Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Dakron, now bored of the conversation and not sure what was being discussed anyways, walked around mindlessly.
He neared the edge of the crater and slipped, tumbling all the way down to the bottom. (However far that was)

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The Lord of the Undying Storm blandly glared as the blind mute went tumbling down into the watery abyss below, ending up with a splash at the bottom. Hopefully he knew how to swim… Or hopefully he didn’t.

“What’s with him?” He glared at the rest of the party. “Did he insist upon meeting my incredibly low expectations?”

“He’s blind and while he has honed his other senses, he isn’t exactly able to tell everything about his surroundings.” Blaze said, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going in after him so that his friend can still meet him in this life.” He told The Storm as he tried to ascend the Crater rim and follow after Dakron to get him out of the water before he drowns.

Blaze would find descending the crater incredibly easy, as the Lord of the Undying Storm had punched handholds all the way up.

This life? The Storm glared as Blaze walked past and began to descend. Ekimu really scraped the bottom of the barrel, didn’t he?

“While he’s preoccupied,” The Storm said, struggling to stand while simultaneously picking up his axe. “We need to determine what assets we have. Hopefully that blind whatever he is struggling in the water below will be enough of a sound filter.”

“So?” He looked about the camp, glancing at everyone. “Please tell me we don’t have to resort to distracting him and then clubbing him from behind. Doesn’t always work.” It was an incredible effort not to glare at Ekimu, although possibly the mask maker saw his internal struggle.

“Where’s Ekimu?”

Dakron tread water, very confused.
He swam in small circles, trying to find land.

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Blaze tries to call out to Dakron to try and help him get back ashore.

Dakron swam towards Blaze’s voice.

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Blaze reached out his hand to help Dakron out of the water.

Dakron, not knowing Blaze was extending his hand, tried to scramble up the slope.

Blaze tries to help Dakron up the slope.

Blaze would suceed.
As they got up to the top, Dakron smiled sheepishly and signed his apologies.

“Apology accepted; let’s try to stay near the others.” He said.

Dakron nodded and walked back to the camp.

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“Congratulations.” The Lord of the Undying Storm spat. “You can swim.”

“Now,” The Storm glanced about him with an unfriendly gaze. “It’s time you knew a slight bit of truth about the matter at hand. Ekimu and I have made an arrangement. Dark times are ahead, and none of us can pick our allies anymore. Things aren’t as simple as three years ago, with defined lines between good and evil, imbecilic heroes and unspoken forces of darkness. Some of us just want to have a tomorrow.”

“While not technically part of this arrangement, this does relate to it partially. You all stupidly bought the lie that I was lying low and thus would not use my elemental powers. In reality there is no set time when I will be capable of such. Ekimu does not control it, no one @jayzor17 does. So you cannot rely on them to take down Erebos.”

“What we do now,” The Storm said, motioning Blaze towards the crater. “Is watch and plot. If he is a man he cannot remain down there forever, and we may have him when he emerges. If he evades us yet again… Well, I wish by thunder Morrus was here. Not simply so I could freeze him solid.”

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“And what do you expect me to do if and when he does emerge?” Blaze asked.

If you think I can make another Multi-element mask, I will not do that EVER again! I’ve already hurt innocent people with the one from when you arrived in the City. he thought angrily.

“Try to hit him this time.” He replied dryly. “And don’t fall in.”

“He’s away,” the guard states flatly. “It’s not our place to say where.”

“I dunno,” the other guard cuts in. “It sounded like he could use some help…” They trail off, shrinking under a glare from their companion.

“We are his backups.”

“With what?” Blaze asked, “He’s got a lot more range than me and is way stronger.”

It’s not like we have a giant bomb or something to help even the odds. he thought.