Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga (Sign Ups) (again)

That was about a month ago…

Basically here’s the tea, sometime after the first topic ended, Rainsong, Runa, and I discussed having a continuation of the rp run by me. (Maybe not the best idea, but we’ll see how it goes from here) So what does this entail for you? seeing as though this is a continuation of the past dm’s stories, you won’t have to renter any of your older characters. What you will have to do is give me a brief description of who they are, and what their role in the past rps were, just so that I can better cater the story towards the playerbase. New characters will have to be entered using the provided template below, (Taken from Rainsong of course)

Name: (also include nicknames, titles, and the like if they have any)
Element : (the element(s) they were born into)
Equipment : (weapons, tools, and other useful items)
Appearance : (pictures are nice if you have one; otherwise a description works just fine)
Bio/Personality : (for the record, I think we already have enough people related to the Protectors…)

And just some ground rules for you to consider (also taken from Rainsong): be nice and respect each other, no godmodding, powerplaying, bunnying, or other such nonsense, and please don’t play your character with plot armor. If you want your character to stay safe, play them safely; don’t just metagame them out of damage.

So yeah, Okotan Adventures comeback! I’m aiming for a week from today to reopen the topic!


So I’d be down to join this but I have zero clue regarding anything of the previous RP(s?) and how they’ve been run.


Can I join?


I’ll reenter my characters into the ring soon but that’ll be in a few days when all my exams have passed


That’s a-okay; we had new people joining right up until I ended the game last time. The first half of this game is linked above if you want to peruse the sign-ups, and both halves of the original are archived if you wanted to check those out. Either way, myself and Traykar would be more than happy to answer questions and provide context where we can.

Of course! Let us know if you have any questions about the setting or character creation.


Ok, a few questions before I have to go clean:

Minor one: How binding is the character sheet? Am I free to … embellish?

Second: Does this story pick up where the last one left off (i.e. do I need to do catch up of the last story), or is no prior knowledge needed?

And finally: What is the overlap between G2 and G1 in this? Is it purely G2, or, for example, do Matoran/Villagers transform into Toa, or all Ga-Villagers are female, etc?

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Traykar has final say here, but I don’t see why not.

We’re picking up right where we left off, but the basic premise of the RP is really all you need.

No overlap, Okotans don’t transform, no Toa characters, any gender for any element.


Perfect, thanks!

Now to go finish the build.


Name: Kranuk
Element: Water
Equipment: Fishing trident, head attached to chain which he can throw like a harpoon to catch fish.
Appearance: Broad-shouldered and strong from all of his years of fishing.
Bio/Personality: Despite his easygoing personality, he is actually quite shy and only has one or two friends. His parents were lost in an earth region mining accident, so he was raised by his uncle. He discovered during his youth he had quite a talent for fishing so his uncle taught him to use a trident.


I’d like to add to this as a senor player. The sheet wasn’t binding per say in the previous three games but it had some things that were binding, I’m a victim of overstepping that binding with one of my characters so I speak from experience in that regards. Now this rp might handle things differently but in the previous three rps you couldn’t change your power level or abilities from your sheet nor would you be allowed to exploit said abilities or power levels in a game breaking way.


Dang, I’m not joining this LAME RP!/s

One last thing: What about characters with secret backstories? Is that allowed or do you just eliminate any chance of snowflakes?

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Simple answer: yes
Long answer: You may however if you want to incorporate it with other peoples narratives it may be wise too discuss it with them first. Like wise if you want your backstory to “affect”/be conected to the overarching narrative contacting DMs should be neccessary.

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Name: Lync Arati
Element: Jungle
Equipment: Elemental bow, knife, whip
Appearance: Dappled black and green armor accented with silver, small and lanky.
Bio/Personality: One of six adventurers Ekimu summoned to search out the golden masks three years prior, Lync has seen her share of adventure. Independent and quick-witted, she often dives head-first into trouble and figures out a plan as she goes.

So I guess I should specify: when I read “embellish” I interpreted that as meaning “expand on the existing character sheet to add more details”. Things such as plot-relevant details, powers, etc should be stated outright, either in the profile or in private.

In the past we’ve set a precedent of having any secrets be run past GMs in a PM. Secret from the other players, but not from the GMs. Again, though, that’s ultimately for Traykar to decide.


Okay, posted character is accepted, you’re not super bound to the sheet, but don’t stray too far from what you put, and secret backstories need to be run by me.

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Did you see my character?

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Guess I can re-enter hoari while I’m here.

Give me a minute and I’ll summarize what he did.

Oh here’s moc Hoari

And for all you people in the pm who already know about the majority of hoari’s backstory, if you need me to post it here feel free to ask me.


Yeah, he’s accepted

Name: Chook ( his real name is Chasevooseus, but most call him Chook)
Element: Jungle
Appearance: Lots of plants scattered around his armor (grass, flowers, etc.). Chook has green/yellow eyes, and has some rust on his armor.

Equiptment: Chook has a backpack with a slingshot and some rocks in it, and a book on the creatures of okoto.
Personality: Chook is a childish, bouncy character, who sometimes randomly jumps into conversations, even if he doesn’t know what they are talking about. He can be serious when he needs to be, but it’s hard to know when he thinks he needs to be serious. Though Chook could use some more teaching, he always has good intentions, and never wants anyone to get hurt.
Bio: Chook was born an ordinary Okotan, and stayed that way for a while, until one day, when he snuck out of the village to escape whatever task he was assigned to do that day, he found a very young okotan lost in the woods, and brought her back to the village, deemed a hero. Even though finding the young okotan was a mere accident, and he had snuck out the village when it happened, he was sort of a mini-celebrity. For about a week. After all the commotion died down, Chook resumed his ordinary life

Chook got like no time at all so I hope this is ok.


Is this going to immediately pick up events or will there be a timeskip?

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From where the last spider saga ended, I think Rainsong said: