Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Hitora nods. “Ever since last night. Let’s go.”

Gladius heaved his sword and silently nodded.

In all honesty, he would have preferred to rest his tired bones in a static standing position for a couple of hours over trudging on. He glanced about at the collected party, taking extra care to skip over the Collected.

Azure tiredly stands up and tries to hide the escaping yawn from her mouth.

Ilza nods shakily and makes a gurgling noise that could be interpreted as an acknowledgement.

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“Well that’s what I like to hear,” Vohman drawls. “With that attitude we’ll be there in no time.” He moves out of the camp, waving the others after him. “We have maybe half a day’s travel ahead of us, depending on how fast we take it.” The group heads west down a well-worn trail, wide enough for two or three of them to walk abreast if they cared to. @Ghid @Tarkur @Toa_Vladin @KAI_BORG

Jaspar stays quiet after that, and the journey passes with only the rush of wind. The sun sets, the last light of dusk fading from the sky as they fly on. As the stars begin to blink into view overhead, the gukko begins to descend, the lights of the City of the Mask Makers visible in the distance.

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Athena prepared all of her equipment, as she followed Vohman with quick steps, almost running. She was determined to finish this whole thing as fast as possible, so she can finally take Azur and leave to Era’s hotel with her. She was actually a little surprised that Era and Tarkur didn’t even cared yet to send her a message to see how she is and if she found Azur, but she wasn’t letting it to be seen, scoffing or rolling her eyes every time this thought was penetrating her concentration.

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Ilza continues to tightly grip to the gukko, though does loosen up enough to look up and enjoy the sunset and stars from up here.

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Gladius trudged on, starting to get really sick of the moist jungle air. The crisp coldness of the north was something he had become accustomed to, and the only comfort he found now was that he didn’t have to head into the region of fire.

He slightly picked up his pace to catch up with Hitora. “May I have a word?”

Morrus slowly stalked in, glaring about him suspiciously. The occasional light from the street had been reinvigorating and relaxing, to counter the bitter darkness from the night. He nodded to himself to make it appear as if whatever the heck he was looking at at any given time was satisfactory.

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“Yes?” Hitora asks.

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Erebos was taken by surprise when a hand came and grasped his left arm/sword. He was thrown in an instant from the giant, away from the crater. The aro-kati lands on his back, the wind being knocked out of him.

Erebos gathered his senses after a moment and stands back up, facing his enemies, this was no place for some battle…


The hunter laughs before turning and running towards the Ice Region.

The tunnel would wind and twist before leading them to another fork in it, one leading to the left and one leading to the right.

Somewhere in the left, the sound of scraping obsidian could be heard, as it resonates in the cave.

The four guards in the room look at the stranger for a second, before realizing that Skipper is an intruder. They start to surround him, holding their spears in front of them, ready for an attack.

Melody walks sternly through the jungle, no obstacle would stop her from her hatred. Xol watches her with worry and concern. She was the sister of his cousin, although they couldn’t be considered family by blood, perhaps she still is his family. Xol hefts his pickaxe as he follows the water okotan.

Sonata looks at the sky with a cold face. The mother, knew what she would do. She was simply going to rescue her husband and child from the clutches of that woman.

Her eyes burned with fire as she sat against a stone, not much farther left to go. She stretches and eats a quick meal, before heading further into the Earth Region, always getting closer to that dreaded Tsim Krad.



Jaspar points to the lights of the city, growing larger in the distance. “See that?” he calls over his shoulder. “Almost there!”

Kiva darts into the room after him, rubbing some life into various light stones around the room. The furnishings are modest, as a whole, the space set up with various chairs and cushions to be a sitting room. A stairway curves across the back of the circular room, and Kiva dashes up it, poking his head into the floor above.

“Looks like a kitchen and dining space up there,” he calls down. “Should be able to find some water up here, and they might have some stores of food.” He glances down at Morrus, adding “if you even eat” in an undertone.

“Uh, personal spaces are probably higher up.” He moves back down the stairs, standing in front of the Lord. “I’ll, uh, be back in the morning. Unless you need anything tonight, of course.”

Ekimu grimaces, watching Erebos go. So he talked with brother after all…

Lync weighs her options, looking between the tunnels. Then she slowly, trying to move as softly as possible, moves into the left tunnel.

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“This isn’t a very opportune time to formally suggest this,” He whispered, not wanting to be heard by anyone nearby. “but I want to give you time to think about this. I’m putting together a team; an order. A group more wholly dedicated to protecting Okoto than random mercenaries hired to the position.”

He straightened, and slowed his pace to move away from Hitora. Take any more time and it might be noticed, but he didn’t want to give him the chance for an immediate answer either.

“Oh, uh, no. Nothing.” He said, snapping his attention back to Kiva. “Thank you, this is definitely satisfactory.”

Food. He had to physically restrain his eye from glancing at the stairwell. Sunlight is great and all… But food.

The darkness clearing from around him, the Lord of the Undying Storm tightened his grip on his axe. Surely Ekimu would rush by at any second, to…

As Erebos shrank from a man into one of the many rocks darted across the slope, he shot a glance at the aforementioned mask maker. …Guess that’s it then?

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Hitora was about to respond, but seeing Gladius back away told him maybe it wasn’t a good idea to do so. He ruminates on the idea, thinking it to be a good one. He put it to the back of his mind for now, however. This current mission was a bit more important in the now. This “order” could wait until later.

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Ilza breathes a sigh of relief, though still not letting go of the gukko like her life depended on it. Which, well, it did. “Hyyyaaaanah.” She nervously replies, quickly cursing her own lips afterwards under her breath.

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Kryuna simply followed, feeling her way across the jagged obsidian wall.

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“Then, uh, I’ll be back in the morning.” Kiva scampers out the door, and Morrus is left alone.

Ekimu heaves a sigh.

“We will not be able to catch him at this rate. For tonight we rest; our pursuit can continue at dawn.”

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Jaspar chuckles quietly. Over the next few minutes the City grows larger and larger in front of them, until they can pick out individual buildings. The gukko swoops towards the southern end of the city, alighting upon an open platform there. Jaspar hops down, tottering around and rubbing some feeling back into his legs.

“Well Ilza, welcome to the City of the Mask Makers!”

Ilza slides off after him, stumbling forwards and falling flat on her mask, “Ouch. Legs don’t work.” She mumbles into the floor.

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Blaze nods in agreement and begins setting up camp.

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Dakron nodded in reply.
He spun his scythe uneasily, before sitting crosslegged on the ground and preparing a bedroll.

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The Lord of the Undying Storm looked somewhat crushed. The sudden dying cries of his brother were fresh in his mind, and he was hoping that Ekimu would give up the chase and head there next. He would go himself, but Ekimu - more specifically his hammer - would say otherwise.

Making noiseless grumbling motions, he sat down on the ground with a loud THUD, looking suspiciously from face to face as if any one of them might suddenly fly upon him.[quote=“BlueJay, post:3747, topic:47931”]
“Then, uh, I’ll be back in the morning.” Kiva scampers out the door, and Morrus is left alone.

Morrus stood silently, waiting for the footsteps of Kiva to disappear. The moment they had ended he scrambled madly up the stairs, vines tearing through every possible hiding space of sustenance, madly searching for something to eat.

A small thought came to mind about Vizuna owning some kind of journal or diary, but that could wait a decade or so. Food was the only thing that mattered right then.