (Original name Isurak)
Element: Jungle
Equipment: A tattered skin used as a shoulder poncho when necessary, uses a bone knife, wears a powerless mask (designed as mask of scavenging from g1), carries a longbow with a few arrows
Appearance: Taller than any Okotan, has green, black, and dark red as a colour scheme, dark tan antlers, large clawed feet, clawed hands
Bio/Personality: His kind were known as Hunters across Okoto, specifically one of infamy known as Umarak. Bramble is a youth, barely having his antlers grown in, and his lack of age can lead to him being very cynical. He’s not yet to full height, although he’s strong enough to carry an Okotan on his shoulders.
Bramble was living with his family in the uncharted portions of Okoto many years ago, only to be lost in a landslide which created one of the many cliffs on Okoto. Since then, he’s lived alone in the forests in a desperate attempt to reunite with his family. He will occasionally have bouts of depression in which he will not communicate with anyone, and often has nightmares about the future, his family, and loneliness will sometimes completely encompass him. The aging rate for a Hunter is very slow, and the lifespan rather long, so much so that for fifteen years he’s lived alone as a youth.

During the time of Okotan Adventures, Bramble befriended Blaze and, by extention, Gladius, although to a lesser extent. He’s crafted a small amount of arrows in the meantime, and met the Lord of the Undying Storm in combat. He was present for the final “battle” against Makuta, after which he returned to the forest close to the city of Okoto, although not without a new sense of anxiety.

Other Notes: Bramble, being a Hunter, has clawed feet and some horns on his body, such as his knees and elbows. Hunters are unusually aware of the wildlife around them, as being Jungle Element-tied. Most predators prefer to stray away from Hunters, as they are usually capable of putting anything down that stands in their way. Most Okotans believe them to be fairy tales.

Name: The Lord of the Undying Storm (The Undying Storm, The Lord, original name Vaalku)
Element: Lightning, Ice
Powers/Equipment: The Lord of the Undying Storm wears two shoulder plates of massive size (to fit his own scale) which generate electricity on a constant, as long as he is conscious. Wherever he is/has been, the ground cracks and sparks with electrical currents, and is somewhat caked in frost. The air remains heavy and cold wherever he goes, and his mere presence is enough to freeze small plants to death. He can summon a vast amount of his power and move very quickly across different places in a form of short-range teleportation. He wields a massive battleaxe imbued with the power of the storm, although he wields it with only one hand. This axe is capable of drawing lightning to its core from the skies, and it is tied to The Lord’s being, moving with him like a piece of his armour, even if he is separated from it.
Appearance: The Undying Storm is massive, towering over anyone else on the island. His build is very bulky, to match his height and appearance. A solemn, deathly helmet he wears over his head, with spikes on the top. He also wears a cape with a fur lining around his neck, and various other furs on his body, underneath a layer of heavy, darkened armour.
Bio/Personality: The Lord of the Undying Storm is stoic, merciless, and cruel. In his reign of terror, the entire island of Okoto had been transformed into ice and snow through a long and elaborate process of visiting every point on the island one step ahead of his pursuers. He was, however, trapped in the realm of shadow by Makuta, who at that point was very young. His boasts of arrogance include him being the least of six elemental lords of unbridled power, who were the leaders of Okoto at one point on the past. There is no proof for his claims, although he cites the mask of the sea queen as a mask which was originally going to be gifted to one of the six.
Another claim is that the one who saw the terrible deeds of these six lords of the elements crafted two brother masks of light and shadow, which were not finished until after he had been banished.

During the events of Okotan Adventures, The Lord of the Undying Storm crafted a somewhat shaky alliance with the Spider Queen herself and clashed against the heroes on numerous occasion. He let himself be captured shortly before the final fight against Makuta, and while he is very capable of escaping, he does want to see if the formally barbaric civilization has matured past their usual stupidity.

