Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

The wolf like being fished furiously scribbling down the events of the chase and look back at the recently arrived group.

“The hell he meant by that…?” Rena (OOC: Who I think was the only character that I have at the crater) said as she regrouped with the others.

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Azure couldn’t look less motivated to do anything but she followed along her drained energy caused her to fall a bit behind the group. She tried desperately to keep up.

Skipper was still on his knees holding his mask intently as the pain in his head continued. “Don’t just sit there, moron” a thought in his head told him. He responded muttering, “I don’t know what you want me to do.” The okotan feel some tears as his mind slowly ripped him apart. He didn’t notivmce the guards walk up on him but he’d expected to be caught soon. His concentration broke and his stolen shape dispurst revealing the amalgamation of weirdness that was skipper.

Tarkur continued sleeping.

Era side tracked on her way to the fair to send an update to the order of the elements about her recent findings and that she expected to have the target im sight.

Reige wandered the jungle some more.

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Streke eventually fell asleep as well.

As she saw Azure was getting behind, Athena slowed down her phase. In a few minutes she gets from the front of the group to the back of the group next to Azure.
“How are you?” she asked, betraying the fact that quite a while has passed since the last time she had tried to be nice with somebody.

“Awfully tired…” Azure points out rather tiredly, from Athenas view it might have sounded a bit rude in tone.

Jaspar rushes back to her side, crouching next to her. “Er, yeah, that happens sometimes. You okay?”

Ekimu rejoins the group, resting his hammer on the ground. He turns, looking out at where Erebos had disappeared one last time before settling on the ground.

“Erebos seeks his mask,” Ekimu explains, “an artifact that compounds his abilities to see into the minds of others and move objects with only his mind. It seems my brother told him where it could be found.”

Given how long the tower has been left untouched, most of the cabinets hold only crumbs. In one cabinet, however, he would find a small stack of flatbreads, wrapped in cloth. While they’re hardly fresh, the bread is of a variety made to last, and Morrus would find it still edible.


“We need to reach it before he does.” Blaze said.

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“Azure,” Gladius backpedaled further to meet up with her, glaring slightly at Athena. “Since you are in the rear, could you please keep an eye behind us? I have a suspicion we are secretly being followed.”[quote=“BlueJay, post:3758, topic:47931”]
“Erebos seeks his mask,” Ekimu explains, “an artifact that compounds his abilities to see into the minds of others and move objects with only his mind. It seems my brother told him where it could be found.”

“Why was the mask not destroyed?” The Lord of the Undying Storm glanced at Ekimu as he spoke. “If separated from him and isolated, why not rid of it entirely?”

Glancing away, he suddenly spotted the wolf-like being recording everything(@Traykar). “What in thunder…”

Morrus had stuffed half of them down his gullet before he spit out what remained in a massive cloud of powder. “Eeaucgh! The most stale, bland- Disgusting!”

The last food he had ever eaten was delicious fruit hanging off tropical trees on the coastline many years ago, and his somewhat spoiled diet had made him very picky. He frantically rubbed his mouth to remove any trace of a crumb. “Never mind. I’ll starve, thank you.”

Ignoring the pangs in his stomach, he wistfully looked about him as tiredness set in. Moving to the furniture, he pretended to check them over for any sign of poor quality, but in a moment had collapsed over them, sound asleep.


Ekimu frowns, clasping his hands before him. “I’m afraid you have a point,” he admits with a sigh. “While I loathe to be so reckless in our pursuit, the alternative is to allow Erebos to claim his mask uncontested. A protracted conflict with someone of his power is not something we can afford right now, with our attention divided. Bringing an end to this swiftly is our best option.”

Ekimu’s frown deepens. “There are several reasons, though I doubt many of them seem satisfactory at the present moment. The destruction of a Mask of Power, especially one this powerful, can produce unpredictable effects. I thought it a pity to destroy my brother’s work, and my brother was quite convincing that perhaps a use for it could be found later. Was our decision a poor one? Perhaps. I, however, find it more useful to reserve such judgement for less perilous moments.”

He would go undisturbed through the night, the movement of bugs and birds aside. The next morning would find a rapping at the front door, maybe an hour after dawn.

“Followed?” Vohman raises an eyebrow, looking back at the two. “By who?”

He slowly rose, not realizing what the sound was. Glancing about with some fog about what happened the night before, he suddenly noticed the door quivering with ever thud. Apprehensively, he strained to his feet and pulled open the door.

'Y-Yes? Hello?"[quote=“BlueJay, post:3761, topic:47931”]
“Followed?” Vohman raises an eyebrow, looking back at the two. “By who?”

Gladius’ face went flat.

“If I knew precisely, I would not be suspicious and request constant observation.” He bluntly replied. “Regardless, let us move more swiftly to ward off any potential observers.”

In truth, Gladius was bluffing. He had not noticed anyone following the group, but was simply trying to keep Azure from speaking too long with Athena. Interrupted, however, he started moving back towards the front of the group.

“Alright, alright, no need to get fussy about it.” Vohman throws up his hands, as if surrendering. “If you lot want to go faster, that’s alright by me.” He picks up the pace slightly.

Kiva stands there, a basket hanging from the crook of his elbow. “Er, hello. Again. It’s me. From last night.” He gulps, staring at Morrus. “I, uh, brought some food?”

Morrus tilted his head ever so slightly, with a perplexed expression. His eyes slowly looked down at the basket of food.

“Food! Oh, yes, hello, good.” He straightened himself and pretended that never happened. “Please, do come in.”

And please no more odd sand-tasting flat things. He locked his jaw as the taste came back to him. “Is there, um, any word from the old- uh, the elders?”

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“The quicker we get there, the better, in my eyes.” Hitora comments.

Keya rolls her eyes. “It’s probably a good idea for us to move quicker.” She says offhandedly.

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“Mhmm, just gimme a sec…” She mumbles, groaning and rolling herself onto her back, before sitting up unsteadily, rubbing her mask.

“Oh, right, I’m here, er, well, hello there traveler, I’m Twenty Three.” Addressed the wolfen in an obviously feminine voice.

“And just how long have you been pacing about?” The Lord of the Undying Storm snarled, slowly standing up. It was perfectly possible that this- whatever it is, was at any point in perfect position to stop Erebos and did nothing about it.

“As soon as I learned there was an adventuring group at the black crater.” She cheerfully replied.

“We are not adventurers.” He lowly grumbled. His legs tugged, wanting to walk forward, but knowing full well Ekimu would have a problem if he sliced this bystander… Thing into a hundred thin layers. “This is a dangerous area, we have a very important task, and nobody was informed.

His eyes squinted hard. “Who are you?”

“I am Twenty Three,” She Replied, “Many important peoples over the years have come to this location, and I’ve been tasked with recording the comings and goings for my master!” She continued, just as bubbly as before.