Name: The Lord of the Core (The Core, Titan of fire, original name Sultus)
Element: Lava, Fire
Equipment: Obelisk of Masks
Appearance: The Core stands incredibly tall, his head is just a pinch smaller than an Okotan hut. His body is disproportional to his head, smaller than it should be. Thus, his head sets him off balance occasionally. The mask he wears is called the Obelisk of Masks, an indent on his forehead has the power to use any Kanohi set within it. His body is charred and black, chunks of forgotten armour fused to it in inhuman fashion, and the architecture of some past buildings clings to his form. He is, by far, the tallest being in all of Okoto, instantly being qualified as a colossus. His eyes are eternally kindled flames, ever seeing, and never sleeping, unless submerged in molten rock or the coldest of depths.
Powers/Abilities: The Lord of the Core Hasn’t used his fire abilities in literal ages, and his memory of how to command fire at will is so imperfect and unpolished he had practically no access to it at all. A mask of Fire would jump-start the process, but it would still be slow. Anything that gets too close to his fiery eyes ends up getting burned. Despite his massive size, his strength is less than impressive. Walking long distances completely drains his strength unless he readies himself greatly beforehand, he can’t punch through much of anything that isn’t wood or dirt, and he absolutely cannot tolerate cold. He is, however, capable of lifting a handful of Okotans with blind ease, most weapons do little against him, and he can swim through molten rock like water.
Bio/Personality: In his reign of terror, The Lord of the Core was tricked by his Ice Brother to fight in a glorious war against the ancients, which he bested with relative ease. yet, even at the prime of his existence, the ancients found a way to seal him inside the volcano, to forever sleep until someone foolishly enough decides to activate the volcano before its day is due. Before the war, however, The Core was seen almost as a god to the people of Okoto, and granted only Okotans of Fire the immense privilege of approaching his resting place and speaking to him. Many found this as their trial of manhood. Lies from the Lord of the Undying Storm cracked his iron faith in the Okotans, and an extwensive battle with the ancient’s at their final battle cracked his physical stability. Melting sections of buildings to his body as armour, the Lord of the Core was driven directly into the red hot volcano and left to sink, the weight of his newfound armour pulling hi to the bottom. There, he would be unable to do anything but sleep, as his eyes were doused by molten rock, and he waits in silence for the volcano to erupt, or at least open.
His new personality, however, is incredibly timid, as most of his memories as The Lord of the Core have vanished. His hatred, however, for the Lord of the Undying Storm, has lasted throughout his time asleep. He has an almost intimate connection to the region of Fire, and would never dream of hurting any of them without a very definite reason. He appreciates the inner fire coming forth from all life, although he is not opposed to squashing a flower or two. Likewise, he can feel he cold coming from any being, and most times it repulses him. Familiar in both the ancient tongue and the tongue of Okoto, The Lord of the Core has but one purpose in life aside from the elimination of his treacherous ‘brother’: Find a purpose.

During the events of Okotan Adventures, The Lord of the Core brought down a coliseum by summoning all his strength to bash a hole in the side of it. He was present for the final “battle” against Makuta, in which none of his actions were noticed. After Makuta’s defeat, however, he wandered to the backside of the volcano, laid against it, and the fire in his eyes finally extinguished.

(Ghid’s note: Really, the Core was a rather idiotic character for me to make, and I regret doing so. I’ve made him go dormant for the time being, in the case that @jayzor17 needs him for a plot-related event or I get so bored with my other giant portfolio of characters I can draw him back into life, but as far as I’m concerned he’s part of the landscape. If there were a plot-relevant reason for him to return, I’d be happy to bring him back, maybe give him over to the GMs to do with as they wish. Otherwise I don’t see a need for him.)

I’d also add that death is a possibility, and that includes being killed. It’s unlikely that most of the characters here would do that, but I really don’t want to see another Mark situation any time soon.


Ran out of room in the first post.

#New Characters

Name: Geet Andhera (Andhera for short)
Element: Psionics and Shadow, there’s a good reason for this.
Title: Hunter of Shadow, also known as “The Betrayer”
Age: ?
Powers: He can cloak himself in shadows and manipulate the shadows around him, making the room darker to his advantage. He can teleport in shadows at a limited range of twenty feet. He has weak telepathy and average telekinesis. He can only read someone’s mind if they aren’t focused on keeping him out. So, if you know he’s trying to read your mind, you can keep him out. His telekinesis only works on objects that are twice the size of him and smaller. He can see in total darkness as a trait of his element. (characters would not know about his powers, unless they discovered his real identity or found what they by meeting him.)
Appearance: He has a ash-black body, covered in shadow-like blue energy. His menacing appearance is only testament for his will, to gain the ultimate power.

Weapons: Shadow Sword, a sword with two powers. Power 1, the ability to phase through non-organic materials, except some metals, including any metal that a mask is made from. It cannot phase through masks. Power 2, the sword can shoot and energy blast. It has two effects. One, it covers everything within ten yards with complete darkness. Two, it causes a small telekinetic explosion, throwing everything that’s small enough within five feet. He also has his iconic claws, which he uses to great effect. They are made of an old metal and are strong. The Shadow Sword is permanently attached to his left arm. (same with his sword, characters would not know about this one unless they met him or knew his past, with Makuta)
Bio: A new being appeared from an ancient ruin. Some say he is toa-like in stature, but most tales of him tell a story of darkness.
Misc: His okotan rune (meaning betrayer)

His carved hunter rune (found in the ruins he has explored)

Mask of Psionics: (this might be a major clue on who he is, we never know. All we know is he is looking for this mask)

Name: Azla Undel (Only a few characters know her real name, not even Ekimu or Makuta knows what it is…some whispers say that Symphony does, but rumors are rumors.)
Element: Earth
Title: The Puppeteer (she is mainly known by this title)
Age: 57
Appearance: She is a earth okotan with golden accents and bright blue eyes. She bears a standard okotan mask.

Equipment: She owns a bronze colored glaive and a dark metal sword, made of quite durable and spring-like properties, making it difficult to break. Her armor is made of similar material and she only wears it if she has to go out on a job, which is rarely.
Bio: She is the tyrant queen of the “Dark Mist” a bounty hunting organization that is known for its bounties. She is known by few as her real name, instead nearly all the bounty hunters call her by one name, “The Puppeteer”. Some believe she is legend, others know her to be real. She was the reason Symphony became a bounty hunter and she is the one who dug his body out from his grave and convinced Makuta to use him as a prototype for his plans. She did not think that Symphony would betray his master, Makuta. Now, after Makuta was defeated, her next step in her plan has begun. She wishes to be a tyrant queen of all okoto and she wants her little bounty hunter to be her king. She has and plans to kill anyone in the way of her goals.
Personality: Unlike a few others that could be compared to her, she is a capable fighter and does use her own strength when needed, however she rather convinces another to do her own will as if she was their puppeteer. She has a lust for control and she looks for the best path to total control. She is jealous for the power that Makuta almost held in his palms. She misses the old Symphony, before he died, he was so easy to manipulate and control, but she has her ways to bring him back. She is kind of like Makuta, before he had the mask of power, except ultimately worse
(characters would not naturally know her backstory or her real name, only terrifying legends of what she has done)
Dark Mist’s symbol or okotan rune


I made map, and I think it’s a good reference for my characters. Feel free to use it for the RP. The main portion of the artwork came from a realistic picture of Okoto on Biosector. I just added the map stuff to it.


Name: Pheore Huika Anuro
Element: Fire
Equipment: A pair of single-edged swords. that look suspiciously like the ones Jevis uses… They’ve seen better days, but Pheore always keeps them sharp.
Appearance: Pheore’s red and white armor is scratched and worn from years of use.
Bio/Personality: Pheore’s story is a long one, and I won’t go into it all here. She’s learned a lot over the years, but hasn’t quite been able to get over her past. After the events with Makuta blew over she went back to what she was doing before, working for whoever would hire her.


Funnily enough, that’s the image that inspired the Lord of the Undying Storm.

Actually, now that I think about it…[quote=“Jcton, post:13, topic:47742”]
He can teleport in shadows at a range of twenty feet.

Would be interesting if the two of them ever met up. Given their capabilities and appearance I’d wager the Storm is nearly twice Andhera’s height, but their capabilities would put them on a more equal level.

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@jayzor17 So, is auto hitting allowed, and is killing other peoples characters without permission form them allowed? I know @Ghidora131 said it was, but I just want to be sure.

Well…I’m glad we have a few similarities in character ideas. Though I’m sure personalities are quite different and Andhera has a cool, nifty sword, I’m sure The Lord Undying doesn’t have a super powered weapon…attached permanently to his body, because of his history…[quote=“Ghidora131, post:12, topic:47742”]
He wields a massive battleaxe imbued with the power of the storm, although he wields it with only one hand. This axe is capable of drawing lightning to its core from the skies, and it is tied to The Lord’s being, moving with him like a piece of his armour, even if he is separated from it.



Auto-hitting is not, but if a character gets into a situation where they should reasonably die, that’s it. Like I said, the best way to keep a character safe is to play it safe.


OK, I am currently reading everything you wrote about your characters, but I have to say for now that this is not really possible. It may get explained in the rp, but after Okotoan Adventures Mark just “disappeared”.

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I would say it really, really, really,
depends on situation, and that if it is unavoidable its unavoidable. You know like a black hole. unavoidable.

I know we cooperated with Geet’s death, which I think is the best way to handle the situation, mainly talk it out with guy or girl if possible. These RPs are the most fun when people work together and respect each other. I know that I did have fun with Geet’s death, though I was initially sad that he died, but it was done correctly and I looked forward to playing the RP even more, because of that.

I would use how we did Geet’s best as a goal with other characters. You know like having both parties talk to each other and figure it out. They could even find a fun way or fitting way that they both agree on. Both parties just need to be open to any idea, may be a serious injury that could become a cool prosthetic, or scar for the character to remember that battle by, or a death fitting of the character’s legacy, that ripples with a shock wave with the other characters. It’s a great tool for writing a complex character and should be discussed before just going after another character.

Even if deaths happen unexpectedly. I feel they can still be used for the player’s benefit. Yes, it takes a bit of time to getting used to not playing that character, if you’re really attached with them, but in the end, you can do more with their legacy if you use their death to create far more and complex characters.
(For Example) Originally, Geet’s presence may have stopped Symphony’s and Sonata’s marriage, because I had at that point already begun to think about Azla Undel, who would’ve sent bounty hunters after Geet, for bio specific reasons, which will be explored in the RP. This would’ve originally led to Symphony using his time to protect his brother, from the bounty hunters and it would likely be a trigger if Geet was killed before him, for Symphony to revert to original blood-thirsty self, leaving him and Sonata never to be married. That’s an example of a plan I had if Geet did survive Jevis, it’s probably a better thing that he didn’t survive, because then my newborn character, Aiya wouldn’t exist.

It was an estimated guess. I’ll fix it soon.